Raaz Aur Daar Ka Blockbuster *HORROR* (kanchi ) EPISODE 20

Hi guys iam Ashnita back .Actually I didn’t know that previous part was short. So this. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads

Let’s start

Sanchi cums home running. She quickly went to her room.

Boy cums inside. His hair is messy, he is shirtless. Many scars r on his stomach. He went near window just then girl hugged him from behind. He smiles at her.

He turns back and saw girl is none other than sanchi. Boy hugged her tightly.

Sanchi -i told u not to go outside of he will sense u he can cum again.

Boy – till when I will be jailed here. I want to fly in air sanchi.

Sanchi -i told u not to go outside so Y U came behind me. Wat u thought that u steatly come behind me and I will not sense u. I can feel u. I was scared for u that’s y i ran here so that u come here behind me .

Boy -it’s been 6 yrs sanchi let’s forget it. I can’t stay here like a prisoner.

Sanchi huggs him and boy shouts in pain Sanchi cries and boy wipes her tears.

Sanchi -I’m sorry I have to do that for u and our baby.

Boy -I know and that day I forgive you when u told me about ur pregnancy.

Sanchi -I love u Kabir.

So guys our Kabir is alive.

Kabir -i love u too

Sabir cums and huggs Kabir.

Sabir -I love u papa u went to outside for sometime mama was missing u.

Kabir -sanchi u were missing me.

Sabir -mama is lying

Kabir -sabir aap jao dadu ke paas.

Sabir -ok papa love you

Kabir -love you beta

Sabir went.

Sanchi -kabir I’m scared if shaurya will come again then. He can hear ur heart beats outside. But not here.

Kabir -relax sanchi.

Sanchi -that day I was force to agree to him.

In fb

In Temple

Pandit – sanchi beta if shaurya is bad but God is also there.

Sanchi -wat u mean pandit ji.

Pandit -if bad soul is here gud soul can also cum. I can call a good soul .

Sanchi -pliz

Pandit does some prayer just then good soul appears.

Pandit – tell ur identity

Soul -durga shaurya goenka

Sanchi request her to help her. Durga forbidden.

Sanchi -durga it was my mistake pliz save my Kabir. We can’t do anything to him. Use vaardan hai ki jab talak woh khud nhi jaana chahata. Use koi nhi rok sakta.

Durga -so

Sanchi -pliz durga

Durga -I’m sorry sanchi but I can’t help u.

She Disappeared.

End of fb

Kabir -i know her baut ziddi hai woh. I know her from childhood.

In fb

When shaurya was in Kabir body.

Sanchi -pliz leave him

Shaurya -I give you 2 optons choose between Kabir or ur child.

Sanchi -but u were taking Kabir forever.

Shaurya -now I changed my mind. U have to kill Kabir or I will kill ur child.

Sanchi -how u know that I’m pregnant i didn’t told anyone.

Shaurya -sanchi I’m Bhoot. Choose between two. Fast I don’t have time.

Sanchi is tensed whom to choose her husband or her child who even didn’t came in the world. Just then sanchi hears

Voice -u have to make a deal with shaurya.

Sanchi looks here and there.

Voice -sanchi I’m durga. Shaurya can’t see me not even u.u just can here me .if you want to talk to me say on ur mind I can read it

Sanchi – y r u helping me

Durga -I’m not helping you. Iam doing this for Kabir and little Kabir.

Sanchi -wat to do now

Durga -make a deal

Sanchi -shaurya I have chosen. I will kill Kabir but u have leave forever.

Shaurya -done

Sanchi smiles.

Durga -now listen carefully. Look down i put some powder throw this on shaurya.

Sanchi -ok

As u know Shaurya disappeared.

Durga -sanchi u have to kill Kabir

Sanchi -no I can’t

Durga -dnt worry just stab Kabir time is running.

Sanchi saw shaurya cuming and she stabbed Kabir.

As u know Shaurya disappeared. I told someone was looking at them it was durga.

Durga cums on her real form. Sanchi cries as Kabir is died.

Durga – sanchi move from here. I have power to heal some one becz I’m gud soul.

Durga uses her power and cured Kabir. And she disapeared .Kabir opens his eyes. Sanchi hugged him. Kabir pushes her.

Kabir – Y did you do that

Sanchi -for u and our baby.

Sanchi tells all truth to him.kanchi hugged eachother and went home. Where malhotra family was waiting for them. They told everything to them.

Just then Kabir feels pain and he saw all scars. Durga again appeared.

Durga -Kabir u r saved but this scares will always with u. I came here to tell u that. U have shaurya heart .he can feel u.

Sanchi -wat

Durga -dnt worry I will make a barrier for Kabir. Kabir if you stay here shaurya can’t feel u. But if you go outside then shaurya will definitely cum. So make sure dnt cross this barrier. Bye.

She Disappeared.

End of flash back

Kanchi hugged eachother and smiles.

Precap : New Villian In kanchi lifes.

Who is he ?
Is he shaurya goenka
Wat will happen if shaurya cums back

I hope u like it
Bye take care


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  1. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear……….too good………so now Durga is their suraksha kawach………wow……….I’m just enjoying this a lot…………I hope Shaurya changes for good in the end…..anyways, this was an osm update………luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeeee………

  2. OMG dear it’s amazing….can’t have words to describe…..do update soon …..lots of love to u sweetie.

  3. Anonymousaa

    Wow Kabir is alive.
    I don’t care about villain.
    Plz post next epi also soon.☺☺☺

  4. Shyaurya is going to come back any ways u didn’t kill kabir so happy for that and faboulous and an amazing epi

  5. Sorry for not commenting on the previous part… Commenting here only….. Its amazing… Waiting for the new twists

  6. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing ashi nd a big big jadoo ki jhappi kabir ko jinda karne k liye kamaal bemisaal ho tum.. Nd i wish shaurya unki life se hamesha k liye chala jaye yun kabir kadd hokar na rahe.. Hope so end is well.. Lovv u tc

  7. Abhilasha

    Omg kya twist h aya kahani me……pr loved it ….superbbb and new villain??

  8. Dhruti

    amazing dear kabir is alive……..please update soon………….

  9. RuCh23

    Yippee ??? I knew it!!! I knew Sanchi did that to save him ???how could she let him die??? Fab & fab & fab Ashu ???

  10. Aafiya

    Amazing and interesting

  11. Niyaaa

    How r u ashi r u alri8?? Plz tell us tum thik ho naa yaa phir busy na humse naraz lovv u dherr sara sisy tc bye gud ni8 nd i really miss u..

  12. Jessicca

    Thank God Kabir is alive… Durga ki Jai ho.. She saved both Baap beta… Loved it

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