Raaz Aur Daar Ka Blockbuster *HORROR* (kanchi ) EPISODE 17

Hi guys iam Ashnita. Thank you for ur lovely comments. It really really really means a lot. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Is getting boring day by day so sorry .

Let’s start

Sanchi cries and shaurya laughs. Shaurya cums out of Kabirs body.

Shaurya – kabirrrrrrrrrrrr ur sanchi knows that u killed me. Bechari she was saying Kabir can’t kill ant hahaa very funny.

Kabir gets teary eyed to see sanchi.

Kabir -sanchi i didn’t

Just then sanchi runs and hugged him. They cry together.

Bg plays

Raaz Aankein teri
Sab Bayan kar rahi
Sun raha dil teri khamoshiyan

Kuch kaho na sunu
Paas mere raho
Ishq ki kaisi hai Yeh gehraiyaan

Raaz Aankein teri
Sab Bayan kar rahi
Sun raha dil teri khamoshiyan

Jeena ka tu sahara
Tu hi roshni
Kehta hai har sitara
Meri tu hai chandani

Hum judaa ho jaye aisa mumkin nhi
Dhoop ho tum meri
Chaanv bhi ho tum hi
Paas ho tum door hai tanhaaiyaan

Main chalunga muskhilon mein
Saya ban tera
Iss jahaan mein, uss jahan mein
Bas ek tu mera
Khushbu se teri mehke jism se mera

Raat aaygi toh mein subah launga
Maut aaygi to lad jaunga

Saaya bhi jism se
Hota hai kya judaa
Jitni bhi zor ki ho aandiyaan

Kuch kaho na sunu
Paas mere raho
Ishq ki kaisi hai Yeh gehraiyaan.
Raaz Aankein teri Sab Bayan kar rahi.

Shaurya whistle as usual. Kanchi moves apart.

Shaurya – kabir u know I have to wait for u 2 yrs.

Kabir – as u dnt know

Shaurya -I know everything

Sanchi -it means u have done that

Shaurya -offcourse

Kabir -how

Shaurya -I told u I’ll be back. My mission was incomplete so I have cum back in this type.


Kabir was taking sanchi home in the car. Just then brake fails. He gets shocked and calls veer.

Veer -helo bhai

Kabir -veer listen to me carefully brake is fail

Veer -wat

Kabir -veer first listen I can’t control now. Cum fast Sanchi is with me.

Veer -where bhai

Kabir -i have no idea

Veer -bhai dnt panic

Kabir -veer I’m going near cliff

Veer -bhai No hello bhai

Kabir checks his phone battery is dead .he throws phone. Kabir shouting sanchi. She gets concious.

Sanchi – Kabir

Kabir -sanchi u have jump

Sanchi – no

Kabir -sanchi break is fail u have to jump.

Sanchi – Kabir I can’t leave u

Kabir -sanchi we have reached near cliff. Someone has to stay here.

Sanchi -jiyege sath marege sath

Car fell down in the cliff. Veer cums and gets shocked to see.

Veer -sanchi, Kabir

Kabir – veer we r here

Veer -where

Kabir -hanging

Veer cums near them and saw sanchi and Kabir hanging.

(In short Kanchi jumped before car fell down but they were hanging )

Veer -Kabir bhai give ur hand

Kabir -first pull sanchi

Veer -but u

Kabir – u go first I will cum after u

Veer somehow pulled sanchi up. Kabir was still handling.

Sanchi holds Kabir hands. Just then wind blows. And something went to sanchi eyes. Kabirs hands slips from her hands. Kabir fell down in the cliff.

Sanveer cries. They called police and went to search Kabir.

They found Kabir and took him to hospital.

In Hospital

Kabir treatment is going on. Dr cums out and inform them that Kabir immediately needs heart transplant.

Dr gave shaurya heart to Kabir.

End of flash back

Shaurya – so my master plan was to give my heart to u so that u can see me and hear me.most important I did brake fail when I was alive. And remember that wind I did it so that u can fall. But my bad luck.

Kabir -becz i went to coma.

Sanchi -we took Kabir to Paris.

Shaurya -yeah that was bad luck but after two years u got concious and I get to know
that and u came here for ur engagement.

Sanchi -wat a master planned. Impressive

Shaurya -yes and now in 24 hrs I will take Kabir forever.

He gets inside Kabir body

Bg plays

Bhoot hu mein.

Sanchi – pliz leave him it’s my fault

Shaurya -he has to pay for it.

Shaurya falls to glass table. Kabir shouts and is in pain.

Sanchi – leave him. Kabir Y did you do that. I told u before pliz share everything to me. Dnt keep raaz.

She cries.

Precap : sanchi reapeadly stabbed Kabir.

Y did sanchi stabbed Kabir?
You will get to know till then have a break.

Bye take care


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  1. Amazing

  2. Dhruti

    ashu it was amazing and little scary too……. but precap give me a shock but there is something behind on that so i crossed my finger……can’t wait for next one………update soon…..

  3. Anee

    Amazing AShu….dear..loved it.

  4. Awesome….u nailed it sweetie….update soon…..lots of love to u.

  5. RuCh23

    ??? interesting epi ??? I think Sanchi stabbing him is the way to save him ???

  6. Anonymousaa

    Huh? Why did Sanchi stab Kabir?
    Perhaps saying jiyenge saath saath marenge vi saath.
    Oh no or did Shaurya enter Sanchi?
    I am scared plz post next epi soon.
    Hey and who told you it is getting boring.It is so interesting that I wait for ur update

  7. Niyaaa

    Ashi amaz super duper epi dear plzzz post nxt asap

  8. Its amazing dear and its not at all boring and its really horror how kabir killed shaurya saanchi giving wrong injection kabir and saanchi both waiting for each other faboulous i know i have. Not commented before but its wonderful amd the raaz is twisted and a writer like u can write such amazing things a silent reader of this ff…

  9. Khamoshi

    Ashnita. ??????? what was that?
    I am shocked today..what an amazing story dear..the first song was just perfect with the scene and the 2nd one..i think it was made just for ur episode only..that gr8 article it was..what a turning point !!! A LOUD APPLAUSE for u dear. U are the only writer from whom i read a horror series ? till now..u r an amazing writer dear. Salute to u and i bow down my head in respect of u ?.
    Good luck

  10. Nyc,epsd..

  11. Riyarocks

    hey bhagwan….Ashu ye kya tha????I’m just speechless………too good yaar……….but precap dekhkar, I was a bit shocked…..but anyways…lets see what nxt u will give us in ur suspense thrilling plot……..luv u loads sweetieeeeeee………

  12. Sajnana900

    Ashu dear that was great
    U jzt nailed it but plz add some horrible drama in it it ll b very very interesting
    Cant wait for further

  13. just read all the previous 1 nd i should say fantastic dear

  14. It’s amazing dear kabir stabbed by saanchi update soon can’t wait

  15. Amazing…. Loved it very much

  16. Fantastic epsd.. Update soon.. Ur silent readr..

  17. Jessicca

    Ashuuu thou nailed it …. Amazing…. Outstanding… Hate that Shaurya ?… Our cutest couple have tho suffer bcz of him… But anyways i know you’ll get them united in the end… Love you

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