Raaz Aur Daar Ka Blockbuster *HORROR* (kanchi ) EPISODE 16

Hi guys iam Ashnita. Thank you for ur lovely comments.

(Firstly iam sorry if this raaz didn’t reached ur guys expectation. I hope u guys forgive me.)

Let’s start

Shaurya whistling and breaking thingsfrom his eyes.

Sanchi – shaurya tell me .

Shaurya – so u want to know

Sanchi – yes

Shaurya -so listen did you remember sanchi after durga death.

Sanchi – shaurya listen carefully I saved durga life because. ..I’m not responsible for durga death.

Shaurya – u r responsible for durga death. Look at me Sanchi .I got durga diary. And ur black deed came infront of durga and me

Sanchi – wat r u saying i dnt understand

Shaurya – After durga operation i took her. After that day durga came to say sorry to u

Sanchi – wat

Shaurya – yes Sanchi durga was cuming to u just then she saw u talking to nurse.

Sanchi is scared. Shaurya looks at her

Shaurya – dnt be scared sanchi. I didn’t know that u can do this.


Nurse – sanchi mam I want more money

Sanchi – i dnt have money and dnt tell anyone

Nurse – first give me money or I tell truth to dr Kabir that U GAVE WRONG INJECTION TO DURGA AND NOW SHE CANNOT BECOME MOTHER.

Sanchi – listen it was by mistake I was hurry to do durga operation. And Most important u guys have to check before

Durga pov – how could u Sanchi.

End of flash back

Shaurya – have u remembered

Sanchi -I know it was my mistake I could have check before injecting. So kill me leave my Kabir. Wat is Kabir mistake. Y u torturing Kabir. Wat did he do

Shaurya – wat did Kabir do HE KILLED ME

Sanchi – wat

Shaurya – yes sanchi kabir killed me.

Shanchi – no Kabir can’t kill anyone

Shaurya – After I got diary my only mission was to destroy u and ruin u that u will die every second. Remember that mask man.

Sanchi -so it was u

Shaurya – nice guess yes it was me. First i put choreform on ur face than u became unconcious. I took u to store room. When I tried to molest u but dnt know where from ur Kabir came. We engage in fighting and I pushed Kabir and he was semi unconcious. But I again cuming close to u just then I fell down and saw kabir banged my head with rod. I was pool of blood, I told kabir i will cum back and I died.

Sanchi – wat Kabir killed u for saving me.

Precap : shaurya telling sanchi he will take Kabir in 24 hrs. And one small fb

(Fb regarding y shaurya was waiting for revenge and y kanchi married after 2 yrs )

Firstly I don’t know wat i wrote. And secondly sorry if this raaz didn’t reached ur expactation .I hold my both ears. U can throw anything u want.

Bye take care
Keep smiling


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  1. Amazing

  2. Nice episode

  3. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear, why u felt it was not good……….this was osm dear…….I enjoyed reading it a lot………..luv u dherrrrr saara my sweetieeeeeee………..

  4. Sajnana900

    That was sprbbb ashnita dearrrrrr u did best
    Think possitive instead of negative
    Dont even think that what u wrote/do/did/will do is not good
    Jzt think that u give ur best
    What other thoughts it shouldnt even matter to u
    keep it up dear
    Post next part asap

  5. Feeling bad 4 durga.. But,, the epsd was amazing.. Now,, come soon with a romantic os… Lots of lv..

  6. Ashu its amazing fabulous fantastic

  7. Abhilasha

    Superbbb ashi …love it!!

  8. Dont feel bad… Amazing episode

  9. Dhruti

    ashu firstly don’t need to say sorry and don’t need to hold year both ears………..btw ff was superb, mind blowing, your ffs are always superb so dear don’t think in -ve ok don’t think what other think about your ff just write it………keep writing….keep entertaining us love you…………

  10. Hey ashi dear it was soooo much amazing superb dear… And the raaz really blowed my mind!!! Good job dear…. Keep writing such interesting ffs and dont think negative dear why would we throw anything to such a good writter… I m really very angry with ur negative thoughts ?… We love u loads dear and please for us think positive!! And sorry I m ur silent reader??

  11. Awsome minblowing ashi its not boring this is outstanding post nxt asap

  12. Jessicca

    Ashuuu it was beyond our expectation.. You nailed it… It was truly amazing.. Keep going sweetie?❤

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