Raaz Aur Daar Ka Blockbuster *HORROR* (kanchi ) EPISODE 15

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Let’s start

Sanchi gets worried for Kabir.She calls Pandit. Pandit asked her to meet him. Sanchi went to meet him.

In Temple

Sanchi – can u do something pliz save my Kabir.

Pandit – i can’t do anything

Sanchi -wat

Pandit -only he can do

Sanchi -who

Pandit – woh atma wo amar hai. Hum kuch nhi kar sakte.

Sanchi -pliz find some way.

Pandit – ok I will try. I have to do havan.

Pandit starts Havan. Shaurya feels pain. He senses everything . He appears in temple and saw sanchi.

Shaurya – sanchi y u always scewed everything. I thought u ask Kabir about that raaz but u here in Temple. Now watch.

He blows strong winds and fire blows off from the havan. Pandit and sanchi gets shocked. Shaurya disappeared.

Malhotra mantion

Malhotra – wat OK I’m coming

Savitri -wat happened

Malhotra – we have to go back .Veer pack ur bags.

Veer -but dad y we r leaving

Malhotra -we have to go for conference .

Veer -ok dad

Sanchi -mom u can also go. U take care of papa and veer. I will take care of Kabir.

Malhotra -ya sanchi is right.

They packed their lugguage and went.

Sanchi pov – I’m sorry if you people stay here shaurya will kill you guys.

After sometime

Kabir cums home have shower and sleeps.Sanchi still awake looking at her watch .

Sanchi -it’s 11.55 pm when will shaurya cum.

Just then saw shadow of shaurya she quickly sleep. Shaurya cums and gets inside Kabir body and disappears.

Sanchi woke up and saw Kabir missing.

Sanchi -i know where u went I’m cuming.

Dark Bungalow

Sanchi was about to open door just then door opens itself. She gets inside.

Sanchi -shaurya cum out.

Clock goes round and round. Sanchi saw her watch it was 12.00 am.

Sanchi – shaurya cum out

Everything swings in the room. Burbs burts out. One burb was a bout to hit her just then it stops in air. Sanchi saw shaurya stopped it from his eyes.

Shaurya whistle as usual

Sanchi -where is Kabir

Shaurya -welcome sanchi baby

Sanchi -where is my Kabir

Shaurya sings tuje apna banane ki kasam kayi hai kayi hai and dances with sanchi. She jerks her hands

Shaurya- sanchi baby have u remembered me

Sanchi -how can I forget u

Shaurya – wat r u doing here

Sanchi -to destroy u

Shaurya laughs – in ur dreams

Sanchi -wat u want

Shaurya -u will get to know but ask Kabir to tell you that raaz which was hidden since 2 yrs.

Sanchi – he won’t tell me so u tell me.

Shaurya -impressive but too late baby I’m taking ur Kabir forever

Scene sifted to shaurya smirking face and sanchi shocked face.

Precap : Raaz will be revealed

Sorry for boring .
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    congrats Ashu dear for ur 70th post……….now coming to the episode, it was really nice one……..can’t wait for the suspense revelation………..plz post nxt one asap……….luv u a lot sweetie……………

  2. Ohhh,,dear it was not boring it was amazing..

  3. So so scary episode

  4. Dhruti

    ashu it was amazing not boring finally sanchi know the truth ……..can’t wait next one update soon……..a big hug for you…..bye……

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    Omg amaz dear….loved it…ashi finally u will reveal raaz …..u can’t estimate my level of excitement!!

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    Omg ashi post nxt asap yaar or raaj ko raaj mat rehne do jaldi se reveal karo kya h ye raaj dekho raaj raaj ke chakkar me raaj hi raaj likhe ja rahi hun …hehehe… Post nxt asap

  7. Amazing… Reveal the raaz soon

  8. Amazing

  9. Jessicca

    Omggg… Suspence Queen finally you are going to reveal that Raaz… Can’t wait… Love you loads❤?

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