Raaz Aur Daar Ka Blockbuster *HORROR* (kanchi ) EPISODE 1


Hi guys iam Ashnita I dnt think so u guys remembered me. Just kidding .iam back

Let’s start.

A plane is landed Many people came .A couple came with their families.

A dark bungalow is shown with scary noises, light is going on and off. Blood is falling from terace .

Scary voice – U both i will not spare u guys I was waiting for this day only. Ab maza ayga.

Boy – Dad Y ? Did we came here.

Mr Malhotra – beta for ur engagement.

Boy – u didn’t tell me we r coming here.

Malhotra – sorry beta ,its night go and sleep.

Boy – OK dad.

He went to his bad and slept.

At 12 pm

Boy is sleeping and somebody is sleeping with him.

Scary voice – raaz kab talak chupage. Now time is come u to pay for it

He gets inside the boys Body.

Suddenly the boy opens his eyes, he doesn’t have pupils in his eyes. Blood is falling down. His nail is going bigger and bigger.

In jungle

He is digging something wait he found a dead sketeltion now he is burning it.
He went to morgue

Watchmen – hey wait who r u.

Boy throws him in air.

Boy – ja puch ke aaha

He went inside the morogue and stole dead bodies .OMG he is flying in the air .
He is now in the road.

A girl comes running .

Hey wait r u the. ….Malhotra. indias best doctor right said girl.

No iam ghost replied the boy.

Haha is this a joke said girl

No iam not in a mood to joke .she then gets shocked dog barking all burbs in the road Burts out and He then grabbed her neck and killed the girl with his nails.

In the morning

Jaya – pragya Isha jao dekho tumari dost ready hui ki nhi.

OK aunty and they went.

In the room a girl is sleeping peacefully.

Isha – uto today is ur engagement

Girl – iam awake

A curly hair girl with simple ear ring with pink lips is shown it’s sanchi.

Pragya – Abe o utu dekho jija ji ne kya beja.

Sanchi -kya beja.

Pragya – nthing now go and get ready.

OK sanchi said and she went to get ready

After sometime

Sanchi comes wearing a silver lenga. She is looking like a princess. She sat near the mirror

Sanchi pov – when I look into mirror .it always remains me of u and our first meeting.

Fb starts

Some boys is playing basketball. A handsome tall hot boy comes wearing a jogging clothes.

Kuch – look who has cum

Raj – Dr Malhotra first son. Jese baap waise beta.

Kuch throws ball at him unfortunately boy holds it with music and attitude his face is shown it is our hero .

Boy – Iam Kabir Malhotra. Wat u guys said baap beta I didn’t listen properly say it again.

Raj – oh hero go from here

Kabir – let’s play a game . I will hit u guys with this ball whoever the ball touches will be my gulam.

Boys – OK but if you lost u will do wat we say

Kabir is running behind them and he lost.

Kuch – ur dare is to hmm yes see there is a girl crying go and kiss her.

Kabir – no I’m not going to do.

Raj – fine be our gulum.

Kabir -OK 1st option is gud.

Kabir goes near the girl

Excuse me y r u crying u can share ur pain with me said Kabir.

Girl – pliz leave me alone.

Kabir -look here i bought a mirror for u. See this pliz

The girl turned back it is revealed it’s sanchi. Sanchi is shouting on Kabir. Kabir is just looking at her.

Sanchi – wat

She gets shocked as Kabir puts his lips on her lips. They have a passionate kiss
Kabir – sorry it’s was a dare.

Sanchi was about to slap him but stopped.

Kabir – u look so beautiful tears make u ugly. So wipe ur tears.

Kabir gets a message oh know iam late.

Sorry beautiful I have to go we will meet again and keep this mirror with u. It always remained of me said Kabir and left.

Fb ends.

I wanted to slap u but can’t that time I didn’t know and this time I know said sanchi.

Isha – sanchi pliz come down .

Sanchi -wat happened

Pragya – sanchi Kabir came with his old clothes he wants to talk to u. Pliz cum

Sanchi came downstairs.

Kabir saw her with teary eyes. Sanchi came to Kabir.

Sanchi -wat happened Kabir

Kabir – iam sorry sanchi I can’t marry u.

Sanchi – wat

Kabir – it’s doesn’t mean that I don’t love u i always loved u and always will but I can’t marry u.

Scary – wah Kabir kya baat hai ab tum raaz bataoge. Sanchi now ur turn to suffer.

Precap : sanchi jumping from terace.
Kabir shouting sanchiiiiiii

Today was first episode that’s y i didn’t make it scary. Age dekho hota hai kya.
I hope u guys like it pliz drop a comment and tell me how was it

Take care
Keep smiling


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  1. Anee

    Wow ashu its amazing right abhi toh shuruyat hai aage dekhna baqi hai…….kabir and saanchi’s first meeting aww amazing yar loved it a lot….good job sweetie….luv you.

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much anee it really means a lot and luv u loads

  2. Dhruti

    superb but precap is scary finger crossed

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you dhruti

  3. Superb ashi lagta h tum sach me kafi interest rakhti ho thriller and horror movie … Me too dear ..lov it a lot and plzzz don’t seperate kanchi post nxt asap

    1. NeonNinga

      Yes niyaa suspense thriller and many more I always watch them and imagine and dnt worry

  4. Riyarocks

    Omg Ashnita dear, u r killing me with ur suspense……….u nailed it dear…….just amazing……luv u loads…….

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you sweetie it really means a lot and luv u to

  5. Wow dear, it was superb.
    Can’t wait anymore for next episode.

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you priyanshi

  6. Abhilasha

    Wowww…. So amazing and yr its like watching a blockbuster horror movie and know what I was reading it with some snacks so it was more fun!!

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you sweetie iam glad u like it and enjoyed it

  7. Oh god ghost in kabir will torture our sanchi and flashback was great add more fb of there love story ashnita and i loved your horror story begining

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you kanchi it means a lot

  8. Moonlight25

    Ashnita dear the episode was really good i am loving it..plz post ASAP

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you sweetie it really means a lot

  9. Loved it very much

  10. RuCh23

    Wow it’s is fab ??? sorry for not commenting on your previous posts dear I wasn’t well ??? they were great by the way ???

  11. Jessicca

    Sweetie it was super doper episode… Loved it… Waiting for next part… Keep going

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