Raaz (AdiYa) Chapter 1 by Soumya and Riya

A mysteries love story….
Sometimes things are not as easy and simple as they seem to be!!
A beautiful love story of Zoya and Aditya
will their love bring hapiness to their lives…..or who knows

Read to find out what happens ūüôā

Written by : Riyaditi and Soumya85

CHAPTER 1 РAditya 

“Mom..mom where is my new shirt” shouted a boy who was searching something in his room.

“What you have done to your room Adi it’s a complete mess now” said a lady entering the room.

“I am not able to find my new shirt can you please get it to me I have a really important work today you know na” said the boy making a pleading face.

“Have you got a single thing by yourself till now , Adi you are becoming more and more careless day by day” said the lady while putting the things at their right place.

Whereas Aditya was just giving his mother pleading look.

“Here it is” said Anjana Hooda, his mother..while showing that shirt to him which was near the bed.

“Thanks mom you are the best love you” replied Aditya and kissed his mother’s cheeks.

“Stop your drama go and get ready it’s your first project” said her mother reminding him about his first project in the company.

“Adi” came a voice of another guy¬† who was little elder than Aditya.

Aditya looked at him and smiled.

“Take this” he gave a Rolex watch to Aditya “It’s my favourite and lucky watch but from now it’s yours as dad gave me this on my first project” said the boy.

“It’s so cool thank you so much bhaiya I loved it”¬† Aditya said while hugging his elder brother, his Idol.

“haye Kisi Ki Nazar Na Lag Jaye tum dono bhai ko” said her mother in between their hug with moist eyes.

“It will never never happen mom” said¬†Yash, Aditya’s elder brother.

“Yeah we will always be together” said Aditya completing his elder brother’s sentence.

“I love you both my sons , Always be each other’s strength..now come downstairs I have made your favourite breakfast Adi” said his mother smilingly.

Aditya came down with his brother and mother after wearing his shirt and watch, where his family members were already sitting in the dining table; waiting for them.

“So how is the preparation” said a man.

“It’s very good dad” said Aditya being confident.

“I am proud of you both my sons” said Harshvardhan Hooda, his dad.

“See I have made your favourite Gajar Ka Halwa Adi” said her mother excitedly.

“Thank you so much mom you always make my day special” said Aditya smilingly seeing gajar ka halwa.

“Yeah yeah she will make your favourite but what about my daughter I know she is a girl that’s why no one cares for her” said a lady who was sitting on the dining table.

“It’s not like that we love her as much we do to Yash and Aditya” said Anjana.

“I can see that” the lady said being annoyed.

“Stop it” said a man who was drinking his tea

“Why you always make me shut jii” said the lady giving look to the man.

” please don’t spoil everyone’s mood in the morning” said his husband.

“If I’m spoiling everyone’s mood then I’m leaving now..i don’t want to eat” said while standing up from her chair.

“No chachi please it’s a very special and big day for me please don’t leave the food , atleast for me” said Aditya trying to make her chachi eat.

“Okay adi only for you I’m eating” said his chachi and again sits on her chair.

Everyone smiled seeing that everything is settle. They started eating their breakfast.

“By the way where is Mahi?” Asked Aditya.

“Ohh she is not at home she went out saying she have some work”replied

“Even today she left , she should have once talked to me but it’s okay maybe she had very important work” thought Aditya on his mind.

After the breakfast Aditya with Harshvardhan and Yash left for their company.

At Hooda Enterprise

“The project was amazing Adi the clients liked it a lot and they are¬† willing to invest in our company you have done a great job. I’m proud of you my son” said Harshvardhan who very happy for his son’s achievement.

“Thank you dad it was not possible without you both” said Aditya.

“No we have not done anything bro it’s your hardwork which gave us results” said Yash while hugging Aditya.

“Still it’s because you both trusted me and gave me this opportunity” said Aditya thanking his father and brother.

“Okay leave all this and tell me there will be some party sharty today right Adi” said Yash while teasing him.

“I don’t know bhaiya I have got a call from Raj he have invited me at his home he will be throwing a party for his birthday so now I can go there as I¬† have crack the deal” said Aditya.

“Yes bro you should go and have fun tonight” said Yash.

“Dad can I go?” Asked Aditya to his dad.

“Sure Adi you deserve it go and have fun” said his dad allowing him.

Aditya reached at his house at 7 p.m. and got ready for the party. He wore a white shirt with a black blazer and denim jeans. He was looking very handsome and smart.

After having an orange juice he left for the party on his red Mercedes.


On the other side we can see a girl who is entering at a house secretly. She is looking so pale and afraid of being caught.


Author’s note

Hello everyone , this is the first time we are writing together and on AdiYa. We hope you will like it. Do support us. share it with all AdiYa fans. 

 Like and comment your views.

So here is the cast –

Harshad Chopda as Aditya Harshvardhan Hooda.

Jennifer Winget as Zoya Siddiqui.

Sehban Azim as Yash Harshvardhan Hooda, Aditya’s elder brother.

Rajesh Khattar as Harshvardhan Hooda, Yash and Aditya’s father.

Parineeta Borthakur as¬†Anjana Harshvardhan Hood, Yash and Aditya’s mother.

Sanjay Swaraj as Harish Hooda, Harshvardhan’s younger brother.

Shruti Ulfat as Anita Harish Hooda, Harish’s wife.

Vaishnavi Dhanraj¬†as Mahi Hooda, Harish and Anita ‘s daughter and Aditya’s ans yash’s sister

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