Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 9)

It was a fine morning.Everybody in the Maheshwari family were busy with their works.The men were at home.They were making all ready for the pooja.Ragini wore a blue lehenga with works all over.She wore her mangalsutra and the chain Laksh has presented her.Her hair was free.Laksh matches her costume wearing a navy blue sherwani.Both looked like a Royal Couple.Of course they are always a Royal Couple.

Ap was making threads from cotton to lof it the lamp and sugars was helping her.Swara and Parineeta were making all set for the pooja.Rp and Dp were sitting on the sofa and waited for Shekar,Sharmishta and Arjun.Akansha was busy with setting the sweets.Sanskar and uttara looked after the decorations.Adarsh and Mishka were hand in hand.Adarsh was feeding Mishka and she was having a big teddy which sanskar sanskar got for her.

Here, now we will see w hat one cute couple’s are doing.Ragini was having a basket of flowers in her hand.They just brought that from the shop coz it her to be fresh for the pooja.They were entering the house.Laksh took some flowers in his hands and he was throwing those petals over Ragini.Ragini stopped and stared him but he looked at the other side.Ragini walked and he started against.Laksh continued this until they reached in.

After few minutes,

Swara and Ragini welcomed their parents along with the family members.Akansha went and touched Shekar’s feet.He felt wierd but he didn’t show it.Amnesty did the same with Sharmishta.Just than Arjun entered in.Laksh went and hugged him.Arjun hugged him back.Arjun met with all the family members.

The pooja was finished.All the family members sat together @ the hall.


Ragini was with swara and Laksh was with sanskar and Adarsh at both his sides.

Ragini:Haan Laksh.

Laksh:u remember?Last time when we had the pooja what sanskar did.

Every body hearing this started laughing remembering Kisan.Sanskar glared at Laksh.But Laksh was not afraid it his glares.

Laksh:Swara…You loved Sanskar or Kisan??

Swara:Of course Sanskar se..

Laksh:Dheka Kisan(looking at Danaher)…even today Swara doesnt love u

Swara:Laksh…when did I tell u(with little anger)

Laksh:so… U loved kisan too.Not knowing he was Sanskar.What if he actually wasn’t Sanskar…

Swara:when did I tell u I loved kisan(super angry)


Sanskar:Lucky why are pulling Swara’s legs now.

Laksh:no bhai!U misunderstood me.I was planning to pull ur legs.What I did with swara was an initiative to pull ur legs.

Swara:dheka Ragini!!What’s he doing

Ragini:Laksh…What are u doing

Laksh:Ragini…yeh Sab karke maaza ayega.Come…join me.

Sanskar:Achcha.Now I will show u how will mazaa ayega.
Sanskar held Laksh’s neck playfully.

Laksh:Bhabhi saa(swara) bachchaoo

Swara made funny faces and turned her head as if she didn’t hear or look anything.

All laughed at their acts.

Sujata:Na sanskar…chodo chore ko…Ragini…go and bring the sweets I am hungry now.

Rp:sujata…if u eat all the time then we won’t be able to identify u…you will become an elephant soon.

Sujata made faces.All laughed seeing sujata.All were busy in their chats and nobody noticed Ragini.Ragini,while taking the sweet plates before the god’s idol turned and accidentally her palliative which was hanging down from her shoulders caught fire.Nobody noticed this even Ragini.It was Akansha who saw Ragini accidentally.She saw Ragini and turned her gaze,then something striked her mind she afaik turned and shouted Raginiiii.She ran near her.Akansha’s shout turned everybody’s attention now.Every body found Ragini’s burning pallu and ran to her.But Akansha reached before then.She setting off the fire with her own hands.Laksh’s heart stopped for a while and returned to normal when the fire was completely sat off.Every body was around Ragini.

Now Ragini was on the sofa.Ap and sharnishta was near her at both the sidea.Akansha and Swara knelt down before her.Uttara came with water.Laksh was standing behind Ragini and SanAdarsh were giving support for him.Arjun consoled Shekar with Rp and Dp.Mishka stood with uttara.Akansha’s hands were burnt a little but she didn’t worry about it.

Akansha:(tensed)Ragini….are you…are you ok.

Ragini nodded.Swara and Laksh were having tears,Shekar,sumi and Ap too.Even Akansha.But why is she worried.She must be happy seeing all this.But she was having her eyes welled a little.

Ap asked Ragini to rest but she resisted.

Arjun realised Shekar.Shekar was Ajay Agarwal’s frnd.Arjun had seen shekar with his father several times when he was young.Arjun admitted that he is Arjun Ajay Agarwal.Their convo was not known to anyone other than shomi.


Akansha,Arjun and Laksh were sitting together.

Laksh:Akansha….ty so much.If u didnt…..

Interrupted, Akansha:u need not.(with a sad smile)

Laksh too smiled sadly.

Arjun:uhhmm…Akansha have v met before.

Akansha:Arjun…. U have asked me d same and when we met at laksh’s office even I answered u.But When I see u I remember someone but Idk who is it.

Laksh:what?r u kidding… U remember someone but u don’t know whom u r remembering.

Arjun:Laksh… even…even I feel the same….like she feels.

Trio had some talks for sometime.It was muted.They were laughing and chit chating about them.

Laksh:My nick name is Lucky and Ragini’s is laado…

Interrupted again, Akansha:Ladoo…. (she felt weird)

Laksh:Haan laado

Akansha stood and went to her room making an excuse.Arjun and Laksh looked confused by her action.

Later,Arjun revealed all secrets about his,his mother’s death,his father.He is now close to Laksh.

A flashback on narrator’s point of view

Last night Laksh went to kitchen to bring water in d jug.While returning he stopped nwas Akansha’s room.He heared something.He was stunned.She was talking something.About hurting Dp using Him and Ragini.Yes Laksh found her.The next moment he tappedd the door hardly.Akansha was shocked and her eyes were big in shock.She cut the phone and walked to open the door.

She opened the done and she was pushed in forcely.Laksh latched the door,placed the jug on the near by table and shouted.

Laksh:Who are you.

He was in hell anger,grinded teeth.

Akansha:so Laksh Maheshwari has found me.

Laksh:Haan… And if u try to hurt anyone in my family…
(He pointed his fore finger.) I will kill u.Which hand is trying to kill my Ragini I will break those hands.(he twisted her hand from the front)If u dare to touch my Ragini I will break ur teeth and soon you will na admitted in the hospital bed ridden but….nothing will happen to my Ragini.

Akansha:If u r in my place u will do the same….Yes,I am hear for my revenge(she almost shouted).

Laksh frowned his eyes but his grip on her hand was still tight.

Akansha:Do u know what ur papa has done(her eyes were red)He….he killed….killed my parents in ad cracking voice).(Laksh was shocked,his lips pasted a little and he removed his hand from her hand.)So I want to show him the pain I am undergoing.(her voice was really cold)I thought to kill u and sooth my pain.But I saw ur love for Ragini and realised that u r only a body.Ragini is ur life so I want to kill her.I will kill her,then you will suffer seeing u ur papa will suffer.My revenge will get complete.

Laksh:You…you can’t hurt Ragini(like an order).I am his son,u can hurt me.But,dont hurt Ragini.And…(He was stammering not in d fear of his death but in d fear of knowing his life,his Ragini)…and…how can i…haw can I believe ur words…my papa is…he…he..He is…a…a…a murderer.

Akansha:U have to believe me( she shouted)..u..have to.
My father is a Marwari and my mother is a Bengali.They loved each other.But this samajh didn’t care about their love(she was crying continuously).This samajh thought to separate them.Some how my parents escaped from them and lived silently.I was born to them.Ur father was also part the samajh who wanted to kill us.Years passed,I had a lilitlle sister too she was too little.some how ur father found us.He killed my parents and my sister.

Laksh remembered Dp attacking Ragini’s family once @Baadi.He blackened Ragini’s dada jii’s face.He attacked them.

He thought “yes that old Dp can do anthing”.He again remembered how Dp burnt Laksh and Ragini’s wedding card.

Tears flew down from Laksh’s eyes.He wipped them.

Laksh took a sigh and turned to her.

Laksh:how to u know all this?

Akansha:Uncle told me.Infact I was talking to him just before u came.He brought me up since childhood.He is not my maternal uncle.He is papa’s frnd.Only I survived.I Akansha Birla will complete my revenge.

Laksh:What u thought was wrong.Ur thought of hurting Ragini was wrong(with cracking voice)….(now his voice was stern)If u kill an innocent soul will ur parents be happy for u.No….they wont be.They would happy even if you kill me but if u kill Ragini,ur own parents won’t forgive you.
(Stern voice)Idk whether what u told was true or not.If its true I will stand by ur side against my papa.I will help u to get proofs against him.Once he is pooved to be wrong he will be punished.

Saying he left the room fastly with the jug.

Akansha:How can I…(She caught her head with her hants and knelt down.She cried.)how can iI harm an innocent.Yes,maa n papa won’t forgive me if I harm Ragini.
She cried kneeling down.

Laksh went to his room and placed the jug on table.He sat on the bed.

He rremembered Akansha’s words.How she thought if killing Ragini then the truth about his father.

He looked at Ragini.His tears came out from his eyes.He took one of Ragini’s hands which was near him.He held her hand with both his hands.Tears were continuously flowing out. (Remember teri galliyaan sad song humming) He kissed her hand and took her hand neat his chest with both his hands.

Laksh:(,with a cracking voice n in a whispher)Raginii….I Laksh Maheshwari will fight all the evils in this world trying to harm Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.This is my promise.

aasmaan, tera mera hua
khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
aasmaan, tera mera hua
saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

your sky, and mine,
has become all smoke, like a dream..
your sky, and mine,
is spread in parts, like breaths..

He kissed her hand and then placed her hand down.He moved towards her and kissed her forehead.

jaaye jahan tu jaye
paaye mujhe hi paaye
saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

wherever you go,
you’ll find me only..
these shadows of mine are comprised in you..

Then he pecked her lip and came back.He cupped her face with one of his hands.He medged both their foreheads and cried silently but was crying in too much pain.

Saiyyara main saiyaara
sayyara tu saiyyara
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara

planet, I’m a planet now..
Planet, you’re a planet (too)..
And we shall meet again in the world of stars now..

He came back and pecked her forehead closing his eyes tightly.He carassed her head then.He slept beside her keeping her hand over his chest.He dozed off.

Narrators flash back ends.

Akansha was crying in her room.The door was locked.She sat on the floor and folded her hands arkind her knees.She was crying.She remembered herher little sister.They used to call her laado.

All had their lunch @MM.Akansha said she will come later.Arjun,Shekar,shomi waved there hands and left MM.Akansha came down in minutes recomposing herself.She sat on the chair to have her lunch.Just laksh too joined her in the lunch.Akansha looked at him.

Laksh:I thought of giving u a company even Ragini will join us.

Akansha nodded.The trio started their lunch.Ragini finised her lunch and stood up with her plate.Akansha looked at Ragini and thought “how *innocent* she is how did I think of harming her.”

Ragini was already gone.Laksh broke Akansha’s thoughts.

Laksh:I know what u r thinking now.

He stood up.Took the cup of water.

Laksh:My Ragini is an UNIQUE piece in this world.

He might have read her mind.Laksh drank the water and placed the cup back.He smiled at Akansha who was having her lips parted with a shock.
She thought again,”How….how did he…how did he know that”

Screen splits with a smiling face of Laksh and Ragini.

Comment if u guessed about Akansha’s ladoo,Arjun-Akansha,the caller who spoke to Akansha.Did Dp really,killed three lives.Comment below… ….also comment which scene u loved today.

Hope I didn’t Bore u all.And how many of u missed me.Is there at least one who missed me??

Credit – #manju

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