Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 7)



Days passed

Some people in black suits and guns in hands with black mask over their faces where beating someone mercilessly.The man whom the evils were beating was none other than our’s and Ragini’s hero LAKSHYA DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI.He was wearing a white shirt and a blue jean.The pure white shirts had blood stains over it.Even his face,was with blood stains.And it was his blood bleeding all over his body.

Laksh was made to kneel down on his knees.Two men held both his hands from each sides,one man among the group was lifting Lakshya’s face to show something in front of him.Another man behind Lakshya was pointing gun towards Lakshya.

When the man from the gang lifted Laksh’s face,now we could see our,beautiful Ragini at the other side.She was folding her hands and pleading them to leave Laksh.She was crying vigorously in pain in her eyes to see her world suffering in front of her eyes.She was helpless.A person was holding Ragini in one hand and a gun in the other hand.

Other side ,Laksh was not able to do anything.Already he was suffering in severe pain and Ragini’s tears made him to feel more pain.He was dieing each and every second.

The man who was holding Ragini shot at the her forehead and pushed her down the cliff.It was,the same place where Laksh once planned to kill his Ragini.

The place remained silent after the gun shot.A person’s heart beated very fast.It was laksh’s.The men dispersed from the place leaving Laksh there.He stood and ran near the cliff shouting Raginiiiiii……

The screen shifted to a person sitting on a bed with a sudden jerk from the bed in a dark room though it was night.The person was sweating profusely.Now his face was shown.It was Laksh.His breath was abnormal.He switched on the light on the night stand looked at his left.There she was,his Ragini,his reason to live in thus world.She was sleeping peacefully.Laksh moved his and touched her forehead assuring she is fine.He move a little more to her and pecked her forehead.Due to his actions Ragini’s sleep was disturbed and he noticed her.He patted her head.Now she slept without Any disturbance.Laksh was not able to sleep that night.He sat in the same position staring his Ragini with fear and love in his eyes.

Morning @MM

Everybody were present at the dining table to have their breakfast except Laksh.He informed Ragini that he was having an important work and he left MM.Ragini informed Ap when she enquired about Laksh.The men left to the office after facing their breakfast.Do was still angry on Laksh for the meeting that was cancelled.


Laksh was @ the temple.Yes,the most scariest dream in his life that he had in the last night brought him here today.His heart and mind were not peaceful since the last night.He was praying.

The sad bgm was played now which was played when Ap stopped talking to Ragini in d serial after Ragini’s fake pregnancy drama was,revealed.

Laksh:Hey Bhagwan!I am scared of the nightmare I had.I don’t care if I loose my life,but I don’t want Ragini to leave this world or me.I want you to protect my Ragini,nothing should happen to her and nobody should even think of harming her.
His hands were folded and eyes were closed but his tears found a way and came out of his eyes.Yes he was crying now.He was crying and pleading to protect his Ragini.

The pandit came with the pooja thaal and called “beta”
which made Laksh to open his tearful eyes.The pandit showed the thaal to Laksh.Laksh forwarded his hands to take the aarti but the flame blew off.

Pandit:Abshagun!!!!Beta.. Its a sign of abshagun.

Laksh didn’t know how to respond what to speak.He pstayed for his Ragini and these all happened which increased his fear level inside his heart.

Pandit went inside and came with athe holy thread in his hand.He placed it on Laksh’s hand and said,”Beta,this is raksha dhaga and this will protect you from all evils.”

Laksh was walking lifelessly.He came near his car.He sat inside his car.He caught the steering wheel every tightly in his hands and remembered the dream.

Tum hi ho piano tune starts playing

Hum tere bin ab reh nahin sakte
Tere bina kyaa vajood meraa

I can’t live without you now,
What’s my existence without you..

Tujh se judaa gar ho jaayenge
To khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

If I get separated from you,
I’ll be separated from my own self..

Laksh remembered Ragini’s face at various scenes.She smiling with Rasagullas in her hand.When he swriled her when she rubbed ice cream on his lips.Dragon’s smiling face with red holi colour on her cheeks which he applied.

Kyonki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi, ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Because you alone are,
Now you only are,
life. You’re my life.
My peace, and my pain,
you alone are my love..

Again Laksh’s present face is shown.He remembered reunion(marriage).They looking each other.Their selfie moment.Then on gangaur pooja when he fed sweet and merged is head on Ragini’s(like in d pic) @swasan room.His nose peck to Ragini.Their eye lock when laksh came to baadi to look at her when she cut her wrist to end Abhimanyu’s drama.

He closed his eyes and hits the steering.Laksh’s phone rang.He took his phone from his pocket.It was omi.Omi informed that Akansha and Arjun will meet him today @11 am in the office.


Ragini informed all that omi’s friend Akansha is coming from Paris and she will be staying with them @MM.

Maheshwari’s office,

The Maheshwari men were in a meeting.Adarsh was presenting his plan.Just then someone knocked the door and came in with a pale face.Yea,that was Laksh.Everybody looked at him and one man along them was fuming.I could have guessed him.Yes that was Dp.He gave a stern look to Laksh.Laksh just ignored him at took his seat making an excuse to all.Dp’s anger didn’t hurt coz already he was hurt.It was nothing when compared to the pain he was going through.


Akansha and Arjun were waiting for Laksh.The receptionist informed them that Laksh is in meeting.Akansha and Arjun didn’t have any intro between them.They were listening music in their respective gadgets with a headset.

The receptionist called Akansha and Arjun.They walked in and now they saw each other.Akansha said that she had sden Arjun earlier somewhere.Arjun too says the same.But they were not able to remember them.They went inside Laksh’s cabin and made their seats.

Arjun said he did engineering for his father’s sake big he is interested in business so he is now doing MBA final year.Laksh said then we are @ the same age.Do wwhich When she to replied eyes.She was working in the fashionable city,Paris as a fashionable designer under a famous company in Paris.Laksh invited Arjun to stay @MM with them bit Arjun refused it saying he is set with everything in kKolkata now and surely he wwould contact him if he needs any help.Laksh now took Akansha too MM.

@1:30 pm

Akansha and Laksh left MM.Even Laksh felt like seeing Ragini.After what a’ll happened he wished to be around her all the time.

All ladies @MM gave a warm welcome to Akansha.Everybody greeted her.

Akansha in her mind:Finally……..
I m here Lakshya Durgaprasad Maheshwari.I ‘ll make our memories the most memorable one filled with pain,I mean with lot lot lot lot lot portraits of pain filled memories.

Other side,

Arjun was thinking about Laksh,lying on his bed.

Takin:How sweet this man is.He is so kind to everyone.Sure he must be madly in love with someone and I am sure that Omi might have missed this guy all these days.


Laksh and Akansha were having lunch with all the ladies of Maheshwari family.They had a random talk with Akansha.Laksh left to his room to refresh and get back to office or rose his angry dad would shout at him again which will make Ap and Ragini to worry.Akansha sat with the ladies @hall.Ragini went to her room now.

Laksh was setting his hair looking at the mirror.Ragini came in but Laksh didn’t notice her.He went to the cupboard to rearrange his office bag.Ragini came and back hugged him placing her hands over Laksh’s chest.Laksh felt her touch.His lips which had forgotten to smile now curved into a smile.He held her hands with his.

Ragini:Laksh….I missed u a lot.

She said cutely like a kid.

Laksh turned to her and hugged her tightly like he’ll never leave her.Ragini too hugged him.

Ragini:Laksh….please spend some time with me and leave lately to the office.Please Laksh.
She pleaded so cutely that nobody could resist her request.

But Laksh had to go as he was having an important meeting with his clients which he personally got their contract for Maheshwari’s company.

He pecked her forehead by cupping her face.

Laksh:Bachchaa….Even i wish to sray with u.But I need to go.If I miss this contract our company will face severe loss and It will be more difficult to regain our position.I promise I will get back to u very soon.

She nodded with mmmm

She looked so cute n Laksh couldnt resist him.

Laksh:Awwww mera bachcha.

Then he pecked her forehead again.He forgot all his tensions.Yes when his wife is with him,he’ll be d happiest man.

Ragini adjusted his collar.Laksh smiled and waved her a bas.He left the room with his office bag.But he had forgotten to take his mobile.Ragini saw his phone on the dressing table and took it.She came out of the room ana searched him but he was getting down the stairs.Ragini shouted his name and ran with his mmobile in her hand.When she came near the steps her leg slipped and she rolled down shouting Lakshhhh…Now she was in the middle of the stairs where the four stairs meet @MM.Laksh who was near the entrance of MM hearing her sound turned and saw Ragini hissing in pain holding her leg.She got a sprain.He left the bag and came running to her.Even all the ladies with Akansha who were @ the hall came there.Laksh asked Swara to call the doctor and he took ragini in his hands and left to his room.All followed him.

Raglak room,

Doctor checked her and prescribed few medicines and left.Even Dr asked her to have complete rest for 2 days.Swara sat @ the right of Ragini and Laksh @ left.Swara n Laksh were so worried.They held her hands from both their sides.They had their eyes welled.Akansha noticed Laksh and thought”This much love…..OMG!!”

All left the room but not before telling Ragini to take rest.Swara was about to leave.Laksh asked her to stay with Ragini until he is back.Ragini said she will manage.Swa Lak refused.Laksh was still holding her hand.
Swara asked her why were u running.Rabin replied that Laksh had forgotten his mobile so she came with his mobile before he leaves.Swara shaked her head in disbelief.

Laksh:Bachchaaaa…what was the need.I could have sent the mobile with servent to office.Take care bachchaa…if something happen to u what will I do.

He would break oit at any time.Ragini noticed his eyes.


Laksh put his finger against her lips abd nodded no.And he held her shoulders and made her lie.He gave a kiss at her forehead and signalled swara to take care of Ragini .Swara noded yes.Laksh left to the office.

Credits – #manju

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