Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 6)

Ragini and Laksh were waiting outside MM for swasan as Laksh had informed Ap that they are together.Even Laksh informed Ragini about this.Both were waiting near their car.

Just then SwaSan’s car came there and they got out and joined RagLak.Swara saw Ragini whose face was glowing with happiness.She was happy for Ragini.Soon she found d chain around Ragini’s neck.Laksh told them about what he said to Ap.Swara seeing the pendant smirked and signalled Sanskar to look at it.Now swasan looked each other and shaked their heads and smiled teasingly looking at Laksh.Ragini didn’t notice this but yes our hero did notice them and suddenly….

Laksh:Aahhh…Ragini come let’s get in.see its very cold outside u may catch cold.Come come…

He dragged Ragini inside their home.Swasan burst out in laughing.They too followed RagLak.

The doorbell was rang and Ap came their to open d door.She saw raglak and swasan looking at her smiling.She smiled back and let them in.Ap asked them to go and have their dinner soon as it was very late already.

Laksh nodded and made two steps forward.Just then when swasan send their dinner was finished he stopped there and turned quickly.

Laksh:Haan maa…we had our dinner.

Ragini too joined him and nodded.SwaSan thought they could have finished their dinner.They all wished good night to each other and left for their respective rooms to have a peaceful sleep.


Ragini was walking in front and her Romeo Laksh was behind her.He was smiling dreamily and walked behind her.Ragini opened their room door and went in.She switched on d might and stood stunned for a moment.Then she realised what she saw there.Laksh came in and back hugged her and put his chin on her shoulder.His hands encircled Ragini.

Laksh:How is it…. He whispered in her ears and kissed her cheeks from behind.

There were hanging few photo frames of him and Ragini together(the same in d pic). Ragini was too happy she turned back hugged him tightly.Laksh held her back.They stayed like this for few minutes.Suddenly Ragini broke the hug and saw Laksh.He said something and so Ragini broke the hug.He said,”Ragini… U didn’t answer me yet”.Yes that was the qns.

Tum hi ho tune played…

Ragini who was looking at him said,”Laksh u know I am the luckiest wife in this world.I wish to be ur wife for seven births.”

Laksh:And Ragini I am the luckiest husband in d world.I got a wife who understands me,cares for me,she loves me unconditionally,she trusts me.U know what Ragini every man in this world wishes to get a wife satisfying him completely.But not all their wishes will be fulfilled.But bachchaa… I am complete bcz of u.
He kissed her forehead.Yes,our RagLak has d copyright of forehead kisses 😛 I think u too will agree with this.eeee…

Ragini hugged him tightly.Now again Ragini broke d hug and yes of course bcz of Laksh again.He asked her something again.What was that…..

Laksh:Ragini…u didn’t gift me yet.I want my gift now.
He asked like ordering her.Ragini was helpless now.Just now he said she is a complete wife but she couldnt even gift him a small gift to her lovely,handsome husband.

Ragini asked him what gift he wants from her.This qns brought a smirk on laksh’s face.He smiled naughtily and moved towards Ragini.Ragini pushed him slightly and ran around the room.Laksh have her a “I won’t leave u” look with a smirk over his face.He ran to catch her but Ragini was escaping from him.Finally Ragini was near the cot.She had no way too tum.Laksh walked in a slow motion near her with a naughty smile.Ragini was caught finally.Ragini moved back and hit the wall behind.Laksh blocked her with his two strong arms.Ragini and Laksh’s heart beats were fast.Laksh moved near Ragini’s lips.Both felt each other’s hot breath over their faces.

Mmmhmm mmhhmm humming of the song
Yeh moh moh ke dhage started playing.

Laksh held Ragini’s face with one of his hands.

Ye moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi Toh Toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre

He traced her face with his fingers.Ragini closed her eyes.

Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna

Now he brought the other hand too to cup her face.He moved little forward to kiss her lips.Ragini could feel him now.

Laksh’s phone rang.Laksh said “wrong time”.Both recompossed themselves.Laksh with an irritated look in his face took his phone from his pocket but not before saying these lines.”Kebab mein haddi,who is calling at this time”.Even his voice sounded irritated.Other side,Ragini was giggling and enjoying her husband’s acts.

It was omi on d call.Laksh responded the call.Omi said he can’t come to India now.And he informed about Akansha and Arjun who are new to Kolkata.He even said he had already given them Laksh’s office address and they will meet him in the mng @Laksh’s cabin when they reach kolkatta.Laksh asked omi u could have called me sometime later or in the mng right…They cut the call.

Laksh looked at Ragini who was depressing her laugh and he said It was Omi to which Ragini nodes ok with her dippressed laugh.Laksh scratched his hair at back.Laksh touched his belly as he was feeling hungry.Even Ragini was hungry since they didn’t have their dinner.They came out of d room and walked down the stairs.We all know that our beauty queeen Ragini is scared of dark.So she held Laksh’s arm with both her hands.Even Laksh knows that so he held her hands with his other hand.Both didnt switch on d lights cz if they on it they will be caught by all as they had already informed Ap that they had their dinner.


Raglak were enjoying their dinner in d kitchen.They fed each other and left to their room to sleep.

Mng @MM dining table,

All were sitting at their places to have their breakfast except laksh.he was getting ready in his room.RahMan,Swara and Pari were serving all.Laksh came running from the steps catching everybody’s attention towards him.He came and took his place.Ragini served him.Laksh was about to take the food to his mouth just then DP asked Laksh about his meeting which was cancelled.Laksh looked @sanskar as laksh asked him to handle his work for that day to which sanskar too agreed.Sanskar whispered sorry to laksh.Dp shouted @ laksh and asked where did he go running from d office in d evening.Yes Dp saw him when Laksh ran out from d office to meet Ragini.Laksh remained silent and Dp was super angry.Ragini was upset.Pari who was standing near her held her shoulders for support.Dp shouted @Laksh and asked him to grow up.He left with Ram to the office.Every body were upset over dp’s reaction.Laksh didn’t bother about it since that was not the first time in his life DP had scolded him and he even said the same thing to other’s and asked them not to worry.But two souls were shedding tears without anyone’s knowledge.Obviously it was the two lovely ladies in Laksh’s life,his mother and his wife.Later Laksh left with sanskar and adarsh to the office.On the way sanskar apologised to laksh saying he was not aware of d meeting.Laksh said that it was his mistake too he should have been a little careful.


Ragini was in her room worrying about Laksh and DP.Her eyes were red,of course how could she tolerate anyone scolding or humiliating her laksh.Even she took charge over the whole Maheshwari’s she tried to humiliate everyone by trying to blacken their faces.But when Laksh came with the black paint in his hands to their room and when he tried to apply the paint over his face Ragini offended it.She loves him to the core.She can’t see someone hurting him or even he himself hurting him.

Swara knocked Ragini’s room door.Ragini recompossed herself wiping her tears and opened the door.She found her lovely sister standing in front of her who was her another support system next to Laksh.

Swaragini swaragini ahahaahaa hahaaa… Swaragini …. Played.

Ragini hugged her immediately but didn’t cry even a little.But hear eyes were welled up and it was red.

Swara was broken to see her sister in this state.She hugged her.Just then something was found by her eyes.It was the photo frames hanging on the wall.

They broke the hug.Swara looking at the photo frames of raglak:I am very happy for my sister.She has got her love and the best husband.
She said with a smile.This made Ragini to smile.
Ragini was happy,her sister said that Laksh is d best husband she didn’t tell about sanskar that he is the best but she said about Laksh.Yes Ragini’s Laksh is d best,Ragini thought in her mind.

Swaragini swaragini….. Continued playing

She hugged swara with a smile in her lips and happy tears which was overflowing from her eyes.

To be continued…..

Did u all like it…???

Dedicated to all d readers and Temishians/Raglakians

Credits _ #manju

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