Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 5)


Recap:SwaSan fight.RagLak planned for Swasan.Akansha’s plan for Maheshwari’s.Laksh takes Ragini somewhere.


Laksh and ragini were in a lonely place.Ragini and Laksh were over the car.
Laksh got down and walked forward.Ragini frowned her eyes and looked at him.


Ap room

Ap:sujata…are u fine.Whats bothering you.Why are u looking worried.???

Ap asked with concern

Sujata was thinking about the temple incident.App’s qns brought her back.

She was stumbling and she was finding ans

Sujata:Wo kya hena…Our children went out still they,are not back

Ap:sujata….I called Laksh.He said that he ragini,swara and sanskar are together.They will come soon.Don’t worry now

Sujata nodes


Swara and sanskar were enjoying their dinner and talked about random stuffs.


Laksh stopped.Ragini too got down from the car.She looked at him with lots of qns in her mind.She moved forward.She reached him.She was about to touch his shoulder.But Laksh turned before she could do that.

Ragini and laksh were standing close.Laksh now looking at Ragini moved a little backward.He put his right hand in his right pant pocket and took something out.It was wrapped with gift cover.

Bg tune plays…The same tune when laksh recited romantic lines to Ragini in d serial during Gangaur pooja.

Laksh with so much love in his eyes.He was hiding his gift by folding his hands back.

khuda ne jab tujhe banaya hoga
ek suroor uske dil mein aaya hoga
socha hoga kya doonga tohfe mein tujhe
tab ja ke usne mujhe banaya hoga

When God would have made you,
A passion would have come over His heart..
He must have thought what He’d give you as a gift
Then only He would have made me..

aap hame bhool jao hame koi gham nahi,
aap hame bhool jao hame koi gham nahi,
jis din humne aapko bhula diya,
samajh lijiyega is duniya mein hum nahi

If you forget me, I don’t have a problem,
If you forget me, I don’t have a problem,
The day I forget you,
Understand that I’m no more in this world..

He said all these while moving towards Ragini.When he finished the last line he stopped moving.That was a good timing.He was near Ragini and d poem too was finished.

Hearing the last lines Ragini’s eyes welled up a little.

Laksh now moved his hand forward which he was hiding.Laksh looked Ragini with more love.

Ragini was still staring Laksh.Laksh signalled Ragini to look at his hand through his eyes.

Ragini looked at his hand and then at Laksh.She took it slowly and unwrapped the cover slowly.Laksh was looking only Ragini.He was smiling.His face reflected the love for HIS RAGINI.

The same tune continued

Opening the cover Ragini got a box.She opened that and found a chain with a small heart pendant and RL in d middle of d heart.She took the chain in her hand and looked at Laksh.He was still looking at her and smiling.

Laksh got the chain from her and he forwarded his hand to make her wear.Now Ragini could hear his heart beats even her’s.Her heart was pounding as if it would come out now.

Laksh finished wearing that and said “perfect”.Ragini was emotional she hugged him and cried down.Laksh was super tensed now.

He pulled her out from d hug and cupped her face with both his hands.

With so much concern,

Laksh:Bachchaa…What happened??


Laksh:Haan bachcha…

She said everything what pandit said

Ragini:I am scared a lot.I don’t want to get away from you Laksh
She was crying a lot.

Ragini:Laksh please don’t go away from me….

Laksh:bachchaa ssshh…. Relax.Nothing will happen to me.And I won’t leave u until I die.

Ragini kept her hand over Laksh’s mouth and she nodded no.

Laksh wipped her tears and kissed her forehead and….

Laksh:Ragini….until u are with me nothing will happen to me.Papa,ma,bhai,sanskar and above all my detective bhabhi swara is there she will never allow anything wrong to happen.U know Ragini swara could have born as a detective in her last birth.That is why she is like this.

Ragini with fake anger:Laksh….She is my sister.

Laksh immitaes her in a funny way:Laksh… She is ny sister

She hits him over his chest.

Laksh:ouch bachchaa… He was defending her with both his hands.
She moved towards the car.
Ragini unknowingly stumbled her foot while moving towards the car.
Laksh held her hand.

O re piya haaye
Oh my sweet heart oh my beloved

O re piya haaye
Oh my sweet heart oh my beloved

O re piya haaye
Oh my sweet heart oh my beloved

Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Why innocent crazy soul began to fly

Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
Oh where this courage did came from

O re piya haye
Oh my sweet heart oh my beloved

O re piya haaye
Oh my sweet heart oh my beloved

O re piya haaye
Oh my sweet heart oh my beloved

They were having a sweet eye lock.

Tanabana tanabana Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
The breeze wind is playing with me Breeze wind has conspired against me

Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan
Even raindrops did not leave me they also helped the wind breeze

Ragini’s hair flew while the breeze blew.

Laksh made her stand erect and tucked her hair behind her ears.

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
whole world has become the part of the plan or intrigue

He kissed her forehead.Ragini closed her eyes.

Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai
Each particle has only one request

Laksh now bent down and kissed ragini.They had a lip lock.

Ragini moved her hand over his head back and
runned her fingers in his hair strands.

Ohoohohoho ohoohohoho tune continued during their lip lock.

They broke d kiss.Ragini held her head down in shy.Laksh lifted her face with his hands and again he kissed her forehead.He moved back a little.Now Ragini moved forward and kissed laksh’s cheeks and ran into the car.

Laksh was shocked by Ragini’s kiss.He is the one who kisses her all the time.Today she kissed him.He too blushed like a girl now

He scratched his head at back side with his hands and smiled like a mad.Ragini was seeing him and laughing at his actions.


Swara:Sanskar…. We must thank laksh for this.He has planned for us but not for Ragini

Sans:Really swara do u think so??

He asks with a teasing smile.Swara too smiles in d same way

Hope u all liked it.

Credits- #manju

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