Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 4)

A flashback…. I missed few scenes that’s why I am adding those now as a flashback….

When Ragini came from temple….


Ragini and sujata came home.Ragini asked sujata not to tell anyone what panditji said.

Sujata nodes and looks ragini with a pitty look.sujata cupped ragini’s face with one hand and and then she left.

Ragini went to her room and locked the door and sat down merging her back at d door.She remembered d words…She looked up and saw Laksh’s pic at d night stand near d cot.
Her eyes were filled with tears now.Laksh was her world.She can’t even imagine a life without him.But what pandit said and it was only laksh who flashed in her mind.

Teri meri from bodyguard plays as bgm

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi
Do lafzon mein yeh bayan na ho paaye

She remembered raglak’s first meet,their meet [email protected] terrace

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik dooje se hue juda Jab ik dooje ke liye bane

She remembered their separations-the frst engagement break off,the second then d night when laksh reveals ragini’s betrayal.then laksh marrying kavya.

Tumse dil jo lagaya toh jahaan maine paaya
Kabhi socha na tha yoon meelon door hoga saaya
Kyun khuda tune mujhe aisa khwaab dikhaya
Jab haqeeqat mein use todna tha

She remembered their reunion then laksh with mansi as abhimanyu.

She moved towards his pic only looking at d pic.She took d pic and caressed it.She was feeling weired now.Like gonna miss HIM.Again d words echoed.

pandit:kisiko math bhoolo

Ik dooje se hue judaa, jab ik dooje ke liye bane
Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paaye

Teri meri baaton ka har lamha sabse anjaana,
do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

She remembered laksh proposing her @baadi.Laksh taking care of her.

Har ehsaas mein tu hai har ik yaad mein tera afsaana
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

She remembered laksh gifting her an earring set,feeding food,then sweet in swasan room on gangaur pooja.Laksh kissing her forehead.

She sat down.Now she weeped.She broke down completely.
Ragini:I missed u for six months when u was Abhimanyu.I longed for ur love from d beginning.I chose d wrong path.Kidnapped shomi maa.Almost I killed swara.I earned everybody’s hatred.I didn’t care about that.Only your love longed for your love.Again I can’t be away from.Humein bohot dar lag raha hai.what will I do…Even I will fight with that God who is willing to separate us.Idk whom will be it I am gonna miss.but….but my heart is saying it is you.

She hugged Laksh’s pic.

Suddenly her phn beeped.She moved towards d bed as it was placed over d bed.

It was Laksh.she composed herself.

She picked up d phone

The flashback ends on 3rd persons POV

Laksh’s flashback:



Lak:Bachchaa.Omi India wapis aa raha hai.He doesn’t know that I am married he left from India before our marriage.He will be here within a week.

Rag:par…aap ne kaha woh ek mahine bath mein aarahi hai….

Laksg:Haan Bachcha.But that pagal changed his plan.achcha suno….

Rag:haan Laksh

Lak:what happened to u.did u cry???


Lak:Now u have started speaking lie ragini.

Rag:aise nahi

Laksh poped with an idea to know d truth.yes he found that she cried.

Lak:ragini now-a-days u don’t even care about me.Your love for me has drained up.U don’t even feel like sharing anything to me.

That’s it now ragini started crying.It was like killing her to hear these words from laksh.Whatever happens ragini’s love for laksh was is and will be unconditional.

Hearing her sobs

Laksh is tensed now:Bachchaa.Why are u crying.mein…mein mazak kar raha tha.seriously haan
Achcha suno..my,works are finished.I have a meeting at 5pm.I will [email protected] before 8pm.

Rag:mmmm nodded like kid while he was speaking

Lak:phone rktha hoon

Rag again nodded with mmmm

Laksh smiled and cut the phone.

Ragini too smiled but inside her a fear of missing something especially his Laksh was haunting her.

Flashback ends

Laksh was smiling at ragini standing near the car and she was smiling by standing near the window of RagLak room.

Ragini came out to meet laksh.They were standing near laksh’s car.

Ragini:I hope this plan will work

Laksh with attitude:Of course it will.

He rised his shirt collar and said with pride,that it was his plan.Actually it was Laksh’s plan to take out Ragini to change her mind.He found her crying while speaking in the phone.Now the plan was changed for SwaSan.Laksh didn’t tell anything to Ragini he said just it was for SwaSan.But he had other ideas.

Laksh’s meeting time was over.He thought sankar would have attended it.But sanskar was not aware of d meeting.the clients informed this to Dp.The meeting is now cancelled.

@Swasan room

Swara was setting d bed.Her phone rang.It was Laksh.He asked her a come to a place and he wanted to tell her something imp.Swara thought its serious and she left.

But Laksh was with Ragini in his room.

He called Sanskar and sand d same.

Rag:Now everything will be sorted.

Saying this she was about to leave.Laksh held her hand.She looked at him.

Laksh:no ragini we cant believe anything without seeing.come we will check once.

He dragged her out and made her sit inside d car.He drove d car.

Now d screen shifts to swasan

Swara:this is d place laksh told me he said he was waiting then where is he

sanskar from other side:lucky,where are u man

Swara and sasnskar started searching laksh around there.

But swara and sanskar faced off each other and…



Ragini:laksh this is not the d way to the place where swara and sanskar are.I think we …..

Laksh:ssshhh…. Bachcha relax.


A man came and gave them a letter and said Laksh and gave this.

Sanskar opened the cover and read d letter

Sanskar:This monkey and Ragini have planed a dinner date for us.
He said this uninterested and handed over d letter to swara.

Sanskar:I am hungry now.I am going to have d dinner.

Swara:I will leave now

Sanskar:Alone in this night.

Saying this he started moving.

SwAra stomped her foot and followed him.

Both sat uninterestedly.

Swara:see learn something from ur brother.He is younger than u sanskar.But he is having brain than u.

Sanskar:swara don’t start again.If I should learn from Laksh u need to learn something from Ragini.If laksh is busy in work she never disturbs him.If she called him she would say,I will talk later.But you Swara… saying this shook his head in disbelief and the he turned his head to the left.

Swara in mind:Haan I was wrong.When he is in office I shouldn’t have called him.How much tension he would have @office.Above all me….I shouldnt have shouted @ him


He turned without Any expression in his face

Swara:I am sorry…It was my mistake

Sanskar:its oI swara even I was wrong.I should have spoke to u politely like laksh does

Swara:leave it sanskar look there.Food has come.

Sanskar smiled seeing swara

Swara:what!!! I am hungry


Laksh stops d car and comes out of d car.He opens d door of ragini’s side.He shows his hand.Ragini places her hand over his and comes out.

Laksh holds both her shoulder sides with his hands and they move forward.Laksh came and sat over d car and taped his hand beside him indicating Ragini to sit there.Ragini sat besides him.

Laksh:Ragini sorry…I didn’t take u to d place like where Swara and Sanskar are enjoying nw.

Ragini:Nahi laksh…I don’t want anything from u to prove ur love.I know how much u love me.

To be continued ……….

Precap:Raglak romance

Credits- #manju

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