Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 3)

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Episode 3

@Mahwshwari’s company pvt Ltd.,office

Sanskar on call:swara…. Cut d call

Snaskar is angry now.


Swara:Uttara ur brother is too much I won’t talk to him now.What is he thinking about me.I am swara.Mrs.Swara Maheshwaria not less than him.If he wishes not to talk to me even I don’t want to talk to him.

Uttara was,laughing at swara who was making faces.

Pari:Swara..u shouldn’t have done this.Bichara sanskar

Swara:Nahi bhabhi.He is not like u thing.He is so busy in his work now and he doesn’t even have time to say a hii to me.

Uttara:haan swara bhabhi…he is doing this purposely to irritate you

Pari:you too uttara

Pari nodded her, head in disbelief

Uttara:yes,bhabhi.look at laksh bhaiya even he is working with them.Laksh bhaiya is making phone calls for bhabhi for every hour.Snaskar bhai doesnt even have a min for swara bhabhi

Swara:That’s why even I don’t want to talk to him

Uttara:Bhabhiii….I have an idea.bohot maza ayega

Pari:frst tell us d plan.


Ragini was preparing dinner

Swarapariuttu came in

Swara:ragini… Did laksh call u

Ragini looked at swara with a huh?? Look

Uttara:bhabhi I was telling them that laksh bhai will never forget u even if he is busy.bhabhi is saying men are men,only work matters them.

Uttara’s plan was well executed

Ragini is ready to prove laksh is not like that what uttara was telling.


Laksh is so tensed and busy with his work.Dp has asked him to do some works.

His phone rings

Of course it was Ragini

Rag:laksh are u busy

Laksh:haan ragini

Rag: ok I will call u later


Rag:he is busy

Swara:laughs aloud and says men are men

Rag looked at his phone with sad expression

An hour passed

Laksh didn’t call her

Ragini was upset and she went to her room

SwaraPariUttara laughed with a hi fi

Uttara’s nxt plan….

On call

U:laksh bai wat have u done.

She says,about ragini

Laksh hits his head.ufff…Sorry bachcha


On call

Arjun:omi….papa is transfered again

Omi:even u are.Which clg u are joining

Arjun:Kolkatta university

They spk for sometime and the screen blurs and shows laksh now

Lak:wat to do…..

Sanskar came inside laksh’s cab

Laksh smiled like a kid seeing sanskar

San raised his head, and asked wat with his head movement

Laksh again smiled

Laksh said everything to Sanskar nd asked him to hndle lucky’s work.

Sanskr ws not aware of laksh’s meeting at hotel morriet.lucky things danny might have known about this.

Laksh runs out nd leves in car

Sanskr sits on laksh’s chair.he blows out or from his mouth nd shks his hed in disbelief

Lucky phnd

Lak:bachcha come near d window.
She came and he waves his hands.She smiled.

A flashback,

After talking to uttara

Laksh:i wll call ration

Ragini took the phone

Laksh:bachcha I am sorry woh….

Ragini:laksh…don’t tell anything.I know you were,busy.Pari bhabhi told me everything.It was all uttara’s plan.

Laksh:so it was all planned by the little devil.Mein chodunga nahi usse

Rag:laksh listen to me. swara n sanskar had fought.We must help them.

Laksh:They both will never give up that easily.

Laksh now says something to ragini and she smiles.it was,muted.

They cut d call

Sanskar comes in,laksh smiles,….

Flashback ends

Screens splits with raglak’s happy faces


Akansha’s back was shown.She was staring d wall in her room.there was a small notice board and Maheshwari family pic was pasted at d centre.

Around that pic individual pics of all famine memb of maheswari pariwar was,placed.

Aksnsha:To catch d big fish fest u must make a trap for d small fishes.Before hurting someone we must hurt their most loved ones.

She said all these by staring Dp’s pic.Then she smiled evily and turned her gaze at laksh’s pic then at Ragini.

Note:Zain Imam as Arjun Agarwal and Sanjeedha Sheikh as Akansha Birla will be a part of this ff

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