Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 2)

Sorry there were too many mistakes parish adopted Mishka n not joshua.Uttara was misspelled as Ottawa sorry

The nxt part

@Temple pandit:Dont forget anyone even d God.

Nw sujata n ragini were spr tensed

Pandit:Idk wat will come in ur life in d nxt second.I can say something wrong is gng to happen.evrthng is in his hand.

Saying so he showed his hand upwards

In Paris

Omi was waiting in a coffee shop looking at his watch.He was looking at his phone then at the entrance.He was repeating this for the past 10 mins

@ a villa in Paris,

The same girl was rushing out of her room.She came down d steps.A maid came and asked her wat to prepare for dinner.

Grl:Rossy…I won’t be coming for the dinner

Today was d maid

@clg, Mumbai

It was break time.

A boy was running in d corridor fastly.He was running and running without any stop.

Finally he reached d canteen

Arjun: kya hua tum bhag ke kyun ayi

Sam:(arjun’s frnd):tere papaaa…

Now Arjun ran from d canteen to d office

@office room

Prin:Arjun Agarwal…here is ur transfer certificate.take this.Well,ur father is transfered to Kolkatta and u too have to leave to kolkatta.We will miss a brilliant std like u.All d best.

Arjun’s mom diead in an accident when he was young.His father is a police officer(DC).His father Ajay Agarwal was a loyal officer so his rivals killed Mrs.Ajay Agarwal.So Mr.Agarwal did not want the same thing happen to his son Arjun too.So he stayed away from.He meets him once in a month without anyone’s knowledge.Only few ppl like Arjun’s prof princ knew about this.


Ragini and sujata came home.Ragini asked sujata not to tell anyone what panditji said.

Ragini went to her room and locked the door and sat down merging her back at d door.She remembered d words…She looked up and saw Laksh’s pic at d night stand near d got.She moved towards his pic only looking at d pic.She took d pic and caressed it.She was feeling weired now.Like gonna miss something.Again d words echoed.

pandit:kisiko math bhoolo

Suddenly her phn beeped.She moved towards d bed as it was placed over d bed.

It was Laksh

She picked up d phone

In Paris

Omi’s phone rang

Omi:Hello!where are u????

Caller:behind u

Omi turned back a grl was standing smiling

Grl:Hey omi…

Omi:kabse wait kar raha hoon


Omi:mmm batao kyun bhulaya mujhe

Nxt week we will be in India right


Grl:then did u tlk to ur frnd arjun bout our visit

Omi:haan yar cl kiya.nw he is shifting to Kolkata.waise… Akansha we will go to Kolkata Directly from mumbai when our flight lands.


omi:ok mein chlta hoon.bye


After omi left

Akansha:Lakshya Maheshwari the day is not so far.A week left to meet you.You will face ur death.



Lak:Bachchaa.Omi India wapis as raha two.He doesn’t know that I am married.He will be here within a week.

Rag:par…aap ne kaha woh ek mahine bath aarahi hai….

Last:Haan Bachcha.But that pagal changed his plan.achcha suno….

Rag:haan Allah

Lak:mein aaj jaldi gar ajaunga

Rag:but laksh…u were late in d mng then how will u come quick.

Lak:so…. U dnt want me to come home

Rag:aise nahi

Lak:then…ragini now-a-days u don’t even care about me.Your love for me has drained up.

That’s it now ragini started crying.It was like killing her to hear these words from laksh.Whatever happens ragini’s love for laksh was is and will be unconditional.

Hearing her sobs

Laksh is tensed now:Bachchaa.Why are u crying.mein…mein mazak kar raha tha.seriously.
Achcha suno..my,works re finished.I have a neeting at 5pm.I will [email protected] before 7pm.

Rag:mmmm nodded like kid while he was speaking

Lak:phone rktha hoon

Rag again nodded with bomb

Laksh smiled and cut the phone.

Ragini too smiled but inside her a fear of missing something was haunting.

Precap:Dp shouts at Laksh….

What will happen to Raglak?Why Akansha is wishing to kill Laksh?Will it be Laksh/Swara/someother whom Ragini is going to miss

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