Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 12)


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Ragini was setting her bed,Laksh came in thinking.He kept his bag on the bed.Ragini looked.He then moved to the cupboard and took his dress and went inside the washroom.After mind he came out and went to the sofa and he lied there,with his elbow over his forehead,his legs crossed and his other hand was hanging down.Ragini who went to bring his dinner entered the room and frowned her eyes seeing him.She moved to him.He had his eyes closed.Ragini thought he could be stressed out due to office work.She kept the food plate aside and she stood behind his head with oil in her hand.She poured little drops on her hand and she rubbed both her hands.She massaged his head.He opened his eyes and stood up when he felt the touch.He looked her.She smiled and continued her work.Laksh amazed,”how much she cares me,really I was not lucky when I adored people calling me lucky,I am lucky now”.He was looking her with So much love.Ragini asked “what” with her head movement to which he just smiled and then he made a heart joining both his hands and looked her through it by taking his hand made heart near his eyes and then he pointed her with his index finger.Ragini smiled heavenly,he admired her,a lot.

After the massage,Ragini handed him the food plate,sitting besides him on the sofa.He started eating ignoring Ragini.Ragini pouted and turned her face.Laksh knew what was she doing still he ignored her and smiled at her without her knowledge.Ragini looked him again but he was busy eating the food.Ragini was looking at him with a cute puppy face.Now Laksh saw her and lifted the plate little up signing whether she wants.Ragini nodded yes with a cute puppy face.Laksh smiled and handed her the food plate he was eating.Ragini nodded no with a puppy face.

Laksh made a idk action and started eating.Ragini turned her face.Laksh chuckled without her knowledge.He then dipressed his laughter.Ragini was still with the same cute pout.A hand reached in front of her mouth,it was Laksh’s.She took the food and then turned to him giving him a glare.Laksh who was chuckling stoped it seeing her glare.Ragini smiled at him.Then both bursted out with their laughters.

Nxt mng,

Laksh was in his room.He I opened his cupboard and searched something.Then the drawer of the dressing table and his table.He came out of his room and “Ragini..”,he shouted.Ragini who was giving coffee to Ap in the hall looked up and came running from there to her room.Laksh moved to his room.seeing her coming up.

Ragini:Laksh…what happened…why…

Interrupted….He again opened the cupboard.

Laksh:Ragini….my watch(He passed her and again opened his table drawer.Ragini looked around and found the watch on the bed near the pillow.She signed and then moved there.She showed the watch to laksh who was searching his office bag now.He smiled and got that from her.Ragini nodes her head in disbelief.Now both were repacking his office bag.He moved out in a hurry with his office bag.He reached near the stairs,he stopped then and turned back.Ragini was behind him.

Laksh:Ragini…I forgot something…(before Ragini could ask what he pecked her forehead with one of his hands cupping her face and his other hand was having his office bag)

Both smiled.They heared a sound of someone clearing their throat.They both turned it was sanskar who was turning other side and looking up like he didn’t see anything.

Laksh whispered,;kebab mein haddi”.But that was audiable to sanskar and Ragini.Ragini controlled her laugh.

Laksh:chalo(little irritated)…..(to sanskar…Laksh walked first and then sanskar noded and followed him)

Laksh was about to get out but he stopped and turned.He was feeling bed weird.He turned and stepped out of MM.He kept his hand near his heart.Sneaker who was coming back tapped his shoulders and signed him to come.


Laksh called Arjun and asked him can they meet now.Arjun agreed.later… In a coffee shop.

Arjun:what!(he shouted and then noticed all looking at them)…Laksh what are u saying,suraj is Akansha’s dad’s frnd(he whispered)…

Laksh noded…and Laksh said something to him which was muted.

Laksh and Arjun spoke about suraj to Akansha.She didn’t believe them.Laksh asked her to give them a chance,finally after talks Akansha agreed to give them a chance to prove.


Laksh,Arjun with Suraj reached MM.They were at the hall.The other members at home expect Ragini left out.Ragini came with Coffee and served all.Laksh signalled her to go.Ragini went out to MM garden.Ragin I doesn’t know what was happening.She thought suraj is their guest

Akansha:U guys carry on.I will be back..(saying she went out of MM)she was provided a Bluetooth which she activated after moving out of MM.Laksh and Arjun had a micro Mike.

Laksh:so Mr.suraj years and years I are competating with all the companies especially with the Maheshwari’s…when will u beat us he asked with attitude)

Suraj:very soon Mr.Maheshwari…..ur father was giving much pressure then and now his sons….u and Aadarsh Maheshwari have too come into the business world.(attitude speech)

Laksh:let’s see…how u will beat me


Suraj:very soon u will see it…I have all the plans ready….

Laksh:How…like how u killed Mrs.Ajay Agarwal.just like that right…(He asked this to get something from him)

Suraj shocked and stammered

Suraj:wha…wh…what are u saying mister Maheshwari.

Laksh:I know suraj what all u have done…I know ur total history…don’t act like smart….U killed her then why did u take away Akansha??…(since Laksh was not sure aboutabout anything he just pointeded few things like this.He wanted to know about Akansha’s parents and so he asked this)

Suraj thought Laksh knows everything.He messaged his men to be ready out with their guns.And he added when he texts them a blank text they need to come in.

Suraj:so laksh knows me well….mmmm gud…

Laksh:even I know Akansha is not blood related to Suraj.Then why did u take her away?And u have blammed my papa a murderer.Even that’s a lie..

Suraj:yes….(He shouted)I killed Mrs.AjayAgarwal anI blammed ur papa but police didn’t believe it.(laksh and Akansha were confused but they let him speak to know what he is speaking about).Ur papa defeated me in bussiness.I was finding was to defeat him but couldnt.And Mr.Ajay Agarwal was interfering in my illegal bussiness.I wanted to remove him from my way.if I kill him next officer will come and interfere and I need to kill him too.This won’t stop too.So I decided to attack Ajay’s family. One night I went to his home and found his wife.She was alone and I used the opurtunity and killed her.
(Arjun remembered…. He with a little girl,were playing with his mom.His mother heared a car sound looked out through the window.She closed the door and made Arjun and the girl to go upstairs and hide.The little girl went up but Arjun without his mother’s knowledge hid under a table.suraj broke the door and came in.He killed his mom.Suraj heared a sound from up.He went up and came with the little girl hiding her eyes.He left out.Little arjun came out of the table when his father came home)

Arjun’s eyes welled up,his anger was at peak.He waited for that moron to spill out all the beans

Suraj:I found Ajay’s daughter(the little girl was not Ajay’s daughter) and I thought to use her against ur father.I told her ur father killed her Parents.I framed a false reason for this.She believed me.I named her Akansha Birla.Even now if Uuu say all this to her she won’t believe u.

The fool suraj spilled all out.Akansha reached there and Arjun started beating him.Suraj texted his men and they came in.lakarjunakansha are,held captive.

Akansha:i won’t spare u..u have used me…

Arjun looked at Akansha and Akansha too.Yes,Akansha was the little girl.Shekhar and Janki’s 1st daughter.Shekar and Ajax were childhood frnds.Shekar left Akansha to be in Ajay’s home in the summer holidays.Suraj thought Akansha is Ajay’s daughter and took her.

Arjun and Akansh looked eo with smile on their lips and tears in eyes.

Laksh:suraj…u are doing wrong again and again…leave us…

Suraj:do u think that I will leave u all alive now…no….I wont..(he said casually)

The trio tried loosen the grips over them.

Suraj to one of his men,”chalo…that girl,laksh’s wife…what’s her name(he kept his finger oh his forehead)…bring her”

Laksh:surajjj….dont u dare…(He tried hard to loosen the grip)

But the man brought Ragini by dragging her hair.Ragini was crying and trying hard to pull her out.But the man was so strong.Ragini was brought in.Laksh’s eyes welled up.

Laksh,Arjun,Akansha looked at her.


Suraj:so her name is Ragini….

Akansha:suraj(she shouted)…if u touch her I won’t spare u.

Suraj:(he came near Akansha)Ak….Akansha beta….I am…I am ur uncle…how will u..kill me (he acted like scared)

He slapped her hard.Akansha’s cheeks turned red with five finger prints.

He ordered his men to take them along with them.They were taken somewhere.

They pulled out Laksh,Arjun,Akansha and Ragini out of the car.The four looked around.Laksh reminisced how he dreamt of someone shooting Ragini and pushing down the cliff.It was the same place he dreamt.

Laksh’s heart was thundering much.only his heart beat and his breath(inspiration and expiration) sound was heared.It was calm.He looked Ragini,Suraj was pointing gun on her and also suraj was catching her.He reminisced the dream,a masked man held Ragini pointing gun on her head.Suraj ordered his men to beat Arjun and Laksh badly.The men started beating them.Laksh and Arjun tried hard to come out of their grips.But couldnt.Laksh saw Ragini who was pleasing suraj and crying vigorously to leave Laksh.He again remembered his dream.Even this happened in his dream.Also they were pointing gun towards Laksh.Arjun and Laksh were bleeding.Laksh’s fear level increased.What all he dreamt was happening now.The next thing is Ragini will be shot.

Akansha bited the man who was holding her and somehow took a pistol and shot two men and they heared siren sound.


When Akansha knew all about Suraj Thakur she called the police and informed everything before going into MM.The police traced her call and reached here.

Suraj pointed gun at Ragini and he pulled the trigger too but before he released his hand Arjun got the gun from Akansha and shot suraj.Laksh smiled amongst his tears realising that Ragin is safe but his smile faded.Suraj who was shot lost his balance and fell down the cliff and Ragini was pulled along.The trigger was realesed which was pulled by suraj.It shot in the air.Laksh ran shouting “Raginiii”near the cliff and tried to jump but Arjun and Akansha held him.He struggled to move out of the grip.But both Akansha and Arjun brought him little away from the cliff.Ragini’s mangalsutra and the chain that laksh presented were on the ground.Akansha took those with her tear filled eyes.

Precap:Ragini is treated in hospital.Cameo apperance:Ritik(Arjun Bijlani) and Shivanya(Mouni Roy) from Naagin…

Credits – #manju

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