Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 11)


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The sun rised as usual in the east 😛 .Ragini opened her beautiful eyes and felt something over her waist.It was Laksh’s hand.Hw lied with his belly merged to the bed.She smiled and removed his hands.She went inside the washroom and washed her face.She came out and saw Laksh.He was still sleeping.She smiled and moved out.She went into the kitchen.


Akansha came down stairs.She had gone for jogging.While coming down she bumped into someone.Actually someone bumped into her.Akansha balanced herself holding the side of the steps.A pair of hand joined her shoulders.It was Swara who bumped.

Swara:sorry….Sorry…I am so sorry….I…
Akansha:Its ok swara.I am okay.

Both smiled.Swara:Akansha…(hesitatingly) can I ask u something


Swara:I have seen u before.

Akansha:Of course I could have..I was here when Ragin I arranged a new year party.I was a performer then.U know dance its my passion.I am professionally a fashion designer and dancer too.

Saying this she moves.Swara linked amazed at her.

Farm house,
Laksh too freshed up and came down searching Ragini.They were still in the same dress as they didn’t have any dress to change.Ragini was making coffee.Laksh stood at the door step with his hands folded near his chest.He was leaning side ways at the door and looking at his wife who was busy in making coffee.Laksh had a smile on his lips.Ragini didn’t notice him standing there.Finally,she was pouring the coffee in the coffee mug and looked forward with the coffee mug in her hand.She noticed him.

Ragini:Laksh…aap aagayi…. she smiled and walked towards him.He got the coffee mug from her.He sipped the coffee and made a face.Ragini who was standing watching him with a smile frowned her eyes.

Laksh:Ragini..coffee is bitter.

Ragini:kya…but I added sugar.

Laksh:seriously Ragini…its bitter.come on sip it.

Saying he forwarded the coffee mug to her mouth.

Ragini:Laksh….its sweet enough…

Laksh:Really…let me taste…( He sipped again.)yeah its sweet NOW… (He sipped again)mmmm….(he away the mug from his mouth)Ragini…we have to leave.Maa called me,before Papa asks about us we must reach.


Laksh was driving the car looking straight.Ragin was looking out the window.

Laksh:Bachchaa…(looking forward since he was driving)

Ragini looked at him.

Laksh:thank u…

Ragini looked at him confused.Laksh stopped the car and then looked at her.
(Instumental tune of Ae dil hai mushkil played)

He caught both her hands and looked into her eyes with more and more love.
(Same tune played…)
Laksh:Ragini…Thank youuu…(He stressed the word u) for making my life beautiful,thank youuu… for making my life meaningful.If u aren’t in my life… my birth would be waste(he was emotional now).Ragini…you know… U are the sole reason for my living,only uuu…I wish… to be urs for all my birth.
(Tune continued…..)
Ragini cupped his face and closed his eyes with her one hand from where tears were ready to come out.He took her hand back and cupped again.His eyes were closed.Even tears were stagnant in Ragini’s eyes.She kissed both his eyes still cupping his face.Then she kissed his nose like he did once in d serial.(all the while the tune continued)She kissed his lips now.Ragini closed her eyes.Laksh moved his hands and cupped her face.It was a passionate kiss.Both broke it after a while and looked into each other’s eyes.
(Tune played…)
Ragini:How many births I take in this world…my life belongs only to u.(She said cupping his face).

Saying this she nodded her head positively.Laksh kissed her forehead and then he hugged her saying,”mera bachcha”.


RagLak reached MM fast and went into their room and changed their clothes.Ragini and Laksh got ready in their usual outfits and came down to the temple in as Ap doing pooja.Ragini and went down and joined the pooja.Swara saw Ragini and pulled her left hand.She indicated the watch and asked what with her hand action.(like Ragini asked in d serial).Swara chuckled.Laksh suddenly Ragini and came in between SwaRagini.He glared Swara.Swara too gave him the same look.He signed her to concentrate on the looks.Swara made faces n turned towards god’s idol.Laksh looked at her with “is she mad” look and then concentrated on the pooja.Ragini chuckled silently seeing all these.But two people knew she was chuckling.Obviously it was Laksh and Swara.

The aarti we done N Ap have Prasad to all.SanLakdAarsh took blessings from elders.Akansha,swara,pari,ragini too took blessings.The men marched out.The ladies marched to do their works at home.


Laksh was working on.Suddenly he remembered something when he saw from the glass door Dp passing his cabin.He remembered Akansha’s words.He frowned his eyes.Then he rembered Arjun.Arjun told about all his secrets to Laksh on the Pooja day.He said a man,killed his mother in front of his eyes.He was hiding under a table.He had seen his face clearly.He said his name was Suraj Thakur.

Laksh checked his profile on internet.He saw his photo.He was a business man in kolkata.

Arjun was in Kolkata before his mother’s death.After that incident they shifted to Mumbai.Shekar and Arjun’s father were childhood friends.(Laksh doesn’t know only this)

He closed his laptop and started working.


Laksh was having some work with his client’s files.So he remained @ office.Other men left from their.He was still working.Finally he finished it,he kept his laptop and sone files on his office bag and then he came out.

On the way,

Laksh was driving the car.His phone rang.He took his phone and smiled seeing the name on the screen.He had saved her name as “BACHCHAA” with their selfie pic.He smiled and picked up the call.But before he could say hello…

Ragini:Laksh(little angry)where are you?Why haven’t u returned yet?when are u eaching home?where ever u are come soon.I am waiting for u…wh(she was speaking continuously)

Laksh:bachchaa…(but she disn’t stop) Bachcha I love you….

Ragini got quiet and replied love u too Laksh.
Laksh:I am on the way…


Ragini:laksh… U know what.Arjun’s dad is papa’s childhood friend.Papa told me just now.


Ragini:yes…now u come soon.

Laksh:ok.ok I am on d way.

They ended d call.


Laksh reached MM.He moved to his room on the way he stopped and turned back.He marched towards Akansha’s room.He knocked the door and entered on when d door was opened my Akansha.

Laksh:uhmmm…Akansha can u tell me about ur father’s friend who brought u up.I mean was he with u in Paris.

Akansha:No…only I was in Paris.I was taken care by a care taker there.Uncle looked after my needs.He was in Kolkata.

Akansha:And now.Here in Kolkata.He is the owner of ST industries.Suraj Thakur he is.

Laksh noded “oh” and then he realised.

Laksh:what…what’s his name?

Akansha:Suraj Thakur.

Laksh:ok gud night.I will take acare leave now.

Akansha:Gud night.

Laksh walked out.Akansha called him.Laksh turned to her.

Akansha:Woh…. Actually Ragin I was waiting for u a long.(She smiled)

Laksh smiled and noded “ok” and moved.He walked with a confused face.His eye brows were frowned.Je stoped and thought,”Suraj Thakur,the same man who killed Arjun’s maa.I am confused now.why did he killed Arjun’s maa.Even Arjun doesn’t know the reason.Now how Akansha and Arjun are related.God…(he kept His fingers on his forehead)What’s happening actually.”

The screen freezes with Laksh’s confused face.
Comment which scene u liked.
Credits – #manju

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