Raanjhanaa-The beloved one (Episode 10)

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After the Pooja the men started to leave MM.They were ready for the office.All were at the hall.Ladies waved their hands to their respective husbands.Adarsh,Sanskar and Laksh took aashirvadh from their elders.They moved out.Laksh was moving last.He slowed his walk.Once all the men were far from him he turned back.He made sure all the ladies are gone.He ran down the steps and reached Ragini who was near the dinning table.He went and back hugged her silently.Ragini scared due to the sudden hug and later she realised whom was it.She smiled..no she almost blushed.Laksh rested his chin upon her shoulder and kissed her cheek.Ragini’s cheeks turned pink.

Other side,

Adarsh,Rp and Dp have left.Sanskar sat in the car and then he wondered where was his monkey brother gone now.He took up his phone and dialed Laksh’s number.


Ragini:Laksh….u are getting late.

Laksh:Ragini… I don’t want to go office today.I want to spend my time with u.

Just then his phone rang.He knew who it was.He knew Sanskar would be searching him.He stood straight and took his phone.Of course it was Sanskar.Ragini turned and pushed him to go.


Laksh with an irritated and funny expression in his face walked forward.Also he had cut the call.Laksh was gone.Ragini laughed thinking how her hubby was making faces.

Laksh sat in the car with the same expression in face.Sanskar saw him.

Sanskar:Where were u man,I was calling u and y didnt…


Laksh:Mein toh aagayi na… Ab jaa (he pointed his hand,forward indicating Sanskar to start and go forward.His voice was irritated.)

Sanskar made a sigh and started the car.

Ragini went to her room then.She sat on the bed and saw Laksh’s photo on the night stand which was near the cot.She took it,in her hand.

(Yeh moh moh ke dhage tune was played)

She looked at the pic and smiled dreamily.She caressed his pic and then she thought some thing.She smiled broadly and placed his photo near her heart and hugged it.


Laksh was in his cabin.He was sitting on his chair and looking at his phone.It was Ragini and Laksh’s pic on the screen(their selfie).Someone knocked his cabin door and cane in.Laksh was in his world.

Sanskar was having few papers in his hands.He didn’t notice Laksh.Sanskar was looking at the papers and spoke

Sanskar:Laksh,have u checked Mehra’s files?We need to finalise d deal today.Check it once and sign it.

No response.Sanskar looked up and frowned his eyes.

Sanskar:Lucky…did u hear me??

No response again.

Sanskar tapped on the table.Laksh jerked with the sudden sound.

Sanskar folded his hands near his chest and looked Laksh with frowned eyes.

Laksh who was brought back from his world asked”what” and looked his laptop and started working.

Now Laksh didn’t get any response from sanskar.Laksh looked up and he gave the same look back to sanskar which Sanskar was having.

Sanskar still with his hands folded near his chest:I was talking about Mehra’s files”
(A funny tune played)
Laksh:Aaah…yeah I have signed it.Here…(He takes d file which was on his table and handed it over to his brother.)

Sanskar with his same expression got the file and wentt out of his brother’s cabin.
(Funny tune continued)
Laksh:Yeh sanskar will never change..He always, keeps disturbing my romantic mood.Kebab mein haddi…

(Humming Tune of moh moh ke dhage…played)
Ragini was in front of the dressing table.She was wearing her ear ring.She looked at her image on the mirror and smiled.She was wearing a red saree with golden blouse.(the same as in the serial)Her hair was set free with little curls.
(Tune continued)
She looked at the time from her mobile which was on the dressing table.She smiled and kept the phone back.She went near the balcony and stood their.

It was 5 now.Ragini informed swara and Ap that she will be oit and asked her to manage everything.Swara nodded.Swara and Ap saw Ragini’s costume and got tears in their eyes.But they hided it.

Ragini thought if she moved out now all the men of MM would find her.She got an idea.She went back to her room from Ap’s room and called Laksh.Laksh was packing his stuffs from his cabin to get back home.His phone rang.He smiled seeing the name on the screen.Before,he could say hello….

Ragini:Laksh…if I ask u something can u get that for me??

Laksh smirked.Laksh:what’s ur order for me,my queen.

Ragini:mmmm… She said something which was muted.

Laksh:done,your majesty.

Laksh and ragini laughed which was shown by the splited up screen.

Laksh asked Sanskar to go with the other men.He said he ia having an important work.Sanskar left with the other men.Laksh drive the car in the opposite direction.

Laksh stopped his car and got down.He looked near a shop and went in.It was a flower shop.

A owner of the shop saw Laksh.The man’s face was lot up with thousands of bulbs.He walked and cane near Laksh.

Man:Sir…u…u have come to my shop.If u have informed me I would have brought my shop to ur home.

Laksh smiled.

Man:Sir…what u want from my shop.Come look at these flowers,everything is fresh here.

Laksh looked here and there.His eyes spotted something.He went near what he saw.It was red roses.He asked the shopkeeper to pack those roses.He paid the man and came out of the shop with the roses in his hands.He smiled seeing the roses.He placed the roses at the back seat and he drove the car.

Ragini slowly came out of MM.She was waiting for her handsome hubby.Laksh’s car stopped in front of MM.He came out and turned to open the back door to take the red roses.He heared,something and stood freezed.It was his beauty queen Ragini.

Ragini:Freez.Its my order

Laksh stood freezed there with a smile on his face.Ragini came from his behind and tied his eyes with a black blind fold.Also Ragini asked him not to untie it when he raised his hands to untie it.

Ragini made him sit in the front seat and she sat on the driver seat.

On the way,

Laksh:Ragini…where are u taking me..

Ragini:chup chap baitiye..

Laksh:bachchao..somebody help me.My Ragini is kidnapping me..


Laksh:ok bachcha.I am silent(he kept his finger over his lips)

Ragini chuckled seeing him.

Finally the car reached the destination.Ragini got out from the car and opened the door on Laksh’s side.He took him out of the car.Ragini holded Laksh’s arm with both her hands and walked forward.

The screen shifted inside the place.Ragini and Laksh stood in the middle and near them a dinner table was set.It was the farm house.The place which changed Ragini’s life once.She untied his blindfold standing in front of him.Laksh saw Ragini before him and smiled.Then he looked around and got stunned.He thought he should never come here again which would remind the bitter past.His eyes turned teary.He turned to Ragini.She was smiling at him.Then he noticed the saree which Ragini was wearing.

He cupped Ragini’s face with his hands which were shaking.


He was interrupted by Ragini,
She kept her finger over his lips.
Ragini:sshh… She nodes in no.

Ragini:Laksh(with tears and smile)this place reminds out bitter part.But Laksh…(She cupped his face)we…we can chence it..we can change our bitter past into a sweet memory…. Why should we remember remember what gives us pain(she aasked him like a kid)

Laksh’s was shedding tears.Ragini sipped his tears and held his hands which were already cupping her face.

Ragini:Laksh…laksh we can change it..Change the memory which is giving us pain.We can replace it with a sweet memory.

She nodded her head positively.

Laksh:Ragini…(cracked voice).He was stopped.Thy were having a sweet lip lock.Ragini’s Laksh was in pain so she found a way to sooth it.She kissed him.Her hands cupped his face.It was a deep kiss.Then broke it and looked into each other’s teary eyes.

Laksh immediately hugged her immediately.She hugged hin back.Laksh rested his chin upon her shoulder and closed his eyes.Even Ragini’s eyes were closed.Laksh’s grip was tighter over Ragini.It was a none crushing hug.The hug too lasted for a long like the lip lock.They broke the hug.Laksh cupped Ragni’s face.

Laksh:Infact what all happened was good or else how could i know how much did my bachcha loved me.How could I know who loves me more than anything in this world.(He spoke like a kid).

Both were smiling amongst their tears.Laksh kissed Ragini’s forehead.

Ragini made him to sit on the chair.Ragini served Laksh’s plate.Laksh looked at her with love in his eyes.Ragini sat on the other side of the dinner table.Ragini looked at him at and smiled.They were having their dinner.

Some food were over Ragini’s lip corner.Laksh saw her and found that.Laksh chuckled.
Laksh:Aww mera bachcha.
Ragini looked at him.He stood up n he walked near Ragini.Ragini just looked him.He held her face with his left hand.Ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch.Laksh with his right thumb rubbed her lip corner.Ragini was just feeling his touch.He took his hands back and Ragini oopened her eyes and found Laksh who was having his right thumb in his mouth and he said, “mmm…..yummy”.Ragini blushed on his comment.

They finished their lunch.

Laksh drank the water from the glass that was on the table and kept it back.

Laksh:so what next??

Ragini:mmm…(she stood up and came near him) I asked u something…

Laksh too stood smiling.He asked her to wait there(he held her shoulders and showed his palm).

Laksh came in with the red roses and something he was hiding in his other hand.

Laksh knelt before ragini and stretched his hands forward with the red roses.Ragini made an aww by opening her mouth little and her hands were over her own cheeks.

Laksh:This is for my gorgeous wife(saying…He winked at her)

Ragini took the roses and wondered the beautiful red roses ther her husband brought for her.

“Laksh…yeh…yeh…roses,yeh *hamare liye* hai kya??(Laksh…these…these…roses,did u bring for *me*??)

Laksh who was strolling kneeling down said,”No RaginI,I thought to give this to Ramu kaka,u know that man how he is working for us in these many years.

Ohh Laksh what have uyou said……

Ragini looked at him and “Laksh….(kiddishly stomping her foot)

Laksh chuckled at her antics.

Ragini looked at him”but Laksh…this is not the thing I asked u”.She looked at him but he was holding something in his hand still kneeling down.

Ragini took it and opened the box and found Rasagullas.Again she exclaimed,”aww laksh”.

Laksh:what Ragini.When I gave u the roses u dI’d the sand thing.”aww”(he immitated her kiddishly).

Ragini:Laksh…(said like a kid)

Laksh again immitated her,”laksh”
Laksh:Haan Laksh hi hoon mein.(s I amwill Laksh)

Ragini turned to tha other said with the boxes.

Laksh:Aww…mera bachcha is angry on me.

He back hugged her tasting his chin upon her shoulder.Ragini was angry(fake).He took a rasagulla and brought it near her mouth.She looked it and took a bite.She now turned and took the remaining Rasagulla in his hand and mare him have it.

Laksh with rasagulla in mouth”mmm so sweet but not more tham my baggage”.He kissed her forehead.They set on a sofa in a room and finished the remaining Rasagullas some with their own rrespective hands and sone with their partner’s hands.They cleaned their hands and mouths with tissues.Ragini stood up from the place and walked passing Laksh.Laksh held her hand and pulled her.Ragini lost her balance and rested on his lap.Laksh encircled his strong arms around her.Since his grip was tight she couldnt move.

Laksh:where are u going.

Ragini:We…we have to leave.

Laksh:where??(he tucked her hair behind her ears.)


Laksh:we are not leaving(he traced her face with his fingers)

In lamhon ke daaman mein, paakeja se ristey hain
In the folds of these moments, is a relationship so pure

Koyi kalma mohabbat ka dohratey farishtay hain
Like a prayer of love the angels recite


Laksh:sshh(he placed his finger over her lips)

Khamosh si hai zameen, hairaan sa falak hai
The earth is silent, the sky is perplexed

Ek noor hi noor sa abb aasmaan talak hai
There is light shining from earth to sky

He moved to kiss her by cupping her face.His eyes were closed.Ragini stood from his lap and went near the dressing table in that room and she bent her head down.She was blushing hard and her heart beats rosed up.

(Nagme hi nagme hain jaagati soti fizaon mein, husn hain saari adaon mein
Songs fill the stillness, there is beauty in your every gesture

Ishq hain jaise hawaon mein) – 2
There is love floating in the air

Laksh looked at her and smiled.He moved near her and made her to face him.He surrounded her with his arms.He merged their heads.Both of their breaths were fast.

(Kaisa yeh ishq hain, kaisa yeh khwab hain
What a feeling… of love, of dream

Kaise jazbaat ka umda sailaab hai) – 2
These overflowing feelings

Ragini turned again.Laksh moved her aside and then he traced her back with his fingers, then he kissed at her back.Ragini was shrilled by his actions.She was having her eyes closed.

Din badle, raatein badle, bate badle
Days and nights have changed, words have changed

Jeene ke andaaz hi badle hain
The meaning of life has changed

In lamhon ke daaman mein, paakeza se ristey hain
In the folds of these moments, is a relationship so pure

Koi kalma mohabbat ka, dohratay farishtay hain
Like a prayer of love the angels recite

He took Ragini in bridal style.Ragini surrounded his neck with her hands.He moved to the cot and placed her on the bed and he came upon her.The screen blured…..They got intimated.

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