Raanjhanaa- The beloved one (Episode 1)

This ff revolves much around raglak.The story continues from where d actual swaragini did end.Parish were forgiven n me they are change now.Since they have no child they adopt Joshua.Parish pamper her a lot like their own kid.Mishka is too happy now.Ottawa is pursuing her studies in kolkatta

In Paris,

A girl wearing a night dress was having a serious face, and was working in her laptop.The was sitting on her bed and researching about Maheshwari Company.


Ragini:Laksh aaram se..Khana toh khakhe jaayiye

Laksh in a hurry.
Laksh:No Bacchus.I am already late.Papa will kill me.


Girl:I am coming lakshya Maheshwari.I am coming for you.


A cig like in std of d year

In d ground,two teams were playing football.

It was 2-2,last min

The penalty kick.A boy was having d ball under his feet.He was sweating as if like someone had poured a bucket full of water over him.Finally he kicked it into d nets.His team and he was overjoyed n was enjoying.

A whistle blowed

Coach:Now go n get ready for ur classes.Leave

It was a practice match

A boy came shouting holding a ringing phone:Arjun

The boy who kicked d ball was around

Around got d phone.

Arjun:Arjun here

Caller:i m coming to India within a week

Arjun:cool…I am in manage everything.Whelan are u coming

Caller:within a week

Maheshwari Office,

Laksh on phone:Omi….yar kaise ho tu.

Omi:teek hoon lucky.I m coming to India within a week.

Laksh:aaja bhai aaja

Omi:yar I will land in Mumbai n will reach Kolkata after A month

Lak:What!What wil you do in Mumbai.It home is here in Kolkatta then…

Omi:Kaam hai.Will tell you later.I will come from Paris within a week

Lak:teek hai

In Paris,

Grl:Lakshya Maheshwari mein aa raha hoon


Ap:Pari,Swara…Ragini kahan hai

Swara:Badi maa..Ragini has gone to temple with mom(sujata)


Ragini and sujata were praying for

Ragini:Bhagwan!Meri Laksh ko swara n family ko kush rakhiye.

Panditji:lijiye prasad.Savdhaan rahe.

Saying this he left Ragini confused

Ragini was tenses and asked pandit to tell clearly.

Pandit turned and saw God’s idol n then looked Ragini and gave a bitter smile then he kept his
hand over ragini’s head and said kisiko math bhulo aur bhagwan ko bhi.

Screen splits into 4 faces

A happy arjun,serious girl,tensed ragini,happy laksh

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  1. Shrilatha

    Awesome yaar…it feels like swaragini is back.. waise why did u put ragsan cover pic. This is raglak na…

    1. ManjuAkalya

      Its Raglak Idk y u feel like that.I didn’t upload any pic

      1. ManjuAkalya

        Ok I saw it just nw.sorry

      2. Shrilatha

        Hey it’s okay no need of sorry

  2. Jayanti

    a bit confusing……..but really intriguing and interesting…waiting for the next part..please post soon

    1. ManjuAkalya

      Ty for your reply

  3. Arshia

    It is good kind of confusing.
    Is it RagLak ff??

    1. ManjuAkalya

      Its raglak u got confused coz of d pic right.I Dont know how did that get upload

      1. Arshia

        Yeah 😛
        But it’s okay, I like to read any ff that has Ragini in it, but ofc as the main lead 🙂


  5. Asra

    awesome dear …plz write in English dear…tkcr

  6. Awesome…
    Thanks for Raglak FF…

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