You Complete Me (Raanchal-ff of haasil by cocolove) shot 6

okay guys, late update coz i got my model exams!!!!!!
here we go with the case between raanchal!!!!!!!!!
(Ranvir’s POV)
The blissful tunes of my harmonica sound in the dull atmosphere inside the police station as morning rays welcome me gladly. The police inspector came near me and opened the jail door. I look at him as he asked me to get out.
“Did you forget u hv a court case today, Ranvir saab?”
“No, I did not. Let’s go, then. I hv to see Ms. Anchal and whether she is prepared to fight against me or not.”
As we walked down all reporters crowded around us, but many officials surrounded me to make sure they didn’t go crazy.
“Mr. Raichand, r u going to worried about today’s court case or not?”
The pulse in my vein started to run faster as I eyed her. “Today, the truth will come in front of everyone. You should ask Ms. Anchal whether she is prepared because she should be the one worrying right now…”
I spoke as I entered the police van and it zoomed to the high court.
(Anchal’s POV)
God, I’m afraid.
I don’t know why. This is not even my first case and yet I think this is the way Ranvir Raichand makes me feel. Insecure and frightened. I look outside to see a hoarde of reporters and I got scared a s my mum came and stood next to me.
“Anchal calm down, kay?”
“I can’t mom. They all look like they r gonna kill me.”
“There is nothing like that. Be strong, Anchal, u must trust urself right? ”
I hugged my mom as I nodded. As I closed my eyes as Ranvir’s face popped in front me.
I really was scared.
I made my way to the high court, and as I entered the high court the faces of Sarika and Jatin Raichand met my glance, both standing with their hands folded across their chest. They glared at me for some time, as my mom came and told me to quit staring at them.
I took my seat as Ranvir came into the room with his hands cuffed and stood in front of the blinded statue, as he ascended the step to the guilty box.
The judge thumped his hand on the table as he told to let the case begin….
Ranvir’s eyes traced me and for a second I looked at him, as a spark of emotion grew between us.
I’m going to defeat u, Mr. Raichand!
Sorry guys, I know I’m really keeping the suspense up, but I have my MODEL BOARD EXAMS going on and I can’t risk not studying…I promise that the next update will be super long…pls bear with me and continue loving Raanchal!!!!!
P.S: really hope that u all r not angry with me…
love, COCO<3<3<3

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    Fabulous.. Just loved..
    All the best for your exams.. Even I have my revision exams…
    Take care..

  3. Amazing my dear….loved it but it is short …..It’s alright ….waiting for next one….Update soon….All the best for ur exams….Love u ? ?

  4. Cocolove

    Guys the next update will only be on next Friday, be coz I hv exams so sorry u will hv to wait???

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