RaajMahal Yaa RaazMahal – Chapter 1


Note :

Arnav is prince of Sheesh mahal headed by his dadi Subhadra. His parents are no more. Right now everything is looked after by his chote papa Kishan. Kishan have daughter swara ( swaragini )

Kushi is princess cof Mothi mahal headed by her dadi Devyani . Her parents are no more. Right now everything is looked after by her chote papa Pratap . Pratap have son sanskar ( swaragini )

Both Subhadra & Devyani have 2 sons & a daughter each. Now only their younger sons are alive.

Devyani’s daughter married to subhadra’s elder son ( Arnav Anjali’s parents )

Devyani’s elder son married to subhadra’s daughter
( shyam & kushi’s parents )

Subhadra Raizada : Arnav’s dadi & kushi’s nani

Devyani Rathore : Arnav’s nani & kushi’s dadi

( I’ll address Subhadra has dadi & devyani as nani dont get confused )

Kushi sitting with some small children..

Boy 1 : ab boliye raajkumari.. Aap kyun bhaag rahi thi ( now tell us princess why were you running )

Kushi : if we get caught then we will get into big trouble..

Girl 1 : but they’re your workers na..

Kushi : its a long story

Boy 2 : then tell us please…

All plead

Kushi : ok.. Listen.. 32 years back both Rathore family & Raizada family were good friends their friendship had turned into relationship by getting their children married to each other

Kushi : one day..

Boy 2 : rajkumari ( princess ) stop… tell us your story

Girl 2 : we don’t want old story

Kushi : teek hai suno ( ok listen )

3 months back..

Both Raizadas & Rathores were eagerly waiting for the return of their children whole Lucknow awaited especially prince princess of other province & some childrens of buissness man awaited the most charming prince & most beautiful princess of Lucknow..


Arshi are sitting together..

Kushi : Finally we’re going back

Arnav : forever..

Kushi : yes.. ( she say happily )

Arnav : you look very happy..

Kushi : of course I’m happy.. Going back home our city we will have too much fun together

Arnav : excuse me together? We’re going back to Lucknow.. It means masti khatam ( end ), aazadi katam ( freedom ends ) humara milna bhi band ( we’re not supposed to meet )

Kushi : tum toh aise keh rahe ho jaise yeh pehli baar hai.. Bachpan se toh chori chupke milte aarahe hai.. Aage bhi aise hi karenge ( you’re saying as if its first time we’re meeting hiding from everyone since childhood we’ll continue that only )

Arnav : I’m tired of climbing your balcony why don’t you shift somewhere in ground floor

Kushi : princess always have her room upstairs with balcony haven’t you watched movies

Arnav : whatever..

Kushi : we have so much to do there.. We’ve to bring them back & unite two families

Arnav : we will plan it don’t worry..

Kushi ; hmm..

Air hostess announce that’s flights gonna land..

Kushi : one more thing dont talk much with those girls..

Arnav : some one’s jealous ah..? You’re my gf not wife that too hidden gf

Kushi glare him

Arnav : you know I’m least interested in those girls.. And you too stay aloof from those princes especially that idiot from kanpur..

Kushi : uggh I hate he’s so annoying joker hopefully he doesn’t turn up

Rathore mansion

Devyani ( Nani of ipkknd ) : who went to pick Rajkumari ( Kushi )

Servant : Chote yuvraj rajmata ( small prince highness )

Nani : woh sirf yuvraj iklaute yuvraj samjhe aap ( he’s only prince not small prince did you get it )

Servant nod & leave..

Pratap ( younger son of nani ) : Maasa even yuvraj arnav is in same flight

Nani : they’re cooking something we should keep them away..

Flight landed … Arshi come out with their luggages..

Arnav : so good bye Rajkumari

Kushi : bye yuvraaj

Arnav : I’ll come at 12..

saying so he move towards a cute girl standing their with bright smile on her face its Rajkumari Swara Arnav’s Chote papa’s daughter

He formally hug her..

Arnav : how are you & when did you return..

On other side Kushi is overwhelmed to meet her younger brother yuvraaj sanskar her Chote papa’s son

Kushi : kaise ho aap ( how are you )

Sanskar : superb. Di.. Aap kaise ho ( how are you )

Kushi : ab tak toh fantastic the lekin yahan aane ke baad ka pata nahi ( till now fanastic but don’t know after coming here )

Both share a laugh..


Kushi messaging arnav when nani enter..

Kushi : dadi aap .. Aayiye

Nani ; hume laga aap soo rahe honge kintu aap kisse ke saath vyasth hai ( I thought you would be sleeping but.. With whom are you chatting )

Kushi didn’t except this question

Kushi : my friend..

Nani : you better stay away from such friends keep in mind you’re princess you’ve your own set of responsibilities

Kushi was wondering why is she reacting like this.. I was just messaging a friend

Nani : I very well know your friends.. Yuvraaj Arnav se aapke koyi taalukaat hume pasand nahi.. Behtar hoga aap abhi samjh jaaye ( I don’t want you to keep any relation with Prince arnav.. Its better you understand this now )

Kushi nod..

Kushi message arnav about what happened now

Kushi : dont come today dadi may doubt

Arnav : is nani spying on us..

Kushi : she doubt us arnav.. We’ve to do something

Arnav see a someone moving towards sheesh mahal ( there’s a big gate between two mahals which is been closed beside it is a small door which is locked arnav see a someone entering sheesh mahal through that door )

Arnav : hey what are you doing ?

Kushi : what ?

Arnav : youre entering sheesh mahal

Kushi come to balcony..

Kushi : no I’m in my room

She look at that door

Kushi : there are 2 people there..? What are they doing ?

They talk for a while & depart one to sheesh mahal & other to Mothi mahal

Arnav : it means there are other people who too meet secretly like us..

Kushi : hmm we should funds out..

Precap :

Kushi in Arnav’s room suddenly door gets open.
Arshi are shocked..

Whose that person who saw kushi in sheesh mahal that too in yuvraaj’s bedroom ???

Credit to: Anaya

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