Raabta ke Alag Rang -KRPKAB OS.

Character Shade:(Set in Mumbai,Goa and London)

Dev Dixit: A Business Tycoon who runs a very successful company of a highly desired brand, under the firm leadership of his father, Anil Dixit and his business minded calculative Mother, Nimisha Dixit.

Sonakshi Bose: Raised in a simple but happy background, Sona lives with her dream girl beautiful Sister, Elena Bose, and her typical Bollywood worried Mother, Asha Bose. The feminine trio live in a beautiful house in Goa. Sona dreams of having her Prince Charming, and also has a stable job as the dean of a famous hospital,LLS.

Set in the time period of 1990, Young Dev lives in a huge house in Goa, with his Mother and business tycoon, Anil Dixit. His Mother, nimisha, always encourages him to be like his Father, and after being an all rounder, he aspires to become a businessman just like his Father.

Through his childhood, Sonakshi always supported him. That’s why, Dev and Sonakshi were the best of friends!And eventually, who ever knew, they would fall in love. Their love story contained mostly practical content, because Sonakshi had to balance her fairytale mindset with Dev’s nerdy serious attitude. After graduating from college, Dev and Sonakshi have the interest to marry, especially after the business orientated proposal Dev confessed to Sona.

The society started calling them Dev-Sona, but his Mother didn’t like it, for she realised it sounded like heer-ranjha or Laila-Majnu. Not for namesake, but for the unsuccessful love stories of these phenomenal characters. She was right. Their love story was most probably never meant to be. After being together for a year and cherishing beautiful memories, Dev and Sona meet with an accident, a serious one, until it turned out to be …..a fatal one.

Character shade:(Delhi,year 2050)

Dev Dixit: the one and only amazing musician Dev Dixit, who lives with his pessimistic alcoholic Brother and his Wife, who turns out to be a look a like of Elena. Dev sees a sign of love in everything

Sonakshi Bose: A cunning and materialistic boss of an architecture company, who had lost her Father at a young age. With no one to support her, she portrays a very serious persona infront of her employees, but is truly a fun loving simple girl from within.
(For sona’s dress sense)
And you can visualise Dev as wearing Long sleeve shirts and twinning Colour scarf around his neck with a black chain with his hair long(like the time period when he was friends with Sonakshi when they met after 7 years and Sona was helping Dev get married and all)

Its a normal day and Dev returns from work(music company) . Just then Namik,his Brother in law comes down the steps).
Namik:You got some letter from the company Architecturing excellence.
Dev:Must be for your Wife Namik.Nikki is an architecture in the same company as the Architecturing excellence.and by the way architecturing isn’t a word baba.
Namik opens and reads the letter:
Congratulations Dev Dixit!
You’re one of the few lucky ones to be selected to have an apointment with Sonakshi Bose, the boss of this company. Please come to the main branch on baroda road on 23 rd of November at 2.00 pm Sharp.
Thank you!
Udit Pathak,
CEO of Architechturing excellence.
Dev stands in amusement and soon,he bursts out laughing.
Dev:Why should I go to meet that rich ass Sonakshi Bose.
Namik:Deju this a huge opportunity.Maybe she wants to expand your music opportunities.
Dev:Namik think about it.There is no logic.
Then, the next morning Dev packs his guitar and goes to meet Ms Sonakshi Bose.
When Sona introduces herself, Dev arrogantly takes a seat without asking.Sona gets pissed and starts arguing.
Sona:Hello, can’t you see me?
Dev:I can.Hi!
Sona gets angry:Mr Dixit tameez s;
Dev:Uf.Clichè dialogues. Warna I’ll do something to you and all the c***.
Dev:It’s my pleasure ma’am.Chch…Ms Sonakshi Bose.
Dev goes out and signals someone. Then two people come out. it’s
Ravi Dubey- Rohan
Shivangi Joshi-Richa
Rohan and Richa are siblings and they are the best friends of Dev since childhood.
Rohan:What happened?
Dev:Showed my attitude
Richa:Not bad huh. Log Sonakshi Bose se darte hai.
Dev:*haha* isse. Kya zamana agaya
There in the cabin, Sonakshi gets a call from her Mother.
Sona:Hi mumma.
Mumma:Shona, come home early today please.
Sona:why Ma?are you okay? u want to go to the d;
Mumma:Ish. Shona Kichu Na. Tumi Ghar Aaschish bas.
Sona:Keno Ma? There is in work in the office.
Mumma:Ami kichu jaano. Just come home.
Sona leaves and reaches home to find out that her Mom has invited Kushal Roy, one of the finest business tycoons in London.
Sona whispers into Asha’s ears: Ma, I don’t want to get married.
Asha pulls Sona aside.
Sona:Ma, Ami;
Asha:Ch*keeps her quiet* Tumi Kichu Bole Na. He likes you bacha. Till when will you be alone like this?
Sona:Ma, I’m Not alone. I have a stable job. I’m earning and you’re there with me. And my friends are also there.
Asha:Dekh Shona. I will also go one day. And this Preethi, Kashish,Nidhi won’t be with you always na bacha.*cups her face*
Sona:Ma. I don’t want to get married because I don’t want to depend on his money. Bas. I’m not getting married Ma.
Sona goes outside and firmly says no to Kushal.
Kushal and his family leaves.

Asha gets worried again.
At night, Elena comes visiting, and that’s when Sona shares about Dev.
Elena:ahaha somewhat like Mr Badameez?
Elena:Tu Bohot cute hai. Just like Golu.
Sona:How is Gol Gol?
Elena:Sona I need to talk to you about something.About Vicky.
Elena:U know that Vicky is a drunkard so… we have decided to take a divorce.
Elena:Sona, Vicky is abusive on me.*shows a bruise*
Sona:Uss Vicky Ka Toh.
Elena:Sona no. He is still my Husband.
Sona:Divorce Him. I will support you.
Elena:Will you tell Ma?
Sona:*holds her hand*We will both tell maa. Just bring Golu and your luggage tommorow.Everything will just be fine* cups her chin*
Elena is leaving when
Sona:Ithar Aaschish.
Elena:Ki Holo?
Sona:So I was at work today, and this obodro guy, Dev Dixit, I dont know why, but I have this weird Raabta with him(Connection). It’s like this Connection which doesn’t have current, but has some secret, which I can’t understand.Who is he?
The next morning, Both Dev and Sona coincidentally come to the same temple where they get the same flashback.
Flashback:(25 years ago)
Sona is wearing a salwaar kameez.


Dev is wearing his normal shirt(Pre Divorce look).
Dev and Sona are both seen coming to the temple and praying.
Dev:I will pray I will never leave you. And never let a scratch come on you.
Sona: I love you Dev.
They both hug.
Sona and Dev both try to touch but can’t.the old Sona and Dev disappear.
Sona and Dev look at eachother with shock.
Sona:You were my past.We loved eachother Mr Dixit.
Dev: Arae.Call me Dev at least now *tears*
Sona and Dev hug.
Sona:I can’t believe this.
Dev:Sh.Just hug me.

And thus, Dev and Sona were re United’

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