Manik’s POV

I was having a cosy sleep when the sun rays peeped in through the curtains and disturbed my sleep . I still didn’t bother . Just then there was a sound – beep beep . Oh god this alarm ! Oh shit wait it’s already 8? I got up from the bed and went to freshen up and then called out for my servant who bought my morning coffee. As I was going downstairs, I found my dad already there ready for office .

‘Good morning dad ‘ I said .” ‘Good morning Manik ‘, Why aren’t you ready yet ?” , He asked me . ‘Dad I’ll be ready in just 5 mins ‘ ,I told him . My dad is someone whom I adore so much in this world . He is just perfect . He loves me a lot and can do anything for me and my happiness. The reason that he became a successful business man is because he is always punctual , and so he does want it in me . But I’m not a person who loves doing everything on time , but still does it for my dad .

I went to my room and quickly changed into a red blazer with white t-shirt and black jeans and without wasting anymore time , I wore my sun shades and rushed out of the house . As I was coming out of my house , I clashed with someone. I just didn’t bother to stop but then I heard a voice –’Manik don’t try to act smart , after all I’m ur mom .’ Well that last word irked me , so I stopped and turned to her . ‘ u may call ur self my mom , but I would never call u that , cause u don’t know what that means and so u don’t deserved to be called ‘ , I said as I stormed out of the house . Well she is someone who runs behind money and never bothered about others , so even I don’t care . She can do anything for money . Anyways I’m not wanting to spoil my day , right now I’ve got to pick up my besties .

I got into my black BMW and drove off first to cabir’s house . Forgot to tell abt him , he is my soul brother . He understands me very well . He is the prankster of our group . And yes, he loves taking videos . I reached his house and went with him next to Dhruv’s house . Dhruv is really shy and sweet , he doesn’t want to get involved in ragging . Well we are famous in the college for ragging students. After all , it’s my dad’s college so no one dares to complain about us . I picked up Dhruv and then went to Mukti’s house . She was already waiting for us . Well she is a tomboy I could say . She is an evil twin of Cabir. The reason I pickup girls last is because they take so much time to dress up ! Next we went to Alya’s house. She is a fashion diva ! She wants to become a fashion designer and she is already looking forward to it . We reached her house and then off we went to our college .

Today is the first day of college so it’s tym for us to rag our freshers. We reached the college and then we all got down the car and walked towards the entrance were everyone made a way for us to go . So as usual we went to the canteen to catch our first prey !

We caught a bunch of freshers and brought them to the canteen . We asked the girls to do an item dance . They first rejected but of course eventually they did it cause they know they can’t escape from fab5 . Just then the bell rung and we had our first class. Well , here they teach us how to play new instruments and they teach history of music and all . But as it is known to all , Fab 5 is the best and the best cannot be improved ! We do attend it and sometimes bunk cause if dad comes to know , then I’m dead ! So yes we sat in the last row with Alya on my right and Dhruv next to her , and Cabir and mukti on my left . So then our sir came , Mr.Raghav . He is a real headache for us . Anyways after about one hour of his stupid lectures , the class ended and he asked us to make a song as an assignment . We went to Fab5 jamming room and practiced , that’s what U must be thinking , but no we are fab5 ….we have some self respect , we don’t listen to anyone an so we went to the canteen . The rest of the day was good with the freshers obeying us .

In the evening we all gathered in Alya’s house . We had a party there . After some time , we decided to play ‘Never have I ever ‘ . So this was a game in which we had to be truthful . We played and it was my turn now . ‘Never have I ever ……’ , I really didn’t know what to say . Just then Cabir had to go as he got a call from his mom and even mukti also had to leave as Cabir agreed to drop her home . Then only Dhruv Alya and I was there. Dhruv also decided to go as he had a bad headache. ‘Atleast finish off the game Manik ‘, Alya said . So then I finally decided . ‘Never have I ever said no to a dar ‘ , I spoke confidently, I mean overconfidently . Alya smiled and took a sip from the bowl . Just then Alya got a call from Mukti saying that Cabir left the car keys inside . Alya took the keys and left .

Just then someone made an entry . Yes , it was Harshad , Alya’s elder brother . He is a big problem for fab5 . His motive is to destroy us and he can go to any extent to achieve his motives. ‘Ohh …so u have never ever said no to a dare , right ?’ ,he asked me . ‘No’ I said . ‘Well then , I’ll give u a dare , will you do that ?’ He asked me leaving in thoughts .
Well l I knew he was up to no good , but I never ever said no to a dare , it was a matter of my self respect . ‘ Yes’ I said confidently and he gave me a smirk .


Hope u guys liked it …..tomorrow’s is gonna be an awesome one ! Thank u all for reading…do comment

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