Manik ran to Nyonika’s room leaving Dhruv confused. He opens the room and gets shocked. The scene he saw there was the same thing that he had seen many times before. But this time , he was really frustrated as it was his dad’s birthday and how can she do this ?

‘Manik just leave from here ‘, Nyonika demanded. ‘No you can’t , you can’t cheat my dad like this ‘, Manik told her angrily. ‘You can’t do anything Manik ‘, Nyonika said. ‘I won’t let you continue this , I can’t let you cheat my dad anymore ,I’ll show this to dad today itself. Everything should end today itself ‘, Manik said. ‘Yes you are right , everything should end today itself, even your dad ‘, Nyonika said giving an evil smile. ‘I won’t spare you if anything happens to my dad’ , Manik shouted at her. ‘Lower your volume Manik, what if your dad hears ? And for now , just get out of here ‘ ,Nyonika demanded again . Manik gave angry glares to Harshad and he smirked. Manik leaves from there banging the door behind him. He goes back to his room and sits in the corner with the lights off.

Manik’s POV

I was shocked seeing the same scene once again . This same thing had happened three weeks back . I didn’t tell it to dad because that day he was going for some important meeting . I didn’t want to spoil that day for him . But today, today again she’s doing it and that too with that jerk who is of my age. How can she cheat my dad like this ? She means the world to my dad. If he comes to know this. My dad had survived a heart attack. I love him so much and doesn’t want to hurt him but how long can I keep quiet ? How long can I let her continue her dirty works ? She is doing all this purposely . She wants all the properties. She wants to enjoy everything for herself. I fear that I’ll loose my dad if he comes to know this. That lady knows this well and that’s why taking advantage of this. God ,  I don’t know what to do. I once again took a look at that message :

” Harshad and Nyonika makes a good pair. Hope you don’t want to disappoint your dad !”

End of POV

Next day in college-:

Fab5 made a stylish entry. They went straight to canteen as usual and caught a prey. Manik was least interested in all these things. He looked at the opposite table where Navya is sitting alone and Nandini is missing . Some where even he is feeling guilty for her missing. Mukti is ragging a student when suddenly she gets a message .

” Cute couple – isn’t it ?”
– Anonymous

Mukti gets shocked seeing this picture and message . She excuses herself from there and goes to the washroom holding her head. Alya sees this and doubts that something is wrong . She follows Mukti and gets shocked. Mukti was taking pills again. ‘Why is she taking the pills again ?’,Alya thought. Mukti took two pills and went to the washroom. Alya goes and takes the pills from Mukti’s bag and leaves from there.

Alya goes to Manik who was lost somewhere else. ‘Manik , I want to talk to you something ‘,Alya told Manik.’Ya , what is it ?’, Manik asked her. ‘Please not here, come to the jamming room ‘, Alya said. ‘Ok fine’, Manik agreed and followed Alya to the jamming room .

‘Manik, I wanted to talk to you about Mukti ‘, Alya said which brought little seriousness in Manik’s face . ‘What happened?’, Manik asked . ‘She once again started taking pills.’, Alya said with a sad face .

‘What …..????????’, Manik asked being shocked. ‘Yes Manik and that too she took two of them .’, She said sadly. ‘But why is she taking them again ? ‘, Manik asked. ‘I don’t know , she might be depressed about something. I don’t know and she won’t tell us . I’ve taken her pills. Maybe she was guilty of something ‘ ,Alya said taking out those pills from her bag . ‘Something is annoying her , we must find out ‘, Manik said . ‘Yeah ok ‘, Alya agreed.

They both headed back to canteen. They saw Mukti coming back . Mukti tried to act normal and fab 5 went back to class. While in class, Alya received a message . She got shocked reading it .

What do you think the message was ? Who was the one who sent the message ?

Sorry for the very late update , I know it’s a very short update but I have to keep the suspense waiting . So sorry

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