Alya crumble and throws the paper in the bin and leaves the room. Someone’s footstep is seen. The person comes and takes the paper from the bin and opens it. Manik’s tears were still wet in it.

Meanwhile after 5 mins fab5 performance starts. Nandini was there in the crowd looking at Manik and still crying. They all take their positions on stage.

{Manik starts singing }

ik daur wo tha mujhse bhi zyada.                  
unko fikar thi meri…
kehte thhe mujhse rukhsat na honge
milke dobara kabhi…

(there was a time when more than myself,
s/he cared for me.
s/he used to say s/he wouldn’t be separated from me
once s/he meets me..)

He looks at Nandini and sings

wafa ne bewafaai.. bewafai..
bewafai ki hai

(faith has has turned unfaithful,
it has turned unfaithful..)

Nandini cries angrily looking at him

Wafa ne bewafai..

{Alya Sings looking at Manik . She smiles }

when I look into your eyes
baby I’m in paradise
we could take you to skies
we could make you and I..

meri aashiqui ye, rab ke hawale
roothe yaar ko bas, koi mana le
yaadon ki sooli dil mein, gad jaati hai
veeraniyan jab had se, badh jaati hain

(this love of mine will be taken care of by God.
just someone should placate my beloved for me.
the gibbet of memories thrusts itself in my heart,
when loneliness increases beyond limit.)

{Dhruv sings}

ik daur wo tha mujhse bhi zyada
unko fikar thi meri…
kehte the mujhse rukhsat na honge
milke dobara kabhi…
ab to gairon se mera haal puchha jaata hai
yahi dard-e-dil mere dil ko rulata hai

{Cabir and Dhruv }

wafa ne bewafai, bewafai
bewafai ki hai
wafa ne bewafai..

{Mukti sings }

kuch baatein aisi hoti hain
jinko bayaan karna..
lafzon mein, namumkin hota hai
jab wafa mein, wafa hoti hai
koi na koi, wajah hoti hai
koi na koi, wajah hoti hai

(some things are such
which are not possible to explain
in words.
when there is faith in faith,
there is some reason,
there is some reason..)

{Aliya sings }

kyun faaslon mein, nazdeekiyan hain
kyun zindagi mein, tabdeeliyan
kyun tanha dil ye mera mujhse kahe
ye silsila bas yoon hi chalta rahe

(why is there closeness in distances,
why are there changes in life..
why does my lonely heart say to me
that this should just go on like this..)

{Mukti sings }

jaane kya hua hai jiski wajah se
manzilein judaa si lag rahi
anjaani raah pe dil ye kyun
khud ko paata hai
yahi dard-e-dil mere dil ko rulaata hai

(I don’t know what has happened
because of which destinations are looking separated..
why does it find itself on an unknown path,
this pain of heart only makes me cry..)

{Mukti and Aliya }
wafa ne bewafai, bewafai
bewafai ki hai…

The song ends and there is loud applause in the auditorium. Fab5 gets happy .  3 more groups perform. Finally the most awaited moment came . The judges announced Fab5 as the winner and Star shines as the runner up cause of Nandini’s performance. Fab5 proudly goes to stage giving Raghav looks . Fab5 receives the trophy. The programme gets over after sometime. All students disperse . Nandini goes to her room and cries.  Manik excuses and goes to the changing room. He doesn’t find the letter. He gets scared thinking what will happen if his friends get it.

It’s next day

Fab5 makes a stylish entry and everyone showers their love on them . Fab5 goes to the canteen where they see Nandini.
They go to Nandini except for Manik and Dhruv who goes and sits. Mukti says:’you know what Aliya ? This time the competition was very tough because Ms.Nandini Murthy was also there.’ They three laugh . What happened Nandini? Why didn’t you perform well ?’, Cabir teases her . Nandini cries. Manik went up to them. ‘Guys , talking to losers is not our thing. So let’s leave ‘, Manik said. Nandini looked at Manik angrily.’But Manik, she was our target before itself. So pls lets rag her and then leave ‘, Alya said and Mukti agreed and so Manik had no other option.

Mukti hugged Manik and said-‘thank you so much Manik, I never knew you would make us win by deceiving her . ‘
Nandini looked at Manik angrily. Manik felt bad but dint show his emotions. ‘Yes Manik, seriously a salute for you’, Cabir said and he also hugged Manik .

Mukti made Nandini do odd stuff. She cried throughout. She made Nandini dance and ppl were taking videos and were laughing at her. Mukti cracked eggs on her. Alya went near the dustbin. She kicked it and the stuff in there fell down. She asked Nandini to pick it up. Manik couldn’t see this nor control it. He turned to the other side and controlled his tears.  ‘No I won’t , what do you think of yourself ? I’m not your servant, I controlled all this time but not anymore. ‘, Nandini said sternly wiping her tears. ‘You bl***y , how dare you go against me ?’, Alya screamed at her. Nandini slapped Alya hard. ……..there was silence for a moment. No one knew what would happen next. Do you know ? Keep guessing .

Thank u so much for showering you love on me . I really enjoy reading all your comments and that’s why giving update ASAP. Sorry if it was short but Im managing my other works along with this so that’s y. Thank u all . Do comment?

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