What is all this , Manik?’, Mukti asked Manik angrily. Alya turned to Nandini and asked the same thing. ‘Oh so Manik Malhotra loves Nandini Murthy ?’ Someone said from back . It was Harshad. Alya slaps Nandini . ‘Alya don’t ‘, Manik shouted at her . ‘Then tell me Manik, whatever bhai said is right ? So you started keeping secrets ? ‘Alya asked him . ‘Manik, tell them that you love me ‘, Nandini cried. Manik tried to control his tears.

‘Nooooo……I don’t love Nandini’ Manik said sternly which shocked Nandini and Dhruv. ‘Manik, what are you saying ? You told me yesterday right ?’ Nandini asked crying . ‘I was just playing around with you ‘, he said giving an evil smile. ‘Manik, no this can’t happen , I know u love me.’, she said crying . Manik tried to control his tears .Alya turns Nandini to her side and says -‘ just get lost loser, you heard him right ?’ Alya drags Nandini out of the crowd and pushes her. Nandini falls down crying. Navya comes and helps her get up. Navya takes Nandini away from there.

Manik’s POV

What have I done? How could I be so selfish and break her heart ? But it was a dare. It’s all because of Harshad. I’ll have to forget Nandini now. Or else my friends will be broken knowing that I kept secrets. No,I cannot let that happen , I love Nandini a lot but my friends are my life, I grew up with them. Nandini just came and went from my life but my friends were there for me when Nyonika wasn’t there for me. I love her but I had to reject it in front of everyone .

End of POV

Navya tried to console Nandini. Somewhere even she felt guilty for helping Manik. She had tried to befriend Nandini to become a part of fab5, but now she understood Manik tricked her. Alya is finally happy that there was nothing between Manik and Nandini. She guessed it out it must’ve been a dare.

Evening :-

So finally it was time for the competition. Fab5 was ready and Manik tried to control his emotions. He wanted to win the competition so that he can make his friends believe that all this was his plan to win. it was star shines who were going to perform first  .

{Nandini sings }

Mann yeh sahib ji , Jane hai sab ji…..(This mind, my lord, knows everything)
Phir bhi banaye bahane …(Yet it makes excuses)
Naina nawab ji, Dekhe hai sab ji.  (These eyes, my highness, see everything)
Phir bhi na samjhe ishare.  (Yet they don’t recognize the signs)

{Navya sings}

Mann yeh sahib ji Haan karta bahane. (this mind, it makes excuses)
Naina nawabi ji Na samjhe ishare. (these eyes, it refuses to acknowledge the signs)

{Shahid sings}

dheere dheere. (little by little,)
Naino ko dheere dheere.  (these eyes,)
Jiya ko dheere dheere. (this soul,)
Bhaayo re saibo. (is enchanted by you)

Dheere dheere. (little by little,)
Begana dheere dheere. (the stranger,)
Apna sa dheere dheere,Lage re saibo.   (now feels like my own)

Surkhiyan hai hawaon mein. (Theres news in the air)- shahid
Do dilon ke milne ki. (about the union of two hearts) – Navya
Arziya hai nazaron mein (There are yearnings in those glances)-shahid
Lamha yeh tham jane ki (For this moment to stay forever)-Navya

{Nandini sings }

O kaise huzur ji yeh lab dikhlaye (O master, how do these lips tell you)
[She sees Manik from the side of the stage ] Chupi laga ke bhi gazab hai ….

Nandini stops singing , she couldn’t control her tears anymore. But Shahid tried to cover it  up by singing his part. The song got over and when the curtains were dropped down, Nandini ran backstage crying.

Manik saw this, he couldn’t control his tears. Heavy tears started dropping down from his eyes . He decided to write a letter for her as he knew she wouldn’t open his message. He went to the changing room .

He wrote :

Nandini ,
I know I’ve hurt you a lot. I know you will never forgive me. But whatever I did is only because of my situation now. Harshad had given me a dare due to which I had to do this with you. He always wanted to see fab5 break. Fault is completely mine, I had agreed to the dare without even thinking what his real motive would be. It was all a dare. But somewhere even I started having feelings for you . I really love you . But if my friends comes to know this , they will be going away from me forever. They were there with me from my childhood. How can I let them go away? There shouldn’t be any secrets between us. But Harshad had asked me not to let my friends know about the dare so I had to hide it from them. I’m sorry , because of me even you couldn’t perform well toady. Just think about my situation, one side my besties and other side my love. I had to sacrifice one in order to get another. Im really sorry, but you shouldn’t cry anymore because of me. Pls try to forget me , I know it’s hard but please.

Manik’s thick tears fell on the letter . ‘Manik , Where are you ?’someone asked from outside the room . It was Alya. She came inside. ‘Manik, next performance is ours, we shouldn’t lose like that Nandini.’,she said . ‘Hmm yea ‘, Manik said and left with her leaving the letter on the table. They went to the backstage. ‘We are all ready right ?’, Cabir asked. Yeah they all said. ‘One of your earring is missing Alya’, Mukti pointed out . ‘Oh shit I’ll go get it , we only have five mins’, Alya said and ran back to the changing room.

She went to the table and took her earring. She found the letter Manik had written for Nandini. She reads it and fumes. ‘That means Manik really loves Nandini . It’s all because of bhai. But Nandini, you will never get it. You should cry and cry. I’ll make your life hell.’,she angrily tells . She crumble and throws the paper in the bin and leaves the room. Someone’s footstep is seen. The person and takes the paper from the bin and opens it.

Who do you think is the person ? Will the letter reach Nandini ? Will she forgive Manik ?

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