Alya gets worried. She thinks where did Nandini go . Manik gets really worried as he planned to apologize to Nandini. ‘Anyways let’s just leave that jerk for now and go to class’, Mukti suggested and so Fab5 went to class with Alya, Manik and Dhruv still being worried about Nandini.

It’s been a week since Nandini went missing but no one knew where she is .

Manik’s POV

Where are you? I know I’ve hurt you very much but why did you just leave all of a sudden ? How can you think that our love wasn’t true ? How could you just believe me and walk away . You should have thought for a moment that we had true love and I can never do anything like that . I had done all that because of my situation. You could have come to me and asked me once whether whatever I said was true or not . Why did you just disappear when I wanted to repent for my mistake? I hope you are safe wherever you are.

End of POV

Weeks passed by and now it’s been a month . No news about Nandini . Everyone forgets But Manik couldn’t forget her.

1 Month After :-

Finally it’s Raj Malhotra, Manik’s dad’s 50th birthday. The party is in Malhotra mansion. Guests arrive for the party and Nyonika and Raj comes there like a lovely couple. They greet everyone . Raj addressed the gathering . Everyone gifts him and including Nyonika.

“Good evening ,ladies and gentlemen. I’m proud to stand here as a successful business man and as well as a good husband and father. I’ve worked hard all these years and finally I achieved success. My company is one among the top companies in India only because of my family. Next year I’m going to start a company in Singapore also.”Raj says.
Everyone claps. Manik comes and stands in front of Raj.”Dad, I would like to give you my gift “, Manik said.

Manik moves to his side . Raj gets happy seeing all his childhood friends whom he thoughts he would never be able to meet. Raj hugs Manik and says that this was his best birthday gift ever. He goes and hugs his friends.

Raj cuts the cake and feeds it to nyonika and Manik .Nyonika tells to raj that she has a headache and she will go to room and take rest.

Fab5 goes near the bar counter and have drinks. They see Harshad coming. ‘What is bhai doing here?’, Alya asked. ‘Alya, your bhai has a habit of coming in uninvited places.’, Cabir joked. Alya gives him a stern look. ‘No, I’m just pointing out the fact ‘, Cabir said. They all laugh .

‘He is up to something ‘, Mukti said. ‘He’s up to no good dear ‘, Manik said. ‘Manik , uncle is there next to the table with his friends, then why is Harshad going that way ? He should go and wish uncle right ?’, Dhruv asked. ‘I don’t know , anyways we don’t have to spoil this party talking about him ‘, Manik said and goes away from there taking a drink. ‘What’s wrong with him ?’, Alya asked. ‘He is just a little pissed off . It’s ok just give him some time he’ll be back’, Cabir said . ‘I’ll go talk to him, he will listen to me . ‘, Dhruv suggested and went .

Manik is sitting in his room leaning to the wall with the lights off and his eyes closed. Dhruv comes there and switches on the light . Manik opens his eyes and finds Dhruv . ‘Buddy what are you doing here ? You should be downstairs enjoying the party right ?’, Manik asked him.

‘Then why are you sitting here ? You should also be there right ? After all it’s uncles birthday and he would be wanting to introduce you to everyone right ?’ Dhruv asked him. ‘Ya I will come in some time. Let him enjoy with his childhood friends. He’s meeting them after a long time .’, Manik said .

‘But buddy how did you find them ? ‘, Dhruv asked. ‘That’s me, I can do anything for my dad.’, Manik said closing his eyes once again. Just then he gets a message. Manik slowly opens his eyes and takes his phone. He reads the message .

” Harshad and Nyonika makes a good pair. Hope you don’t want to disappoint your dad !”

‘What the hell?’, Manik says angrily. ‘What happened buddy ? ‘, Dhruv asked. ‘No nothing, let’s go ‘, Manik said and they both headed downstairs when Manik remembers something -‘Harshad was not going towards his dad , he was going towards the room where Nyonika went. Does that mean this message is true ? ‘Manik ran to Nyonika’s room leaving Dhruv confused. Manik opens the room and gets shocked.

What do you think he saw ? Who was the one who sent the message ?

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