Alya went near the dustbin. She kicked it and the stuff in there fell down. She asked Nandini to pick it up. Manik couldn’t see this nor control it. He turned to the other side and controlled his tears. ‘No I won’t , what do you think of yourself ? I’m not your servant, I controlled all this time but not anymore. ‘, Nandini said sternly wiping her tears. ‘You bl***y , how dare you go against me ?’, Alya screamed at her. Nandini slaps Alya hard.

There was silence for a moment. No one knew what would happen next. Mukti comes shouting at Nandini but she defends herself. Manik was taken aback by Nandini’s response, but he didn’t react as he knows Nandini suffered a lot. ‘Don’t you dare do anything to me now.’, Nandini shouted at Mukti and Alya. She walks away from there. Alya fumes and goes. Mukti and Cabir follows her. Everyone disperse from there. Manik doesn’t know what to do.

Nandini goes to class and sits with Navya. Fab5 makes an entry with Alya giving daring looks to Nandini. Nandini doesn’t seem bothered about it . ‘You are finished ‘, Alya told her and walked off. The class goes on with Nandini only thinking about her and Manik.

The rest of the day goes and it’s night time.

Fab5 has a party at Manik’s house.
‘I won’t spare that Nandini ‘, Alya had fire in her eyes. ‘Leave her for now , let’s enjoy today , tomorrow we will deal with her ‘, Cabir tried to calm her down. Nandini’s came out of the hostel without anyone noticing and went to Manik’s house. She got into the house after distracting the security guard. She was about to enter when she overheard Fab5’s conversation.
‘Do you seriously love her Manik ? ‘, asked Cabir. ‘No , I hate her to the core , I did all this so that she looses in the competition.’, Manik said giving an evil smile but hiding his pain. ‘We know you could do anything for us ‘, Mukti said .
Heavy tears rolled down through Nandini’s cheeks. She was devastated. She thought Manik had lied to her and he really loved her. She thought she had seen true love in manik’s eyes . She thought it might have been due to some reasons that manik’s rejected her in front everyone. But no , she was wrong she thought .  She didn’t know what to do. ‘Manik, you will pay for this ‘, she cursed him in her mind and went away from there. Someone had spotted Nandini . It was Alya .’Excuse me guys, I’ll just use the washroom’, Alya excused herself and went to a room. She made a call to someone . ‘Hello …..’, she had appointed goons to threaten Nandini , in order to stay away from Manik.She sends Nandini’s photo . She told them manik’s address and asked them to search for her. She goes back with a smirk and joins the party .

Next day in college

Fab5 makes a stylish entry as usual. They went to canteen and searched for Nandini . Manik wanted to apologize to Nandini. He knew how much she had suffered due to him. He went to the classroom but didn’t find Nandini. ‘Why didn’t she come?’, he thought. He went back to canteen. ‘Where is that looser? ‘, Mukti asked as she couldn’t wait any long . ‘Maybe she got scared of us ‘, Alya told.

‘Where is Nandini ?’ , Manik asked as he started getting worried by now. ‘She isn’t here yet , maybe she’ll come late’, Cabir said.

Meanwhile Navya went asking person to person whether they saw Nandini somewhere. Finally she met with fab5 .

‘Where is Nandini , behen ji ?’, Cabir asked her .
‘I don’t know. She’s missing since yesterday night . She isn’t there in the hostel and not taking phone also’ . Navya said worriedly. ‘What ? How can she be not there ?’, Manik asked.

Alya gets worried. She thinks where did Nandini go .

Where did Nandini disappear to ? Is Alya behind thsi or someone else ? Do put in your guesse in the comment box . Thank u
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