Nandini’s POV

While coming back to hostel, all I was thinking about was Manik . I don’t know what’s happening but something is there in that guy which isn’t there in anyone else . I stay in hostel as my parents are in mangalore and I’m here in Mumbai . My roommate was Navya and I’m happy about it cause she is my new friend . She told me a lot about Manik . I just can’t stop thinking about him .

Next day In college :-

Manik’s POV

We(Fab5), were heading towards the class when I saw Nandini in the corridor . She had a wide smile on her face. I was happy that finally my plan was going to workout. I smiled back at her , which was noticed by my friends. ‘Let’s make that Nandini our next prey’, Mukti told . ‘Yeah , I guess she will be fun!’, Cabir also agreed . ‘No guys lets leave all this ragging for now and concentrate on our competition ‘, I told them. ‘What happened to you Manik ?’, Alya asked . ‘Nothing ‘ I said as I went and took my seat .  ‘Let’s sit in the front row guys .’ I tried to convince them so that I could get more close to Nandini. ‘No need ‘, said mukti and Cabir sternly.

As usual there was a lecture of Raghav. But then this time it was a different one. I was stealing glances of Nandini. And she too was doing the same thing. I had to make her believe that I had feelings for her. She smiled throughout the class.

The period got over in about an hour and we were gonna go to canteen but then I excused myself and went to meet Nandini . She was also happy to meet me . We talked a lot about each other. Somewhere , even I was feeling good talking to her , the way she giggled , she looked so cute. I just loved looking at her . I have to admit , she does talk a lot, but still it was nice to hear.

Suddenly while talking, Nandini tripped . She closed her eyes in fear, but I held by her waist. I was mesmerized by her beauty . I couldn’t take my eyes off . I slowly tucked the strands of hair behind her ear that was blocking the view of her beautiful face .

She blushed and I smiled. I slowly made her stand properly . She smiled and went away. I guess she started having feelings for me . But wait , why am I smiling so much? What’s happening with me ? ‘Manik, it’s just a dare and after that , you have to leave her . So don’t think about unwanted stuff. Now go back or else your friends won’t spare you ‘ my inner voice said . I headed back to canteen.

End of POV

All this time someone was spying on Manik. It was Alya. She had tears in her eyes as she went back to the canteen. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t see someone else with Manik.

Meanwhile Manik went to canteen and this time even Nandini was there. So it was difficult for both of them to stop thinking about each other. They were as usual stealing glances of each other whenever possible. Navya was also there with Nandini. She saw Nandini smiling at Manik. She started teasing Nandini. Nandini blushed.

Alya came back and sat next to Dhruv. She tried to control her tears. She saw Manik and Nandini smiling at each other. Mukti and cabir decided to rag someone. ‘Let’s take that behen ji ‘, cabir said pointing out to Navya. Mukti also agreed.

Manik’s POV

I was so lost in her. But suddenly someone blocked my view. It was Mukti and Cabir. What are they doing infront of Nandini’s table? God , will they rag her ? No it should not happen , then my whole plan will go flop. I went to Nandini’s table and stood next to Cabir. ‘What are you guys doing here. Come on guys I said let’s leave all this. ‘, I tried convincing them but it was of no use. They went next to Navya. Wait, so that means they want to rag Navya. But if that happens, then she will never help me. God , why testing me like this ?

End of POV

Alya was sad and she couldn’t control her tears anymore. Dhruv saw this. ‘What happened Alya ?’, he asked. ‘Dhruv, I just can’t stand any girl with Manik. I can even kill her to get Manik.’, Alya told him angrily. ‘Which girl are you talking about ?’, Dhruv asked her. ‘I’m talking about that…’, Alya was gonna say but she was interrupted by Mukti and Cabir’s frustration.

‘What happend Mukti ?’, asked a confused Dhruv. ‘Look at him man , is he seriously our Manik ?’, Mukti pointed towards Navya’s and Nandini’s table. They get shocked seeing the sight . ‘He is apologizing cause we misbehaved with them it seems’, Mukti said angrily and confused.

Manik’s POV

I apologized to them so that both of them trusts me. Nandini should think I’m a very good person. God the competition is next week and before that she should be in love with me. I went back to my table, only to find my angry friends , and I expected this and knew how to handle it . ‘Guys , I know you must be angry, but please listen to me first. This girl Nandini, is not an innocent girl as you people think ‘, I told them. ‘

So, who said she is ?’, Alya asked me. She seemed to be in an angry mood but I don’t get it . After all , her stupid bro gave this dare. ‘U didn’t say ? Ok so listen , if at all she goes and tells dad then I’m dead. You know right how He respects everyone and especially women? So pls , don’t rag her and her friend. Atleast till the competition gets over’. I pleaded them . ‘Why , after the competition your dad won’t come to know if we rag her ? ‘, asked Cabir. ‘U people just wait and watch, she won’t win the competition, I will take care of that’, I assured them which somehow convinced them.

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