Manik’s POV

I knew he was up to no good , but I never ever said no to a dare cuz it was a matter of my self respect . ‘ Yes’ ,I said confidently and he gave me a smirk .”Are u sure you can do anything ? Fine , break any girl’s heart .She should be a fresher , that too from our college “, he said .

For a moment , I felt I shouldn’t have accepted the dare .Ditching a girl is not my way cuz I’ve not even loved a girl till now . But as I said , I never ever said no to a dare , so I had to agree . “Harshad , harshad, harshad tch tch tch tch tch ….why do you want me to also get involved into your department ? I mean it’s your job to trap innocent girls and then ditch them after using them , not mine . ” I asked him as he is actually famous for this reason in college.

“Come on  Manik , accept it that you can’t do it , after all you r a looser “, he laughed at me . I couldn’t stand this . “Yesss I can do it and I will do it “, I screamed at him . “Ok then we will see , but none of your friends should know and yes you can use any method like attracting her towards you and then insulting her or whatever , it’s your wish. Ok , so all the best” , He said and walked away .

I was left in deep thoughts. Suddenly my trace was broken by Alya . “What happened Manik ? ,” she asked me . “Nothing, I’ll go home now , bye ” , I told and left from there .

Next day in college

As we all were heading towards the class , I noticed each and every  girl  passing by me ,which  quite surprised my friends as it’s the first time I behaved like this .  “What’s happening to you Manik ?”, asked Cabir. “No nothing just like that “, I replied .

When I entered the class , I clashed with a girl who had a bunch of books in her hands . And obviously all the books fell down . I was lost in her  . She was little short , just till my shoulder. She had hair till her waist. She looked just beautiful . Well , I don’t know whether she is really beautiful or is it that I’m feeling like that because I’m noticing a girl like this for the first time ! 

She was staring at me and blabbering  something which I didn’t pay heed . “Oh hello , just shut up and get lost “, Mukti shouted at her . Well she looked like an innocent girl cause without anymore arguments , she just picked up her books and left . “Wonder who the hell she is to raise her voice against us”, Alya said . We all went and sat inside.

Raghav came in and gave a lecture . But this time it was about something else so I just listened . “I would like to introduce, a very talented girl of our college –Ms.Nandini Murthy . The girl came in and to my surprise it was the same girl I clashed with just before entering the class . “She is a fresher . She is trained in classical music mainly .”, he said . The first sentence caught my attention – ‘she is a fresher’ . Yes maybe  I could choose her . He kept on  blabbering  and I didn’t listen but then I suddenly figured out that my other friends were looking at me .

I didn’t understand why but then I listened to what Raghav said  -” she is a very good singer and a good instrument player too . But she is not like some ppl who doesn’t have an important thing called discipline . She doesn’t boast her talent like some people here .’ He was saying all this looking at us .

Now I understood why my friends were looking at me like that . Then he had said something very important -” Our college is hosting a music competition. In this , you can perform any sort of music and the winner of this competition will enter in the inter-college music competition. And seeing  Nandini’s talent , I think fab5 will have a tough time this year . So all the best to you guys”.Now I confirmed that Nandini will be my prey cause in that way it will be easy to complete the dare as well I can break her heart and win the competition easily.

So finally the period got over and we headed towards the canteen . “Uhmm…guys , you push ahead , I’ve some work to do . ” I told them . “Why ?  U have any new dare ?” Dhruv asked . “Yup, so bye “, I said and walked back towards the class. Dhruv is someone who knows me in and out, he is my soul brother . The reason I headed back to class was to find Nandini .

As I was walking, I met a girl like those behen ji type one . ‘hi’ , she said . I didn’t reply . “My name is Navya  , I just wanted to tell you something . ” she said . “My only dream is to join fab5 . Please don’t say no , I can do anything for you” , she pleaded me. The last line just struck an idea into my head. “Ok ok , fine then you will have to do me a favour.” , I ordered her .

“Whatever it is I will do”,she cried happily . “Fine , you know that girl whom Raghav introduced right? I want you to befriend that girl and you need to talk good about me to her . You need to tell me how she considers me. ” I explained to her . “But why do you want me to do that ?” She asked me . “Do you want to join fab5 or not ? ” I asked . “Yeah ,ok continue “she told . “Most important , whenever you meet me in corridors , praise me . She should literally fall in love with me . Got it ?” I asked . “Yeah ok”, she said confusingly and left from there . Well , Idc what she thinks but I need to complete my dare.

As I was heading back to canteen , I saw Nandini on the way again with a bunch of books . I knew this was my first chance to get close to her , as they say- First impression is the best impression.

I walked into her and just as she was about to drop her heavy books , I caught them .

Nandini’s POV
I was going to the library when I saw that tall guy coming in the opposite direction. Well, I must admit that he looks cute and hot . Just any girl could fall for him , but obviously I don’t think he might fall for anyone so easily .

I was so lost in him that I didn’t notice my books were gonna fall . But then , someone had caught them on the right time . It was that guy . He handed over my books to me and I thanked him . He was such a sweet guy , I had misunderstood him .

Manik’s POV

It looks like she fell into my bait cuz she was so lost in me . ‘I didn’t introduce my self to her or ask about her cuz if she fell into my bait then she would be curious to know about me and so she would stop me . ‘ , I thought . ‘Excuse me ‘, someone called me from back . It was Nandini . ‘May I know your name ?’ , she asked me politely . ‘I’m Manik Malhotra ‘, I introduced myself and she told me her name . Just then that behen ji , I mean Navya came towards us . Anyways looks like she came at the right time . ‘ok so bye ‘, I told and left from there leaving her curios to know more about me .

I headed back to canteen only to see my angry friends sitting there. “Where the hell were you Manik?”, Mukti and Cabir asked me together . “Guys I had told you right ? I had a dare so yeah that’s why .”, I tried to explain them . “What is the dare ?”, Alya asked me . “Well I’m not supposed to say that , that’s one of the rule of this dare .” I told her .
I guess Navya must’ve become Nandini’s good friend by now . Anyways now it’s time to go home .

Nandini’s POV

While coming back to hostel, all I was thinking about was Manik . I don’t know what’s happening but something is there in that guy which isn’t there in anyone else . I stay in hostel as my parents are in mangalore and I’m here in Mumbai . My roommate was Navya and I’m happy about it cause she is my new friend . She told me a lot about Manik . I just can’t stop thinking about him .

Author’s note :

I know it’s a bit boring in the beginning but it will get interesting once Nandini starts falling for Manik …..so pls have patience ….and I take a lot of time for updating these chapters and it’s very mean if u ppl are not commenting(sorry to say). I just got three comments for ch1 , is this story so bad ? Pls do let me know …..and thank u so much piya , Sharon and kavya for commenting .

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