R-REVENGE… Part-10

Alya gets shocked seeing it .’How can bhai do this ?’, she thought. ‘Bhai might go to jail for prostitution’, she feared. ‘I can’t tell this to Manik , or else he will fight with bhai ‘, she thought. The class got over after sometime. But this time ,again Mukti looked stressed. Manik notices this and thinks of something . Fab5 has a group hug and they all leave for their houses. Manik headed towards  his car .

After an hour….

Mukti , Cabir , Alya and Dhruv rushes inside the hospital . They enter a room and find Manik on the bed with a bandage on his forehead. They get shocked . They go next to him . “How did this happen Manik ? “, Cabir asked. “Pls tell us Manik “, Dhruv asked being concerned . ‘Guys relax , nothing to worry . I’ll tell u all how it happend . But…’, Manik paused . ‘But ….?’, Mukti asked . ‘But after my discharge ‘, he replied . ‘But why ? I mean what’s the problem in telling now ?’, Alya asked. “Listen Alya , I want you all to be present in my house tonight . I’ll tell u everything at that time . So pls understand “, Manik made her understand. ” Hmmm ok”, she agreed and the rest of them too agreed to come .

Cabir and Dhruv went to collect the discharge papers and clear the bill . Cabir gets a message and he opens it. He gets shocked to see the following :

(Harshads and Nyonikas pic together on bed )
What about me posting this adorable picture from your account for all your lovely followers ?
“What crap is this ? Like seriously which account ? Wait is it my YouTube channel ?” Cabir thought . He quickly tried to sign in on YouTube but failed. “O shit ! Someone hacked my account . Now what will happen if anyone sees this pic ? Malhotras will be defamed . Manik will think it’s because of me. No maybe he won’t he will trust me but who is this person ?”Cabir worried when Dhruv came and asked him to come . Cabir goes with him trying to ignore this message.

Dhruv asked Cabir why is he looking so worried. Cabir excused saying that he is worried to see Manik in that condition. Dhruv assured him that Manik is fine. Just then Dhruv gets a message and this time too it’s about nyonika and Harshad.

(Harshads and Nyonikas pic together on bed )
Does your mom know about this ?  What if this reaches her ?

Dhruv also gets shocked seeing this. “What the hell . If mom sees it then ….. no she should not . She is a heart patient just like Raj uncle (Manik’s dad). She thinks nyonika is a good woman , but this …. and moreover if she comes to know Harshad’s true colours , she will ban me from being with fab5 also . Mom should not be sad. It’s won’t be good for her health.”

Cabir notices Dhruv is worried and asks him the reason . “No nothing it’s the same reasons for which you got worried for “, Dhruv answered for which Cabir got confused.

At Manik’s house
Fab5 got seated around a table in the front hall. It was his farm house so no one else was there. “Manik , now will u pls tell us ?”, Mukti asked being impatient. “Wait Mukti , before that will you pls tell all of us why u started taking this ?”, Manik asked removing the pill from his pant pocket which brought a shocked expression on Mukti’s face. ‘Mukti , why are you doing this to yourself ?’, Manik asked . Cabir and Dhruv were just staring at Mukti with a shocked expression. Mukti broke down all of a sudden .

“I don’t know guys how to tell . “, she was literally in tears and couldn’t control her emotions. She hugged Alya who was sitting beside her and Alya tried to console her . “But what is it that made you take them again?”‘ Cabir asked. Mukti wiped her tears and took that message in her mobile which she had got today morning. That message from an anonymous person . She showed it to them ” look at this guys. When I saw this , I started remembering about that blo*dy bastard . And that too with this lady” Alya, Dhruv, Cabir and Manik got hell shocked . “What ???”, they four asked together in shock. They all opened the message they got and showed it to each other in confusion. “Even you guys got a message ?”, Mukti asked in confusion.

Just then a message popped into all five’s phone

Beware , My eyes are on you

” What the hell ? Who is sending us messages ? “, Alya asked. “Yesterday night at the party I got this message. Actually this turned out to be true and I blo*dy saw them together on bed”, Manik spat out the incident that took place last night. “Today morning I got this message and that’s why I took pills again”, Mukti said. “Before going to class today morning I got this message”, Alya told. “After getting all formalities done for your discharge , I got this message.”, Cabir told . “Even me too, I got this message at that time in the hospital”, Dhruv said.

“I was scared that dad would come to know this lady’s truth . You guys know right ? His condition can worsen and I don’t want that to happen .” Manik said with tears welling up in his eyes . “Yes Manik , even I’m tensed as my mom is also a heart patient and she shouldn’t be sad. You know right how good friend she is of Nyonika ?”, Dhruv told.
“I got a threatening message indeed. If that person post it from my account then your dad would be really broken . Your family will be defamed. I don’t want anything to happen to uncle.”,Cabir told being concerned.
“I don’t want to get to pills all over again just because of that blo*dy bastard. I want to live my life .”, Mukti said trying to control her tears .
“Guys , I know it’s all because of bhai and you guys are really sad and tensed but then think about my situation. I only have him as a family member . He had never made me cry when I was young , but about fab5 , he always finds reason to separate us. I cannot do anything . He might go to jail for prostitution. I don’t know what to do .” She controlled her tears .

“It means someone is spying on us who knows all these secrets about us. That person knows that if this message is out then it can cause us great trouble .”, Manik said
” but who could it be ? ” , Dhruv asked.
“Maybe any of our old target “, Cabir said.
“But I don’t think any of those students can do these. They won’t have this much guts.”, Alya said .
“Guys , could it be …  Nandini ?”, Mukti asked while pausing a but. This made shivers run through Manik , Alya and Dhruv.

Alya remembered that night one month ago when she sent goons to threaten Nandini . And ever since then, she’s been missing.

Manik remembered how he had to accept the dare and got Nandini as his victim. How he really fell for Nandini … and how he rejected her in front of the whole college. Maybe due to this insult she went missing . Somewhere he knew that he was also a cause for her going missing.

Dhruv remembered that night before the competition when he saw Manik and Nandini together. How he had hidden his feelings for her happiness but then one day she went away from everyone .

“Guys” , Mukti and Cabir together called out breaking their thoughts. “Guys, what happend?”, Mukti asked.

“Uhh nothing …..” , Dhruv said

“Ok , so as I was saying , what if it is Nandini ?” , Mukti asked .

“No”, Manik said . “It cannot be Nandini …”

“How can u be so sure Manik ? “, Cabir asked in confusion.

“Cause she is not someone who has guts to do all this”, Dhruv supported Manik .

“Yeah indeed she is a loser she can never do these things “, Alya added.

All of a sudden they all got a message on their mobiles .

“My silence is not a sign that I gave up……. it’s only the beginning of my revenge ”

Who do you think is the one spying on them ? Could it really be Nandini ? Or someone else ?
So sorry for being too late but it was due to my situation at home . I think it’s pretty long update so plss plss plsss do vote and comment. I’m waiting for the comments of all my lovely readers. It’s my request pls .

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