Hi everyone out there ! So this is my second book and I hope I will be able to write it much better than the previous one … Do read the previous one in case u missed it !

So this story is about Manik Malhotra , a very rich college hottie and his 4 best friends …..
He never ever said ‘no’ to a dare ……
But what happens when one of the dare changes his life ? What happens when an innocent girl is the victim of his dare ? What happens as things go out of hands when the girl goes missing and someone is following the five best friend’s each and every step ?

To know more ….keep reading and I’m sure u will love each and every bit of it ……each and every chapter will have something for u to think about

Manik Malhotra – a 20years old college hottie ….girls go gaga over him but he doesn’t give a damn about it !He has his 4 besties and can do anything for them …his band name is ‘Fab5’ and nothing matters to him more than ‘Fab5 ‘ ….but yes except one – that is his dad …..he loves his dad a lot ……but hates his mom more than he loves himself …..his passion is for music and he is an awesome guitarist….he is the lead of the band

So moving on to other members of ‘fab5’ …..

Cabir Dhawan – a 20 years old college boy …..studies in manik’s college …..he is the drummer of the band …… Know as the prankster of the group ….and yes , he is a gay which is unknown to his parents but yes obviously known to his friends as there is no secrets between these besties !

Alya Saxena – an 19 years old college hottie ….she is likes Manik but doesn’t knew whether her feelings are true  ,  this fact is only known to her brother …. She is the keyboard player of her band

Dhruv Vedant- a 19 yrs old shy , cute boy …. Never fell in love with anyone , but not sure whether he will …… He is another guitarist of the band ….

Mukti Vardhan- she is a hot 20 yrs old girl ….she doesn’t trust in the word called love , she makes out with different boys almost everyday ………she is the electric guitarist of the band ……

So done with ‘fab 5 ‘ ….moving on….

Nandini Murthy – a cute , smart , bubbly 18 yrs old girl from mangalore ……she is a nerd due ….. She is the daughter of a rich business man ….. She comes to study in space academy ( manik’s College)

So these are the  only important characters …. All characters are same as on the show except for the extra ones , who’s photo I’ll put at that time …

So hope u liked the plot …..do put in ur comments so that I’ll get encouraged to write it …

Thank u all for ur love ,
Mannan _0206

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  1. Amazing mind blowing intro its always a pleasure to read your update amazing story line and don’t be silly your previous ff is also amazing keep going

  2. Interesting intro dear……
    Plz plz continue…..

    ND I think ” HIS MISTAKE” is also ur story na….
    Too use update karna kyu chur diya apne…??

    1. Yes actually no tym that’s why I’ll finish thsi si called destiny so1, then I’ll start this one along with his mistake

      1. Okk….
        All the best dear….

  3. Superb be!!!!! Keep going!!

  4. Too good

  5. Fabulous…..

  6. Mahi13

    Superb intro. Eager to know what’ll happen next in the story. Plz cintinue.

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