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Hiiii I m back..I m really sorry for late update but guys I m too bzy thses days..
And thnx a lot who commented on previous episode
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Episode 1
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Episode 2

Its morning..
Anika was sleeping in the floor than suddenly someone slashes a mig of water on her face with a jerk she wakes up..
Anika- daksh..have u gone mad(guys daksh splash water on her face)
Daksh- did u saw the tym its 8’o clock..
Anika- okay..I m going to make bf..she left..while tears made their way down to her cheeks..


Daksh left to office..anika was doing the housework.. She sees the red marks on her hands..when daksh beat her yesterday night nd again tears made their way..she remembers hers nd shivaye childhood..

A boy of age 8 yrs nd a girl of age 6 yrs r show fighting than the boy pushes the girl nd the girl fell down nd started crying..
They r revealed to be shivaye nd anika
Shivaye- I m sorry anika..plzz forgive me..nd gave her hand nd she got up..
Anika- main..tumhe tabhi bhi maaf nai kalungi (main tumhe kabhi bhi maaf nai karungi) (I will never forgive u)
Shivaye- if I will give u chocolate that also u will not forgive me..nd he gave her a chocolate.. She smiles took chocolate nd ran away…
Flashback ends

Anika self talk- shivaye plzz come I m waiting for u..

Nxt seen

Daksh is seen..doing a meeting with a man
The man was wearing black suit nd was looking damm hot..
Daksh- so Mr oberoi..the deal is confirm they shake hands..(guys the man is shivaye nd daksh calls him Mr oberoi)
Daksh- so there is a celebration today at xyz hotel nd u r invited..
Shivaye- yaa….but u also come with ur wife..
Daksh- sure.
Later daksh shivaye left nd daksh calls to anika..
Daksh- anika..be ready sharp at 6pm.
There is a celebration cause the deal is confirm but plzzz were something stylist not ur so called behenji dress..

Anika- okay!!!..
Saying dis she disconnected the call..
She gone to shopping mall to bye the dress for the party…
She saw many dress but finally choose a saree..it was black color saree with deep blouse..
She byued it nd came home..

Scree freezes on anika’s face..

Guys I wanna ask one thing frm u..I wanna be ur friend cause I m a big fan of shivika nd never leave this page..but sorry I can’t comment in any ff..but after 2 or 3 weeks I will start to comment..nd if u r comfortable than do tell me ur age nd bday..
I m 16 yrs old..lives in west Bengal India
A fan of twinj nd shivika nd swasan
My bday 15 Jan
Aur han plzz be my frnd..

Nd do share ur views

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  1. Awesome epi dear….

    1. Thnx lilly

  2. Hey adrenaline baby, there is a universal rule.
    All shivikians are OBVIOUSLY best friends ?
    Heart welcome to this page

    Anyways loving your ff to the core?

    1. Sorry* adeeba, this auto correct?

      1. * hearty

    2. Thnx shraddhu..can I call u shraddu..anyways thnx..

    1. Thnx nihira

  3. It is nice one dear… I am 20 yrs old lives in varanasi Uttar Pradesh…

    1. Hey Niki, UP is me and my mom’s favorite place

      1. Thanks dear…. Where are you from…

      2. Kerala

  4. Alekhika20

    AWsome updt

  5. Ruksy

    Amazing update loved it and of course you can be our best friend

  6. Hi I’m Haridhra frm south India (TN) ….
    N I’m 15 yrs… Anyway ur ff is awsm …

    1. Gayathri.visu

      Hey hi…Haridhra even I am also from Tamilnadu…. In TN Where are you??

  7. Nita D

    Hey dear….welcome to the Ishqbaaz family….I m Nita. I m from Gujarat. Wish me on 9th of March!
    Nice episode….plz post next one soon…

  8. Superbbb one!… Nd I’m 14 years old.. Nd I’m from Kerala…even I watched tashaan-e-ishq but I stopped watching it when sidhant left the show… Well, eagerly waiting for the nxt… Update asap!?

  9. Ayath

    hi adeeba I loved ur concept of story plz upload next part soon

  10. Superb one !! Well I am a silent reader even I am a twinj fan . I am 16 yrs and I am from chennai

  11. It’s was an awesome episode. I’m also a big fan of SHIVIKA. I’m from Kerala. I’m living in the capital of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram. I’m 18 yrs old .I’m turn 19 in April 16.

    1. Happy bday ahsana..i know i m late yesterday i was kinda bzy dear..will try to post my ff today as ur bday treat..nd once again happy bday

      Hope u get all success in ur life.
      Luv u ahsana..

      1. Hai adeeba zain Thank you for your birthday wishes. I’m very happy for your late wishes. I’m know you are busy. I’m very sad in yesterday, because my best friends forget my birthday. I’m always remember their birthday and wishes them. I’m eagerly waiting for their wishes in yesterday but they not wishes me. only my family members are wishing me .I’m believe that at least you are wish me . I’m waiting for your wishes in yesterday. Today I’m opened the TU page and see your post in the end of the page .I’m very happy to open your ff page and read your wishes. thank you for your lovely birthday wishes. I’m waiting for your ff update soon. ????????

  12. Surbhi Sharma

    Hey adeeba di !! Ur ff is superb . Plzz update soon .and I am 14 .
    Update soon .

  13. Ashwathy

    Its really awesome….. And I’m from Kerala but settled in Bangalore……. I’m 15 years old…….. Wish me on 23rd October………. Waiting for ur next update……… And we all r friends becoz we r shivika fans………

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Hi Adeeba. Welcome to IB family dear… Ofcourse we are friends dear..
    I m Gayathri.. I m from Tamilnadu. Wish me on 7 june n I am 19 years old…
    Anyways this is different concept… Its amazing… By the way u r Adeeba the one who writes Swasan ffs…am I right???

    1. Actually I had only written a os on swasan that I didn’t continued nd a mix ff of twinj nd swasan.that so o didn’t continued anyways thnx for ur comment dear

  15. Loved it dear. continue soon……..Waiting

  16. Ahaana

    Ohho diii ek dum Aag laga di…
    But baht chota tha … mere ff se b chota … thoda sa lengthy karo naa plzzzzz diii…

  17. Guess001

    Osom update adeeba
    Evn i m a big fan of shivika… I read ol shivika ff,’s
    I live in punjab… M 21 yrs. Old… N u cn wish me on ur bday… ? 15 jan. ??

  18. Jerry_36

    Hey Abeeda !! The update was fabulous. Waiting for their interaction. Yeah I will be your friend. Twinj fan yeah really a big fan. But I stopped watching after Sidhant left the show- he was a heart snatcher !!! My birthday is on 2nd Jan and I am from Uttar Pradesh and 14 years☺

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