We r made of each other #shivika #ff #episode 1 ~By adeeba

Hey guys I m back nd I m unhappy with the number of comments if in this episode I won’t get sufficient comments than sorry I won’t continue it..anyways thanx a lot my frnds for ur lovely comments.

Link for previous episode
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Episode 1..

A big mansion is shown its written khanna mansion.. The camera evolves inside the mansion.. Some noises were coming frm a room..than a room is seen.a man was having a belt in his hand..nd a girl was crying miserably..
Girl- daksh..tumhe mujhe jitna marna h Marlo..but mera shivaye ayega mujhe bachane..
(Daksh..how much u can beat me..just beat…but one day my shivaye will come to save me..)(guys the man was daksh)
Daksh- anika.. Tera Shivaye ab tak toh tujhe bhul bhi gaya hoga..now no one will save u.now u r in a lion’s den..nd he laughs evilly.
(The girl was anika.)nd daksh left.
Anika sits in floor nd opened the draw…nd saw a band..she took it nd speaks..
“Shivaye.I remember the day u gave me this band our friendship symbol..but after tat we got separated…nd she cries..

One the other side..
A office is shown..a man was shouting at his worker..
Man- I don’t wanna hear anything.. I just want my anika.u have to fine her in anyhow..nd the workers left..(the man was shivaye)
Shivaye (self talk)- Anika where r u..ajj pure 12saal hogaye..I need u..nf I m trying my level best to find u..nd tears formed in his eyes..
Nd he took a band frm his pocket nd speaks..
” I remember the day u had given me this our friendship symbol..nd I promised u that I will always be with u..but sorry I broke the promise but I will find u in anyhow..

Screen freezes..

Do share ur views guys..sorry for short update..

Bye guys


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