You R My Life part 90 (last part)

Hi frnds… I know its a very disappointing news that YOU R MY LIFE is going to finish with this part. But my other ff is there Na no prblm… I’ll be entertaining u guys with that… But even though its my first ff na… Its really sad for me also to complete. I know u must be thinking ‘ arrey kitna bolti hai… Oye Episode start karna…!!! (How much she speaks… Oh hello start the episode…!!!)’ Okay I’m Sry I’ll start the episode… But before I wanna thank everyone for loving my ff nd reading it. So I want everyone to comment below as its last part of my first ff…. Plz..???!!! OK now…

The episode starts with Dr. Checking shagun.
Aakash: what happened to her Dr.. Is she fyn..?
Dr. Smiles: she’s absolutely fyn Mr. Verma..!!! But..
All gets tensed.
Sharad: is anything serious…?
Dr: no no… U r going to become Nana.
All looks confused.
Aakash: means…??

Dr: arrey Mr verma… U r going to become dad…!!! She’s pregnant…!!!
Ishra smiles… Sharad had tears… Aakash is surprised.
Aakash: r u serious Dr…?
Dr: I think he became mad hearing the news. Mr. Bhalla… I’ll leave now.
Raman: ha Dr. Thank u.
The Dr leaves. Sharad hugs Aakash nd Aakash smiles

Sharad: thank u so much beta… Nd congratulations…!!!!

Aakash smiles: thanks uncle.
Raman hugs Aakash: congrats bhai…!!!! U really proved that u r faster than me..!!
Aakash punches him on his stomach: chup kar saale…!! ( shut up stupid)
They both laugh.
Ishu: arrey oh aakash bhai… Congratulations…!! (She hugs him)
Aakash: thanks ishu… Nd when will u give my baby a sister or bro…?

Ishu blushes nd looks at Raman.
Raman: arey let ur baby come first then we’ll decide.
All laugh.
Sharad: acha beta I’ll leave now… I’m getting late.
Aakash: arey uncle wait till u meet shagun.
Sharad: no I’ll come again… Its urgency.

Aakash : OK uncle.
He goes.
Ishu: in this sweet moment we deserve a sweet… Hmm what shall I make..?
Raman: gulab jamun…???

Aakash: badam halwa..!!!
Raman: no G J.
Aakash: no no…B H.
Raman: yaar G J is a superb sweet.. I love it nd u luv it too na.
Aakash: ha but B H is shagun’s fav… Its her day man.
Ishu: even mine also. So I’ll make B H.

Raman: OK its shagun’s day so let B H be prepared.
Ishu goes to the kitchen to prepare B(Badam) H(Halwa). Shagun gets up looking confused. Aakash nd ishra ran to her. She got scared.
Aakash: how r u feeling now..?
Raman: something strange..?
Ishu: I think she’s feeling weak hai na.

Shagun: but what happened to me..?
Aakash: u don’t know…?
She nods no.
Raman: oh god shagun… U don’t know?
Shagun: arey say me na if u know.

Ishu: shagun its really a very serious matter.
Shagun: yaar u people don’t scare me… Say me what happened ?
Raman: shagun its really a very critical news… A breaking news…!!! (In a dramatic way)
Shagun gets so much scared.
Aakash: its a very bad news shagun.

She holds his collar nd warns him.
Shagun: if u don’t say na… I’ll kill u, say me…
Aakash: OK OK I’ll say. From now all my responsibilities ve been grown up… I’ll be very busy…
Shagun: but y..? I don’t understand.
Raman: even me… I too will ve so much in the office.
Ishu: arrey y will u ve…?
Raman: see ishu if aakash need to go for regular checkups with shagun then who’ll handle the work… Its me only na.
Aakash: arey yaar Raman… U went up to there.
Raman: ha now I’m helping u but in my turn u ve to okay..?
Aakash: ha ha OK.

Shagun: what the hell r u all talking abt…?
Ishu: guys I thinks shagun is getting hyper we need to say her.
She took a spoon full of badam halwa nd puts into her mouth.
Aakash: shagun… U r pregnant…. Nd I’m going to become dad….!!!!!
Shagun widens her eyes…nd smiles.. Nd cries.
Shagun: really…???
Raman: ha nd I’m going to become maamu again.

Ishu: nd me… Maami again..!!!!
Shagun: I’m so happy …(she hugs Aakash)
Aakash: congrats meri biwi..!!!
Ishra: congrats shagun…!!!
They had a group hug. Shagun happily cries.

Raman is roaming here nd there outside an emergency ward of a hospital.
Aakash: yaar Raman… Y r u roaming here nd there like a kid. Come on sit here.
Raman: u r saying like u didn’t do like this before. I’m so tensed yaar. Plz don’t speak.
Aakash: isme tension hone wali kya baath hai…?(what’s there to her tensed..?)
Shagun looks at aakash carrying a baby.
Shagun: akhi… Tum chup hi raho much dher keliye… (Akhi plz shut up for sometime)
Aakash puts finger on his lips. Suddenly the baby cries…

Shagun: arrey mera beta… Y r u crying..? Oh I understood.. U r also worrying like mamu na… Whether u’ll get a sister or a brother hai na.
Aakash: shagun I just don’t understand u sometimes… How can he talk yaar…??
Shagun: u r a big buddu akhi… U r just crazy man…??!!!
Aakash: acha yeh kya nayi super hero hai (is he a new super hero or what?)… Like super man, spider man, bat man nd now crazy man..??
Raman looks at him… Nd asks him to shut.
Shagun gets hyper nd shouts: akhi plz shut up….!!!!

The baby cries even more hearing her shout.
Aakash: OK fyn.. But u made my aadi cry na. Come to papa beta… Ur mumma became so furious.
He took his son, Aadi, from shagun nd is calming down.
Shagun: ha ha jao papa ke saath aur tum bhi bano uski tarah pagal….( go with him nd become mad)
Aakash: main pagal nahi hoon. (I’m not mad) nd I don’t make my son mad. U r shouting like a mad person. What’s the need to shout. This is hospital….!!!
Shagun controls herself.
Raman: yaar plz be quite u both. Here I’m so much worried abt ishu.
Just then a nurse came out… With two babies. Raman ran to her.
Nurse: congrats Mr. Bhalla… U r blessed with twin girls….!!!!
Raman smiles brightly: thank u so much sister…!!!!
He took one baby nd the other is taken by shagun. He kisses her….
Raman: Meri beti hai… Shagun..!!!

Shagun: yeh bhi tumari beti hai. (She’s also ur baby)
Raman: ha ha meri dono betiyan…!! (Yeah I ve got two daughters) (he kissed the other one who’s in shagun’s hand)
Aakash: congrats Raman… Double dhamaka offer mila hai tujhe..!!!! Teri band bajhega inko sambhal ne mein (U ve got double dhamaka offer, u r done in looking after these)
They all laughs.
Nurse: Mr. Bhalla ur wife wanna talk to u personally.
Raman smile fades: what happened anything serious…?
Nurse: kuch vaise hi hai…(its some what like that)
Raman: whats wrong… She’s fyn na.

Nurse: u plz go in…nd u’ll get to know.
Shagun: Raman… U go I think its very serious.
Raman: but what could it be..?
He gave the baby to nurse nd it started crying. He goes in. Ishu is lying on the bed closing eyes with tears coming out. He was so tensed… Sat beside her nd holded her hand.
Raman: ishu… R u fyn…??? (Ishu opening her eyes nd tears started flowing down) What happened ishu say me…???
Ishu: Raman…!!!! (She cries even more)

Raman almost to cry: kuch toh bolo na kya hua hai, kyu roh rage ho..?(say something what happened, y r u crying…?)
Ishu: y will I cry Raman…these r happy tears.. !!! (He then gets relieved) we r blessed with two baby girls Raman. I’m so happy…. All the pain while giving u babies turned into my happiness is coming out like tears.
Raman: I know… But u scared me yaar. Even that nurse is acting like anything. I’m so happy ishu… Even I really feel like I’m the world’s happiest person now. (He kissed her forehead) I luv u.
Ishu kissed his hand: luv u too Raman. Vaise where r my babies.
Raman: yeah… I’ll bring them.
He ran out… Nd took the baby from nurse.

Shagun: what happened Raman…?? What did ishu say…?
Raman: come in shagun… Aakash.
They all went in. Raman nd shagun gives the babies to ishu. She took them nd was so happy smiling brightly looking at them. Raman sat beside her.
Raman: our family is complete.
Shaakash smiles seeing them.

Aakash: ek photo toh banti hai iss cute family ke liye. (One photo shld be taken)
He clicks a picture of ishra with their daughters. Then all took selfie.

Shagun: ruhi beta… Pihu… Where u girls..?? Come for breakfast.
Aadi: mom…u know na these girls r always late.
Raman: aadi, they r girls… They need to get ready na.. So they need time.
Aakash: arey yaar Raman… Akele ishu kaha in dono ko ready karlegi… Tu Jake uski madat karo na. (How can ishu alone make them ready… U go nd help her na.)
Shagun: ha Raman… Its getting late. U know na we ve meeting with the client today.
Raman: OK I’ll go.
He went.
Aadi: bechara ishu maami… She has much patience or else, mumma can’t mange two kids alone, hai na papa.
Aakash: bilkul sahi kaha aadi. (U r absolutely right aadi)
Shagun looked at them. They both stopped laughing.

Shagun: y did u stop laugh more… Laughing is gud for health.
Aadi: but mom…laughing at u is not gud for us. Hai na papa.
Aakash: yaar y do u always say..’hai na papa’ this makes me get into big trouble.
Shagun laughs. Aadi nd Aakash also laughs.
Meanwhile in kid’s room. Ishu is knotting plaits to ruhi. Raman is trying to plait pihu.
Pihu: aah papa… Its hurting.
Raman: arey wait beta… U don’t confused me..!!!
Ruhi: papa… How am I looking..?

Raman: so beautiful…!!
Pihu: ruhi looks beautiful becoz ishima plaited her… But see papa how u did to me.
Raman: acha… U meant to say I’m bad at plaiting u..?
Pihu: ha.
Ishu smiles: come pihu I’ll do it for u.
She does.
Raman: hmm… Now my both babies r looking so beautiful. OK now go nd have ur breakfast. Go Go.
They rushed. Ishu stood up to go but Raman pulls her. They both fell on bed.
Raman: how can u easily manage them yaar…? I’m fed up doing with one.
Ishu: that’s the power of woman.

Raman: acha…???!!! Would u like to see the power of man…?
Ishu: what can a man do…?
Raman: shall I show u..?.
Ishu: u’ll show…??
Raman: ha. (He came close to her nd kissed her)
Aadi: OHHH…
Ruhi: MYY…

Pihu: GODDD…..!!!!!!
Ishra went away nd were embarrassed.
Ruhi: papa… What’s this..???
Pihu: u r spoiling us papa ishima…!!!
Aadi: what r u both doing here..?
Raman: oh hello what r u doing here… Didn’t go to school yet..?
Pihu: this is our room.
Ruhi: we came to take our bags.

Aadi: maamu, can we take our bags.
Ishita: aadi this is ur room… So we’ll go out.
Ishra went out the three we laughing. They took their bags nd went to their school in schl bus.
Ishita: Raman… I’m going to clinic. Rahul has called me.
Raman: yeh bye… Baby.

She hugged him nd kissed on his cheeks. Nd went away.
Raman aakash shagun nd ayesha were working in AR company. Kavya nd rahul were married nd were having a baby boy even saurav ayesha were recently married. Ashok apologised to shagun nd changed himself realising his mistake. There they lived happily with no prblms.


How this long lasting episode guys plz comment below. Nd ha don’t forget to follow my other ff.

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    Loved every scene of ur ff especially ishras love story its just magical for me i don’t know y but I loved it a lot thank u for writing such a gud ff which made a place in my heart

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