You R My Life PART 9

The episode starts with all the 4 friends went on reading the whole night. In morning all were doing their activities holding book in their hands. They went to their college. There was a huge crowd near the notice board. Everyone have to check their roll no.s nd room no.s nd go to their respective rooms to write the exam. All the 4 friends in one room. Raman goes to his room nd sits in his seat, ishu too came to the same room, according to their no.s.
Raman: hey ishu!!
Ishu: u r in the same room.

Raman:hm….i’m so tensed for my exam yaar ishu.
Ishu holds his hand nd says: don’t worry raman evry thing’ll be fine. I know u’ll write well. All the best.
Raman stares at her nd smiles holding her hand: I know… but any way thanks for encouraging me.
Meanwhile aakash nd shagun came nd r surprised too. They sits nd writes their exams. After one week when all the exams were over, the 4 were in a coffee shop.
Aakash: finally these bad days were gone…. I hope that I’ll pass these exams.
Raman: ya… but think I’ve written well.
Ishu: I’m sure to get first.
Shagun: Guys plz change the topic yaar.
Ishu: hmm… amma told me that there’s sangeeth function for akka the coming week… so will u guys perform?
Raman: performance?
Ishu: ya… I thought to perform, will u ?
Shagun: idea we’ll do a group dance…… a romantic song.
Aakash: ha, me shagun one pair….nd raman ishu r one pair.
Ishu: ok fine, we’ll practice frm tomorrow in our home.
The 3: ok.
Raman msged aakash: thanks yaar to understand me.
Aakash replied: it’s ok I’m ur friend right I’ll make u both unite, but promise me u’ll nerver leave her hand.

Raman again replied: never ever not even in my dreams. Once again thanks.
The next day they went to ishu’s home….
Raman: ishu, where’s vandu?
Vandu : hey guys I’m here.
The 3: congrts vandu for ur dram wedding.
Vandu: thank u so much. Come let’s have lunch together.
They went to dining table to have lunch…. Ishra sit beside each other. While eating raman starts to get hiccups nd ishu makes raman drink water. Raman smiles at her.
Aakash: (whispers) hm… raman taking so much care for u…
Raman: shut up akhi!!!! (A little louder)
Ishu: what happened? What r u guys talking abt?
Aakash: about u!
Raman in shock.
Ishu: abt me?
Raman: it’s nothing ishu.
Ishu: aakash whay r talking abt me?
Aakash: We r talking abt a song for our performance, raman asked whether u’ll like the song or not, that’s it.
Ishu: oh… We’ll discuss abt it later.
Raman: (whispers) r u mad akhi?
Aakash: sry yaar Raman, it jst came out.
They had lunch. In ishu’s room………..they had a discussion abt the song to which they ‘veto perform nd at alst chose one. They practiced for the whol afternoon nd evening.

Aakash: enough yaar I’m so tired… I’ll take a break.
Shagun: ya I too want a break.
Ishu: ok then u guys sit I’ll go nd get coffee for u. (ishu goes)
They sat nd had a talk.
Aakash: what Raman u don’t look tired.
Raman: of course I’m not tired, becoz whenever I do things related to ishu… I don’t feel tired.
Shagun: what’s going on?
Aakash: arey we forgot that shagun is here.
Raman: it’s nothing shagun.
Shagun: s it’s nothing I’ll go nd say this to ishu.
Raman: no no no…plz
Shagun: y Raman? It’s nothing right.
Aakash: actually shagun…. Raman is in love with ishu.
Shagun: what? Wow congrts yaar Raman!!! (Hugs him)
Raman: thanks but promise me that u won’t tell her.
Shagun: promise.

Raman to identify that ishu had made the coffee with jst smelling it nd without tasting… ishu to feel for Raman. nd imagining him

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