You R My Life part 89

he episode starts with shagun seeing sharad… Nd cries.
Shagun: papa..!!!! (He hugs him…he hugs him back) I missed u so much papa.
Sharad: I happy u r back in safe. I was so scared beta… I thought I would.. Lost u like ur mom.
Shagun: how can I go like that so easily papa… I’m ur daughter Na.
He smiles. Aakash came meanwhile.. Nd saw them.
Aakash: arey shagun…. Won’t u let uncle get it…?
They broke their hug.
Shagun: come in papa.
They both went in.

Sharad: how r u Aakash beta..?
Aakash:(taking his blessings) I’m fyn uncle. How r u..?
Sharad: so happy seeing my beti here… So safe. Thank u beta for bringing shagun back. (He side hugs shagun)
Aakash: kya uncle.. No formalities. She’s my wife nd it is my responsibility towards her.
Shagun: papa… I’ll get u coffee.
She goes. Sharad nd Aakash sat for a usual talk.
Sharad: so beta how’s ur business going on.
Aakash: don’t know uncle… Actually from the past few days I was busy in searching for shagun… Nd all the business is looked after by ayesha nd I know she d manage everything perfectly.
Sharad: ha ha… U really worked hard for getting shagun back.
Aakash then looks at shagun who’s in the kitchen.
Aakash: thank god uncle at least u realised this… There r some people who still didn’t realise it.
Shagun looks at him. She gave sharad coffee cup.
Aakash: where is for me..?
Shagun: u first go nd brush then I’ll see.
Aakash: arey pati hoon yaar… Won’t u give me coffee..?
Shagun: no. U just go first..(she pushes him to the washroom.

Sharad smiles witnessing their nok jhok.
Sharad: beta… Where r Raman nd ishita..?? I also want to see ishita she called me saying abt ur arrival…. How’s her hand now..??
Shagun: fyn papa, I think they must be sleeping. Can I call..?
Sharad: no no… Let them sleep.

Meanwhile in ishra’s room. Raman woke up he saw ishu who’s sleeping in his arms hugging him tightly. He smiled. As he woke up ishu too got with the jerk.
Raman: gud mrng madrasan…!!!
Ishu in sleepy voice: gud mrng. What’s the time Raman..?
Raman took his watch: its 9:30 am.
Ishu shocked: oh my god nine thirty…?!!!
Raman: y what happened..?
Ishu: yaar… Sharad uncle would ve come now. I had called him to meet shagun. I ve to go Raman… He must be waiting out.
Raman: arey shagun will manage Na.
Ishu: but the one who ve called here shld also be present Na. He said he want to meet me once. I’ll go nd freshen up.
She rushes to bathroom covering herself with blanket. Raman went out nd saw sharad.
Raman: gud mrng uncle… How r u..? (Took his blessings)
Sharad: fyn beta… How r u..?
Raman: gud uncle. How r u..?
Sharad: fyn beta.
Shagun: Raman, coffee..?
Raman: no thanks.
Sharad: vaise where’s ishita..?
Raman: ha she’s having bath.. She’ll be coming. I’ll also go for bath uncle.
He went into his room where ishu is changing her clothes turning back.
Ishu: aww…hhhh…!!! Raman..!!???
Raman: I’m Sry… Actually uncle is asking u. Go fast yaar.
Ishu while wearing sari: ha ha I know baba. U go nd get fresh Na.
Raman: yeah going.
He went to the cupboard, took the towel nd turned back but collided with ishu she’s abt to fall but he holds her. They had n eyelock.
Raman: won’t u go..?
Ishu then realised: ha leave.
She goes out he smiles.

Meanwhile Aakash came there after getting freshen up.
Ishu: I’m Sry uncle..actually I was so tired yesterday.
Shagun teasingly : acha really but what was the reason ishu… Aisa kaun sa kaam kiya ki tum thak gayi…? (What did u do like that ki u got tired..?)
Aakash nd sharad laughs silently… Ishu gets embarrassed.
Ishu: nothing like that shagun… I was saying abt…
Shagun: its OK fyn… Come let’s ve breakfast. Come. Papa, akhi…?
Aakash: come on uncle.
They all sat for breakfast. Shagun serves them. Sharad tastes the food.
Sharad: hmm….!!!! Wah beta so tasty…!!!
Aakash tastes: hmm…(he closes his eyes nd savours the taste) after so long days… I’m feeling this taste yaar.
Shagun smiles. Meanwhile Raman joins them ishu serves him. They all had their breakfast.
Sharad: today I enjoyed a lot with my daughter (he hugged her) its the best day.
Shagun smiles: love u papa.
Sharad: luv u too beta. An main chalta hoon. (I’ll leave now)
Shagun: itni jaldi todi der aur rukho Na papa. .?? ( be for some more time Na papa..??)
Sharad: ha I would but I ve a meeting with Mr. Bansal… Ur chachu..!!
Shagun smiles weakly: OK bye.
Aakash: bye uncle.
Ishra: bye uncle.
Sharad: bye beta.
He turns to go but shagun suddenly falls down… All were shocked seeing her falling down.
Aakash: shagun…??!!!!
Sharad: shagun beta… What happened..??
Ishu went to get water…
Raman: I’ll call the Dr.
He calls the Dr.
Aakash carries her to their room. Ishu gets water nd makes her drink it. shagun opened her eyes they all gets happy but she gets weak nd falls again.
Aakash: shagun… Open ur eyes..!!! Yaar what happened to her.
Sharad: don’t get panic beta.
Raman: calm down akhi… I ve called the Dr she’ll be coming.( ishu holds Raman’s shlder, he looks at her nd whispers) nothing will happened to her… Don’t wry.
Ishu nods.

Aakash: what happened to her Dr… Is she alright..?
Dr smiles: she’s absolutely fyn Mr. Verma. But..
All gets tensed.

Can u guess what happened to shagun…. ???? I know u guys will. Comment below..don’t leave without commenting OK…..!!!!!

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  1. Shaguns going to become a mom wow

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    Nice and I guess she’s pregnant

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    I know shagun is pregnant !!!!!the the episode was nice …loved the daughter-father scenes very very much….
    Update soon…

  5. Superb dear shagun is pregnant please update your new ff I like it very much

  6. Of course priya shagun is pregnant I am very Happy about them. Wwwoooowwwwwwoooowwwwoooowww
    Episode lasya loved it very much……ishra are the best ….… o loved each & every scene

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  8. Superb episode dear…

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