You R My Life part 88

Hi guys thanks for all ur love even aft a gap… Nd here is the next episode.

The episode starts with ishra nd shakash together were having dinner.
Shagun: really the dinner is superb… Did u prepare is ishu..??
Ishu: yeah but I just helped in cutting veggies but the whole this done by Kavya.
Raman: ha.. That’s y it tastes like my bua’s flavour…. Really its the pure Punjabi taste.
Aakash: yeah Raman… Its too gud.
They finished their dinner.
Shagun: I’m so happy that we four r together after a long time Na.
Ishu: hmm… Its the best moment.
Aakash: ha.. OK then I’m sleepy.
Raman: yeah even I’m also… Come ishu let’s sleep.
Shagun: arey u both ga if u r sleepy… I nd ishu ve to talk a lot.
Ishu: ha Raman.. U go I’ll be coming.
Raman nd aakash: what…??!!!!
Shagun: y r u both shocked…?
Raman: I don’t know anything…. Ishu come with me… I’m sleepy.
Aakash: ha shagun… U too come with me.
They both dragged them inside. In shakash room.

Shagun: what the hell is this akhi… There I’m talking with ishu Na.
Aakash: toh..? (So what?)
Shagun: how can u take me inside like this…? What will they think of us..?
Aakash: oh hello… Even Raman was doing the same… They will understand our situation.
Shagun: acha…what’s the situation..?
Aakash: don’t u know…?
Shagun: no..!
Aakash: really…?!! (he came close to her).
Shagun: hmm.. I understood ur intention but here I’m not in that mood OK. I’m so tired nd (she yawns) sleepy… So (she goes to the bed nd sleeps) gud night.
Aakash: but shagun..
Shagun: plz akhi… Really I’m so tied. I ve no sleep from the past few days.
Aakash: OK fyn the u sleep.
He puts the quilt on her nd he too slept beside her nd saw her who’s already in sleep.. He smiles seeing her sleeping like a cute baby girl.
Meanwhile in ishra’s room.
Ishu: what happened Raman…?
Raman: what happened ishu..?
Ishu: arey I asked u Na.
Raman: arey I too asked u Na.
Ishu: what’s this yaar… ?
Raman: what’s this yaar..?
Ishu: y r u repeating my words..?
Raman: y r u repeating my words..?
Ishu: is it a game…?
Raman: is it a game..?
Ishu: Raman….!!!?!?!?!?
Raman: ishu….???!?!?!
Ishu: go to hell… I’m sleeping.
She turns to GI but he stops her.

Raman: arrey no no… OK I’m Sry. I was just Kidding yaar…just joking..!!
Ishu: he he… Very funny joke.
Raman: OK jokes apart…. Actually I wanna say u something.
Ishu: what happened… Is anything serious..?
Raman: ooo…..oh just chill….!!! U just close ur eyes…!
Ishu (excitingly): any surprise…!!!!????
Raman: ha… First close ur eyes..!! (She does) hmm now open.
She opens her eyes… Nd to her surprise she found the room filled with scented candles balloons nd rose petals..!!! Nd Raman in front of her holding with white lilies nd a small bag.
Ishu: wow Raman…!!!! Within few mins how did u do this.
Raman: the room is like that only before I dimmed the light… The thing is u didn’t notice keenly.
Ishu: acha…!!!! Nd what is in this bag…??
Raman: arey yaar first u stand still… Let me say what I want to say.
Ishu smiles: OK say me what u wanna say.
Raman then gave her the bouquet of white lilies. Nd she took with grt love.
Raman: all this mahenat (hard work) is just to make u happy nd feel special. I just wanna say how much special u r to me. U r like these lilies. They look so beautiful when they r with leaves .. Like when u r with me…!!! (Ishu smiles… Nd raised her eyebrows indicating ‘wow really’) so like this lilly nd its leave we ve to b together… Ever nd forever. I promise u, I won’t leave ur hand… I love u ishu… Through my heart….!!!!
Ishu smiles brightly: I too love u so much Raman…. To the core..!!! Nd I too promise u… I’ll be with u forever…holding ur hand like this.
They both smiles nd hug. Raman suddenly breaks their hug.

Ishu: what happened..?
Raman: I forgot this..
Ishu: what…?
He took the bag nd gave it to ishu.
Raman: open it… A small gift.
Ishu: gift… ?? Any jewellery set..? (He nods no) then what..?
Raman: u just open nd u’ll find it.
She opens..nd gets find a beautiful painting of hers.
Ishu: wow… Raman…..!!!!! Its so nice..!!! Such a beautiful gift..!! (She hugs him again) U made it..!!
Raman: ishu how can u think of it… U know I’m a poor painter. But I’m Sry if u except me to paint ur picture… I can’t.
Ishu laughs: I was just kidding. Even though u brought it for me… I like it… In fact loved it. (She hugs the painting Raman smiles) but Raman… How can ishu alone be without Raman.
Raman: acha.. I’m here with u Na.
Ishu: but here there’s no Raman’s painting beside ishu’s Na.
Raman: its OK ishu…
Ishu: what OK… Wait a sec.. (She went a side nd came back with a bag) here this is for u.
He smiles nd opened nd finds his painting.
Raman: arey kitne handsome dikh raha hoon main..!!! ( I look so handsome here)
Ishu smiles: meri ravan kumar hai utna handsome…(My ravan Kumar is always handsome ) then why don’t he be more handsome in this painting.
Raman: acha…(he took the paintings nd hanged them on the wall one beside)
Ishu: hmmm… Now these paintings look perfect..nd complete together…like us.
Raman puts a romantic song on the radio…. Its HUMSAFAR. He came to he nd forwarded his hand to her.
Raman: may I ve the pleasure of dancing with u.
Ishu smiles nd gives him her hand: of course.
They danced on that romantic song…. Slowly Raman came close to her… Just a half inch gap btwn their lips…

Ishu: u r such a cheater Raman…??!!
Raman: y what I did..?
Ishu: u r changing me… Like u.
Raman: u r my behalf wife… Then like whom u’ll be unless me. (He Came more closer)
Ishu: Raman… I’m… I ve to go…
He goes away from him… But he stops her nd pulls her to him… They fell on bed. Raman is half on ishu nd half on the bed. Cool breeze blows inside due to the open of the window… Hair fall on ishu… Raman slowly puts her hair Strads behind her ear. He came to her. Their faces slided in opposite angles… Soon the gap between their lips disappeared…. The warm breath of theirs nd the cool breeze mixed around them. It was a warm breathless kiss… Then Ishu pulled out the buttons of Raman’s shirt.
Raman: now I think u became mischievous…!!!
Ishu: see I’m behalf of my husband… So I’ll be like him Na.
He smiles…. Nd slowly he took out the bangles from her hand nd those earrings which disturbs them, leaving the mangalsutr. Ishu cups his face saying
Ishu: I love u Raman.
He smiles and pulls her cheeks saying
Raman: I love u too.
Nd there the were lights offed nd curtains were closed…!!!

The next mrng…. Shagun got up.. Looking at aakash who’s still sleeping.
Shagun: how cute he’s while sleeping…? Here u wait I’ll bring u coffee.
She goes to the kitchen nd keeps the bowl of milk in the oven to boil. Meanwhile she went to fresh up… Nd came out prepared a cup of coffee for Aakash nd went to him. But he’s still sleeping. She went to him smiling. She sprinkled the water droplets coming from her hair which was wet. He woke up saying…
Aakash: oh god… Rain rain.. In my room….!!!
Shagun: akhi…!!!??? Its me.
Aakash: shagun what r u doing here, u spoiled my sleep yaar.?
Shagun: akhi… When I try to become romantic u make it spoil yaar. U r just stupid.
Aakash: yaar… What’s this bak bak early in the mrng. What happened to u…?
Shagun: nothing… I just came here to give u a romantic coffee. But u don’t deserve it.
Aakash: but…
She then goes out hearing calling bell nd opens the door… She gets surprised seeing sharad… He’s having tears rolling in his eyes. She too cries.

Precap: not yet decided.

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  1. Sooperb dear
    It was one of ur cutest epi Chechi
    Ishra is next to impossible.’s outstanding ishra episode…..ishra was very cute…ishra romance and fight always soo cute…..always enjoyed a lot….really you r awesome….you always do soo much hard work for a episode….that’s really great….coming to ishra whole episode filled with soo much fun….your imagination power always made me speechless…..eagerly waiting for next one….

  2. Zaira

    Episode lasya ???????????loved it very much……ishra are the best????……loved the idea of lilies …..n painting idea was awesome ….its like two individual persons when come together become a one person by soul ………
    The eagerness of ramkash(raman-akash)..was????……..ishra joking ??,…….shkash were good….sharad came to meet shagun….waiting for the next….

  3. superb update ishra scene was romantic

  4. Rashita

    Supppppeeeeerrrrr lasya…. It was just… ??????????????? loved it like anything…. Wanted to be still long… Ishra’s romance was ?????? no words to tell… Shaakash was also good… Best part was when both ishra gave each others paintings and hanged it on the wall.. It was very nice…. Really ishra ate incomplete without each other… Loved that part of the episode soooooooooooo much… And their nok jhok is awesome as always… Sharad met sharad….hmmm… Loved today’s epi a lot.. ??????? eagerly waiting for the next update….

  5. awesome episode dear…..ishra romance always cute but today it was sooooooooo cuteeeeeeee……eagerly waiting for next one…

  6. Superb dear

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