You R My Life part 87

Hi frnds… Missed me..? I think u guys misses my ffs… So here I’m back with the dhamakedar episode.

Recap: ashok declares that he will marry shagun… Raman gets to know abt it. He says this to everyone. Ishu got discharged for the hospital. Shagun through her plan got escaped from ashok’s home… Nd reached AR company.

The episode starts with ayesha getting nimbu pani for shagun.
Ayesha: here is ur chilled nimbu pani..!!
Shagun: thanks yaar… Vaise did akhi tried anything to get me out from there or he relaxed.
Ayesha: akhi was planning nd Raman bhai was executing the plan.
Shagun: means akhi is just instructing Raman nd bechara he’s doing..???!!! See I thought like that. U know ayu… I was waiting for him like sita maiyya waiting for lord Ram…I challenged that ravan that my Ram will get me out from this Lanka wala ghar… But what happened..? I myself came.

Ayesha laughs: yeah… Akhi shld get punishment for this.
Shagun: hai Na..??!!! Let him come .. I’ll teach him a gud lesson.
Ayesha: OK u just take rest… I ve some work.
Meanwhile Ashok came home getting tired after searching shagun.
Ashok: where did she went away…?? I want her… Where did u go shagunnn…!!!!
Aakash: I’ll say u..!!
Ashok turns back to find Aakash nd Raman with police nd gets shocked.
Aakash went to Ashok.
Aakash: how dare u kidnap my wife..?? How dare u force her to marry u..? I won’t leave u Ashok khanna… I’ll kill u.

He started beating him… Raman came there nd stopped Aakash. Raman also have two three slaps nd submitted him to the police.
Aakash: inspector… He shldnt get out so easily… He kidnapped my wife…. I won’t spare him if he is out.
Inspector: u don’t wry Mr. Verma.. He’ll be in jail.
They take Ashok to jail. Aakash nd Raman again were in search of shagun… They went to their flat, sharad’s home, ishu’s home, aakash’s home nd even Raman’s home but goes in vain. Then they finally reached their office.
Aakash: now y to here..? We ve to find her Raman.
Raman: akhi..we ve complained to the police… They’ll help us… But first we need peace of mind…. Its not gud running here nd there for no use.
Aakash nods. They both went in… Ayesha saw them.

Ayesha: arey u both came..?? What happened..?
Aakash: Ashok got into jail… But don’t know where’s shagun… I am so worried abt her.
He cries.
Ayesha : arey akhi.. Go to ur cabin once.
Raman: y..?
Ayesha: bhai go Na… !!
She pushes them to their cabin. They find shagun sitting nd drinking nimbu pani. They were surprised to see her there.
Raman: shagun… !!!! (He went to her running). How r u…??? I’m so happy u r here..? (he hugs her)
Shagun smiles: thank u so much Raman… I’m so happy that I can see u all now.
Aakash slowly came to shagun nd hugs her: shagun… !!! (He cries nd she hugs him back) I missed u so much… !!! Thank god u r back…. Or else I don’t know what would my life be without u. (She suddenly leaves him)
Shagun: actually… All thanks to me.. Becoz.. U did nothing. Even god is not in my favor. I myself came out. What the hell r u doing sitting in this chair…ha..?
Aakash: arey I was missing u… Planned how to get u out.
Shagun: y can’t u come directly nd take me out from there. Like lord Ram..?
Raman: shagun…

Shagun: no Raman… Let him say.
Aakash: r u mad… Ashok know me… If he did anything to u..?? I thought not to take risk…!!
Shagun: akhi.. Dont make stories…!! ( she took a scale nearby nd starts beating him)
Aakash: arey shagun baby… Stop it…!!!
Raman: shagun.. Leave him.

Shagun: he’s gonna die in my hands…!!!
He runs around the floor… Nd she chases him… All the staff were surprised at their drama. Ayesha was laughing to the core nd Raman was confused at the situation.
Raman: ayu… What’s this…how did shagun came here…?
Ayesha: bhai..shagun got escaped herself from there….(she explained how shagun came there nd how she escaped) nd she is very angry at akhi that he didn’t came to her for the rescue.
Raman: ohh… Bechara akhi ..!!!
Aakash(while running): yaar shagun plz stop it.

Shagun (while chasing his holding the scale): u r such a stupid akhi… I won’t leave u easily.
Aakash stopped nd holds her taking her to the room beside. All the staff were laughing as well.
Raman: I’m Sry for this drama… Nd u guys can go now. Nd come fast tom mrng.
Staff: but sir..
Raman: see this is our big day… U guys take a leave for now. Enjoy with ur family. Go guys…!!!

All the staff went to their home. Aakash took shagun to a room holding her hand.
Shagun: leave me aakash…. I won’t spare u.
Aakash: u r angry at me..? (She nods) then…(he left her hand) here left .. Beat me how much u can.
Shagun beats him with her hands.
Shagun: I was so scared…. All alone in that room… From day to night. I ve no sleep no peace… I don’t know how I survived for these days… Without u. (He looks at he crying) but u …. Sitting here on that chair nd relaxing…?

Aakash: oh god u started again…?
Shagun: u know what that ravan is better than u… He showers love on me to the ultimate.
Aakash: who’s ravan..?

Shagun: Ashok khanna.
Aakash: acha…. Then y did u came back to me… U shld ve gone to him Na.
She looks at him nd beats him hard nd goes out from the room.
Aakash: hey shagun… R u going to police station for releasing ashok fmr jail…?
Shagun: ha… Hey wait is he under the jail.
Raman: ha shagun..akhi beated him nd put him behind the bars.
She looks on.

Aakash: but shagun is sad that he’s in the jail… She feels that he loves her more than me.
Shagun holds his collar: what’s ur prblm… U aren’t happy seeing me here. U think its a joke… If u think so.. I’m sry its really a very bad joke.
Aakash: OK OK I’m Sry. But plz don’t take his name I just hate him.
Shagun: hmm… Its like l love taking his name Na.
Raman: OK yaar… Come let’s go home.. Ishu is waiting for u.
Shagun: even I’m waiting to see her.
Raman: ha .. Ayu shall I drop u home.

Ayesha: no bhai… Saurav is coming. Even I ve some stuff to do.
Raman: OK then u carry-on bye.
They went to their home. Aakash nd shagun were coming but Raman reached the door before them. Ishu opened the door…. Nd Raman scolded her.
Raman: yaar ishu… Y did u got up from the bed… I said u not to come out from the room Na.
Ishu: but Raman…
Raman: where kavya..? Kavya…!!!
Ishu: she isn’t there.. Went to home.

Raman: how can she go like that leaving u.
Ishu: yaar… I asked her to go… As its getting late… Its dangerous going late night home alone.
Raman: I’m here Na… I would ve dropped her. U always does this ishu…
Ishu: ohh… I forgot… I thought u would be stressed nd tired so..
Raman: hmm.. U always make up some reasons behind.

Shagun: Raman… Don’t u dare scold my ishu.
Ishu hearing her voice turns back.
Ishu: shagun…!!! (Both r having tears their eyes) u r back… I’m so happy.
She went near her.
Shagun: missed me..?
Ishu: so much…
Shagun: even I too missed u… So much.
They smile…. Shagun hugs ishu.

Ishu: ooowwuchhh….!!!! (She screams with pain)
Shagun: ohh… I’m.. I’m so Sry…. Is it paining still..?
Ishu: no … Just kidding.
Shagun: dramebaazzz…!!!
They both hug again. Aakash nd Raman were smiling seeing them.
Ishu: shagun can I say u one thing…(she asks her to say) u look gorgeous in this bridal attire.
Shagun looks at herself : oh… This is the most expensive sari u know… But I don’t like this. I’ll go nd get fresh.
Ishu: ha.. U go nd carry on. We’ll ve dinner together.
Shagun goes to her room… Nd aakash follows her.

Ishu: Raman… U also go nd get fresh.
Raman: hmm….! I’m happy that u r back.
Ishu: u know today we r going to start our married life.

Raman: oh yeah… But what abt the mahurat nd all.
Ishu: I don’t care Raman… U r with me nd I’m with u… We r happy now. Shagun came back they r happy. Isn’t this a gud day for us.
Raman: acha… OK then… I’ll GI nd get freshen up… We’ll have dinner togynd then …
Ishu: then…?
Raman: then…
Ishu: what next after then…?
Raman: u’ll get to know.
She blushes nd he goes to their room.

Meanwhile in shakash’s room.
Aakash: shagun… R u still angry on me..?
Shagun: ha.
Aakash: but y..?
Shagun: its waste saying u akhi… Just leave it.
Aakash came to her nd hugged her.

Aakash: plz shagun.. Don’t do this to me. Its so difficult for me to stay away frm u these days. Plz don’t go away from me.
Shagun gets teared nd hugs him back: I’m Sry akhi I behaved foolishly. I didn’t understand u..
Aakash: shhh..!!! Don’t be Sry…. I know ur situation… I’m not like u.. I understood.
Shagun beats him again: u r such a stupid.
Aakash smiles nd hugs her back.

Ishra had a delightful night. Sharad visits shagun

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