You R My Life part 86

The episode starts with ashok coming to shagun.

Ashok: shagun u aren’t ready yet… Come in go nd wear the sari. What r u both doing here without doing the work?
Girl 2: sir we were asking mad to wear sari but she refused.
Girl 1: we can’t make it out without her co operation sir.
Ashok: shagun what’s this plz go nd wear this sari.
Shagun: I won’t do it.
Ashok shouted: u ve to shagun.. (She gets scared he calms down) I’m Sry… Baby plz wear this sari or else… U know what I’ll do … By the next I come u ve to get ready. He moves out of the room…
Girls1: plz mam… Go nd wear the sari.
Shagun looks at her nd took the sari nd went to washroom.

Meanwhile Raman was driving the car so tensed.
Raman: oh god… Shld I say this aakash… What should I do… This Ashok is not even giving chance to us…. How can he marry a married girl… I think this man is mad. (By the way he reached their office he got the msg from Mr. Mehra) thank
God at least I know where the wedding is going to be. I ve to say this to akhi.
Aakash: what…???!!! Is he mad…??!! How can he marry my shagun…. I won’t leave him Raman… Let’s go now.
Raman: calm down akhi… We shldnt take any drastic step… We ve to carefully think what to do.
Aakash: but Raman… We don’t ve time.. What if he marry her…?? How can I Li e without her yaar.
Raman: I understand ur feelings but this is not right… We ve to think … Or else iyr plan gets flop.
Aakash: OK fyn… But I won’t leave that ashok khanna. He’s gonna die in my hands.
Raman: will u go to jail or what… Dont do such things… We’ll make in under the jail… Nd its my promise.
Aakash nods. That afternoon rahul come to ishu.
Rahul: hi ishu..!!!
Ishu: hey idiot..where were u yesterday..? Mussed ur company so much.
Rahul: acha… I went to my home… Mom wanna see me. By the way How’s ur hand..?
Ishu: fyn but I can’t move it… Still paining. U know today I’m going to get discharged.
Rahul: when ..?
Ishu: now..!! Raman said he’ll come nd get me out from here.
Rahul: hmm… That’s y u were in normal clothes. U know it has been many days seeing u in normal clothes… Or else would be in hospital dress.
Ishu laughs.

Meanwhile doctor came there.
Dr.: how ur hand Mrs. Bhalla…?
Ishu: fyn Dr. But still paining a lil.
Dr. : yeah for that I ve given u some pain killer… Use it twice a day after meals.
Ishu: OK Dr.
Dr.: aap unki pati hai..? (R u her husband) (pointing rahul)
Rahul: no no… I’m her frnd.
Dr. : OK then when ur husband comes u’ll
Get discharged… We need his signature.
Rahul: OK Dr. I’ll inform him.
He goes.
Ishu: yaar call Raman Na…
Rahul: ha ha… Wait. (He calls Raman… Who’s discussing abt shagun with picks the call)
Raman: ha rahul… How’s ishu..?
Rahul: yaar Raman.. Where were u… Dr.s r asking abt u.
Raman: what happened.. Anything serious..?
Rahul: no no.. They need ur signature for ishu’s discharge. Plz come fast.
Raman: OK fyn I’m coming now. (He ends the call) akhi… I ve to go… Ishu is going to discharge nd they need my signature… I’ll come fast. U be here… Nd plz don’t think too much… We’ll sort out everything. Today shagun will be with u. I promise OK.

Aakash nods. Raman goes to his car nd drives to the hospital.
There shagun came out wearing the sari. The two girls were making her get ready. She gets ready… Just then ashok came there in groom’s dress. He sees shagun in bridal attire nd gets flatted.
Ashok: wow shagun… U look gorgeous yaar. I feel u r the worlds prettiest nd hottest bride ever.
Shagun stood up nd came near him: u just mind ur tongue…. Or else…
Ashok: what will u do…?
Shagun: ashok… Y don’t u understand…. I love aakash he’s my husband… How can u marry me….?
Ashok: I love u shagun… I want u… Nd I will marry u. Get ready… Magurat is at 4:15 pm.
He goes out closing the door.
Shagun: what the hell he think abt himself… ? I will see how this marriage happens.
Raman reaches the hospital.
Ishu: Raman… Y were u so late.
Raman: I’m Sry I was in n important meeting.
Rahul: OK now come… We’ll go to the reception. Nd fill the forms.
They went to the reception nd Raman signed nd ishu got discharged.
Rahul: Raman.. I’m going now… I ve said kavya to take care of ishu till night… As I’ll be in office Na… Nd now she’s in ur home.
Raman: thanks rahul.
Rahul: its OK… Bye. Bye pagal… !!
Ishu: bye.

Ishra got into the car. Raman drives. Ishu keeps on speaking abt something. Raman thinks abt shagun. Ishu notices Raman being tensed.
Ishu: Raman…(he doesn’t respond) Raman…!! (She shakes him)
Raman: ha ishu…?
Ishu: what happened ? U looked tensed..?
Raman: ha… Nothing ishu.
Ishu: really there’s nothing…? (He nods) acha what abt the meeting with Ashok…?
Raman: nyc..!
Ishu: Raman… U r hiding something.
Raman: nothing ishu.. We’ll get shagun out from there soon.
Ishu: Raman… Say me plz… I’m not satisfied with ur replys… Plz say me what’s the matter.
Raman: actually…today evening ashok is marrying shagun.
Ishu: what…???!! Now what can we do Raman. What r u guys planing.
Raman: don’t know ishu… But I promise shagun will be with us so soon… We’ll get her out from there.
Ishu: do something Raman… But I want shagun.
Raman nods. He drops ishu at their flat nd kavya receives her.
Raman: take care of her kavya… Don’t let her do any work.
Kavya: hmm… Raman I know…!!
Ishu: be careful Raman… !!
Raman: hmm.
Meanwhile the two girls went out for their payment. Ashok is sitting on the mandap with pandit. The pandit started chanting mantras….. Pandit asks to bring the bride. Ashok asks the two girls to bring shagun. The girls nodded nd went to the room finds shagun no where.
Girl1: sir… She’s not there in the room.
Ashok: what..??! Did u check properly..?
Girl2: ha sir…but she’s not there anywhere.
Ashok goes to the room nd searches but finds her no where. He went to bathroom nd finds the ventilator glass broken.
Ashok: god… She slipped out of the ventilator…. Everyone go out nd search for her….. She must be here around somewhere.

He said to his men nd he started Hus car for searching her. There is no one in the house except the old servant nd pandit. Nd some other guests. Aftr a while Shagun in the room came out of the cupboard.
Shagun: thank god… My plan worked.
Shagun came down without anyone’s notice nd escaped from there. Then aakash nd Raman came there. They ran into the house but finds there no one. Except few. He asked one of the lady there
Aakash: what happened auntyji…?
Lady: arey bride ran away from the mandap… Ashok went in search for her.
Raman: what… Where did they went..?
Lady: this way…? (Pointing towards the left)
Aakash: thank u so much. They wen to left but shagun went towards right. She took a taxi nd got in.
Driver: where shld i drop u mam..?
Shagun: south ex complex AR company.
Driver: OK madam.
Raman nd aakash r searching for shagun.
Aakash: where did shagun go..?
Raman: I think she must be running somewhere .
Aakash: we ve to find her Raman before ashok finds her.

Meanwhile ishu is praying for shagun.
Shagun reached AR company…. She ran into the building. The driver ran after her for money. Shagun calls aakash’s name.
Ayesha came there.
Ayesha: shagun …..!!!! How r u..? How did u come here..? (Shagun ran to her nd hugs her)
Ayesha: I’m so happy shagun u came.
Shagun: where’s akhi..?
Ayesha: he went to ur marriage hall… I mean to ashoks house.
Shagun: y…? To see my wedding with ashok..? Let him come I’ll kill him.
Driver: arey madam… First u give me my charges.
Shagun: I’m Sry. Ayu… Do u have money plz pay him.
Ayesha smiles nd pays him his charges.
Ayesha: wait I’ll call him nd say abt u.
Shagun: no no… Let himself find me… I waited for him but what did I get nothing…. Now he shld find me… Don’t say anything to him ok.
Ayesha: u both Na… So silly fights. At leat I’ll say ishu bhabhi…she’s so wriied abt u.. Today only she got discharged.
Shagun: y what happened..?
she explained shagun cries.
Shagun: I’ll meet her… Now if I call her then she may say to Raman nd Raman will say to akhi.
Ayesha: OK then… U take rest in Raman nd akhi’s cabin… I’ll get u something to drink. Coffee?
Shagun: no I want nimbu pani(lemonade) I’m so tired.
Ayesha: OK then.

Shagun was sitting nd drinking nimbu pani… Aakash nd Raman came there aftr searching shagun everywhere except their office. They saw shagun sitting on akhi’s chair. Shagun saw then nd starts beating aakash.. He was running around the floor nd she was chasing him.

The next episode will be on 22nd may. Hope u guys like it. Plz comment… Don’t leave the page without commenting.

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