You R My Life part 85

The episode starts with Raman feeding ishu food.
Ishu: Raman… I’ll try eating with my hand… Give me.
Raman: no ishu… It would be still paining … Let Dr say.
Ishu: its OK yaar… I’ll just see whether I can do it or not.
Raman: no no… I’m Herr Na to take care of u. (Ishu moved her hand trying to eat. And it pains a lot she cries.) I said u Na not to do so… U always do this… Such a stubborn..!!! (He cares he hand)
Ishu: I’m Sry…actually… I just…
Raman: shut up… Now don’t give me explanations… Keep quite. And now eat this.
He feeds her and she eats…. Later he makes her lye.
Ishu: Raman..
Raman: hmm…??
Ishu: r u angry with me..? (He sits still) say me Na yaar…. I’m so Sry… I shldnt ve done it.. Ayinda aisa nahi karoongi.. Pakka promise. (I won’t do it again… Its my promise) but plz talk to me… And don’t keep such a angry face.
Raman: I’m not angry at u… But how can’t u take care of urselves… Y don’t u listen when I say…?? I always think abt ur happiness ishu… And my happiness is with u. So plz… Don’t do such things again.
Ishu: I know it yaar… And I promise u ki I’ll listen to u and won’t be so stubborn… OK.. Now plz smiles and be flirting.
Raman smiles: what can I do… How to flirt u..?
Ishu: hmm.. U just come here … Sleep beside me.
Raman: ishu… U mean in the same bed ..?
Ishu nods and he came there.
Ishu: so now…(she keeps her left hand on Raman and hugged him) say me.
Raman: what..??
Ishu: anything.
Raman: OK the u sleep tom u r getting discharged and I ve to go for a meeting with ashok so… U Need rest. Gud night.
Saying this he got down from the bed.
Ishu: what type of a man u r… When a girl is getting romantic u r going away…??
Raman smiles: u r tempting me ishu but I’m controlling. If By mistake if anything happens to u hand becoz of me… I can’t bear that.
Ishu gets touched with that statement.
Ishu: Raman bhalla aap kaise itni pyaari pyaari lines bolte ho…voh jo mere mann ko choon let’s hai… (How can u make such lovely lines… That makes me so touched ..?) I love u so much Raman.
Raman: I love u too ishu, but plz control urself… Or else I can’t control myself. OK gud night.
Ishu smiles and they both slept.
The next mrng when ishu got up she finds Raman no where. Just then the nurse came there.
Nurse: mam… Ur husband said that he has some meeting so he ve to leave so soon. He will come by afternoon at ur discharge time.
Ishu: oh.. Thank u.
In ashok’s home ashok is instructing the worker to decorate the house.
Ashok: arrey jaldi karo shadi aaj hi hai… Won phool teek se lagana…!!!(make it fast shadu is today itself…. And keep the flowers properly) pata nahi woh saari wala kaha reh gayi..(don’t know where did that saari wala is… I hope the beauticians also come soon.
Meanwhile a man with a bag of saris and two girls came there.
Ashok: thank god at last u people came…come with me. (He opens the door where shagun stays.) Here show her the wedding saris. Shagun chose the best one.. Don’t think abt the price.
Shagun: I won’t marry u ashok.
Ashok: u don’t ve option shagun… U ve to do it. And y girls make her so pretty that she shld be the most beautiful girl in this world.
The girls nod. Shagun hesitates selecting the sari… And finally ashok chose it … The most expensive and designer sari for shagun.
Ashok: I think this will be perfect… We’ll ve this. Collect the cheque from mg office OK.
The sari wala nods and goes. And Ashok goes down for other works locking the door.
Girl 1: mam… Plz wear this sari.
Shagun: what the hell is this… I won’t wear it… I won’t marry anyone. U plz get lost from here.
Girl 2: how can we go mam… We ve to do our duty.
Shagun: i was kidnapped and was forced by that man to marry him… And even I was married. How can u think that I’ll wear this sari….? What is the use of saying u my prblms… But remember one think don’t even think of asking me again to wear this sari.
Ashok gets a call from his assistant.
Ashok: hello…?!
Mr. Mehra: sir… Where ve u been… Raman sir is waiting for u since mrng. We ve a meeting with him.
Ashok: see mehra… I’m here busy with my wedding. Postpone the meeting for Tomorrow.
Mr. Mehra: shadi…??? When sir..???
Ashok: arrey today itself.. U ve to come OK.
Mr. Mehra: but sir… U didn’t gave us any hint.
Ashok: it all happened in suddenly… So. OK now I’m saying u u just come to my wedding in the evening… In my home.
Mr. Mehra: OK sir. Happy wedding sir.
They end the call. Mr. Mehra goes to Raman.
Raman: Mr. Mehra where is Ashok… When will he come..?
Mr. Mehra: actually today evening he getting married… So he has postponed the meeting for tomorrow.
Raman gets shocked: what…??!!!!!??!?! Today evening..??!!! But how can he do it so suddenly… ?
Mr. Mehra: I’m so Sry sir but I can’t help u.
Raman thinks: oh god… I think he’s marrying shagun… What can I do now… How can u save her.
Raman: do u know where is the wedding going on..? Actually I wanna meet him.
Mr. Mehra: but sir..
Raman: see Mr. Mehra… I wanna discuss abt the meeting and even congratulate him as he’s getting married.
Mr. Mehra: OK sir… I’ll send u the address.
Raman: thank u so much. OK the plz SMS me the address u ve my number Na
Plz do it fast.
Mr. Mehra: kk sir… I’ll do it now itself.

Precap: surprise…!!!

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