You R My Life part 84

Hi frnds…. After thinking so much… I ve decided this storyline for u r my life. OK then let’s start the episode.

Raman offers Ashok his project for half deal. Ashok asks time for His decision. Ishu is still in hospital after that big incident… Rahul is managing ishu. Shagun challenges Ashok that her husband will get her out from here.

The episode starts with that night Ashok going home to Shagun. Shagun who’s playing video games saw him nd makes the game pause.Raman
Shagun: what’s up khanna sab..? How was ur day..?
Ashok: hmm… Gud… Vaise had ur dinner..? (She nods) hmm.. (He takes a chain out of his pocket and came close to her)
Shagun smells: r u drunk..??
Ashok: shagun… Leave it. See I ve brought u solitaire….!!
He tries to putting the chain on her neck but she moved away.
Shagun: don’t act smart ashok…!!! Who gave u the right to put this chain to me..?? Get lost.
Ashok: relax baby… I’m here with a gud news…!!! (She looks at him asking what?) U know I ve talked to a lawyer… He suggested me that… I can marry u. But I asked abt ur divorce… He said even after marrying u I can do it… So I ve decided that tom is our marriage in the evening… (Shagun gets shocked…!!! She was speechless) I know u r happy abt it.
(He put the chain to her) now I’m making u wear this but tomorrow I’ll make u wear mangalsutr.
He heads to go… But shagun stops him.
Shagun: what the hell is this…?? Marriage…?? Tom evening..??? Ve u gone mad… What will be to ur reputation if anyone came to know that u r marrying a married girl..?? I think this won’t happen. Its better nat to do this.
Ashok: u just don’t wry abt it… Coz for me more than my reputation, u r important. I luv u shagun… And there’s nothing important before u. Get ready for tomorrow. Gud night.
He goes out and locks the door. Shagun still in shock and cries.
Shagun: oh god…!!!! What a big trouble…!!! And where the hell is this aakash verma… I think he’s enjoying without me… Or may be sitting somewhere and crying thinking what to do… Let me get out from here I’ll see him… What see..?? This Ashok will marry me… How can I get out from here…? I think that mad man..dumb fellow stupid guy (all these praising words r for aakash) is fit for nothing I myself shld do something. I can’t wait for him like sita maiyya waiting for ram… I don’t ve time. Even this ravan is out of senses… That ravan gave much time for ram to come but this man… So mad..!!! Ek bhi Mokha nahi chodna chahiye yaha se bhag ne ke liye…kal bahut preparations honge toh kahi chances hoga. (I shldnt leave any chance to escape from here… Tom there will be many preparations so I can ve chances) Then I’ll teach that idiot aakash gud lesson…!!
Aakash was sitting with Raman and ishu… In the hospital suddenly coughs.
Raman took a glass of water and makes him drink…
Raman: r u OK..?
Aakash: yeah..!!!
Ishu: akhi… I think someone is wildly scolding u…???
Aakash: who will scold me unless my shagun… If she is here she would scold me…but.. We r in that situation ki…
Raman: its OK yaar.. Shagun will be with us within two days.
Ishu: ha akhi… We’ll be like as we r before.
Raman: vaise ishu is getting discharged by tom.
Ishu: really..??!!!
Raman: ha ha… I ve talked to doctor. But u ve to take rest.. No work no clinic.
Ishu: hmm.. OK. But Raman… How did u convince amma that I was staying with u and didn’t say abt the accident.
Raman: u don’t know my talent ishu… I’m a multitasking.
Aakash: acha… Don’t believe him. He just begged ur amma…. And she got convinced.
Ishu laughs: Raman… U begged amma…?
Raman: ha ha… Thank god ur appa supported me… Or else amma wouldn’t ve get convinced.
Ishu: awee baby… Thank u so much or else amma would be worrying abt me.
Raman: now u will thank me.. Pagal.
Aakash: ha Raman then I’ll leave u guys carry on.
Ishu: akhi… Its OK u can stay here and vaise we r not in a situation for that.
Aakash: OK..

Raman: actually akhi… Rahul said that he went to his home for some urgency… So I’ll stay here with ishu tonight.
Aakash: but yaar… Tom u ve a meeting with Ashok… How will u manage…?
Raman: its OK akhi I’ll manage… U go home and take rest.
Aakash: ok I’ll do one think I’ll prepare the agreement for tom.
Ishu: r u sure ashok will agree.
Aakash: I’m sure he will.
Raman: who r here… Its me and aakash …. Did we loose anything when being together..?
They both side hugged. Ishu smiles seeing them.
Aakash: OK then Raman… Bye, bye ishu ishu. Take care u both.
Ishra smiled… Aakash went home.

Raman learns abt ashok marrying ashok… Aakash decided to face ashok directly and stop the marriage…. And bring shagun with him.

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  1. Rashita

    Nice one akka…. is this ashok mad or what y is he doing like this???? Good that at least in the precap they came to know that shagun is kidnapped… waiting for the next one

  2. Superb dear

  3. Please dear update mere dil ki duniya waiting for it I like that ff so much

  4. Nice yaar

  5. Zaira

    Nice episode lasya !!!loved it!!….shagun wildly scolding akash n akash then coughing ????it was a light moment in this serious one …liked it….I loved shgun’s courage very much…waiting for the next episode fast …precap is awesome …but u did a typing mistake that ashok marrying ashok instead of ashok marrying shagun…
    Waiting for the next one ..

  6. superb episode dear…

  7. nice update

  8. flowlesss dear

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