You R My Life PART 8

The episode starts with everyone in the hell shock, except ishu, vandu nd abhi. ishu observes this nd says that the engagement is for abhi nd vandu not for her nd abhi.
Amma: but ishu…. What’s this?
Ishu: amma…I said u that this emgmt will happen but not for me…. Do u remember? I’ve done this whole drama to unite u nd akka…. Akka wanted to correct her mistake through this engmt… I jst joined her hands. Plz let this happen nd I wish u all bless them.
Amma nd appa agrees to them nd bless them.abhi nd vandu exchange their rings nd all clap for them. But

Raman, aakash nd shagun: congrts vandu!!!!! Nd also abhi.
Vandu nd abhi: thank u raman aakash nd shagun.
They drag ishu down to the stage. shagun, aakash nd raman don’t understand anything.they came to vandu nd congrats her.
Shagun: what’s happening here ha?
Aakash: u said that it’s ur engmt… but what’s this?
Raman: say ishita what’s the matter?
Ishu: calm down guys….let me say. Actually I did this for akka. Akka wanted to correct her mistake.
The 3: which mistake?

FB shown……
Vandu: amma I got seat in the University of Us… I’m so happy…. I’m waitng for this moment frm so much time.
Amma: then reject it vandu… u promised me that u’ll do marriage.
Vandu: yes amma but I didn’t expect that I’ll get seat so aftr 2 yrs I’ll do marriage. Plz amma let me go there.
Amma: what’s wrong with u vandu? I’ve called the groom here he’ll be coming tonight. I can’t do it.
Vandu: but amma…..
Amma: u r not going nd this is my final decision.
But vandu wants to go, so she wrote a letter that she’s going to US for her studies. Amma in shock nd the groom insulted amma nd appa. There onwards amma broke all her relations with vandu.
FB ends.
Ishu: but akka is in touch with me. She had met abhi there nd fell in love with him. She asked my help to marry him so…. This drama.
Shagun: idiot…. Y didn’t u join us with u?
Ishu: I thought of having fun by troubling u guys….nd even I’m pampered by u all. So…..
Shagun: shaitan ki bachchi…..
Aakash: dramebaazzz….

Raman: dokhebazzz…
Ishu: I did this for akka…. No no…..
They chased ishu…. Ishu was running…as she was in lehanga while she was abt to fall… but raman holds her. They had an eyelock (for 5 min.).
Aakash: hm… raman is ur movie finished so that we can have dinner?
Ishra came to reality.they had their dinner.
Raman: By the way, nice story.
Ishu: story…?
Raman: the one which u made now…? It was nice my dear JHANSI KI RAANI.
Ishu: raman u won’t change right…? U behaved so sweetly nd politely towards me since a week now what happened to that behavior…ha?

Raman: I thought that u’ll b going away frm us after ur marriage na … so I thought not to fight with u nd make u happy. But u don’t deserve it, Jhansi ki rani.
Ishu: stop it raman don’t call me like that.
Raman: I’ll
They both have a silly fight shagun nd aakash try to stop it but couldn’t…
Ishu: oh god… it’s better my drama became true… atleast I’ll get rid of these taunts.
Raman shuts her mouth nd says: don’t ever think of it, I won’t easily leave ur life, even I can’t imagine my life without u idiot.
Ishu smiles nd they had n eyelock. Meanwhile ishu gets an alarm in mobile.
Ishu: OMG!!!!! What final exams start tomorrow?
The 3: what? R u serious?
Ishu: s yaar!! I’ve completely forgotten yaar
Aakash: I don’t know what to do.
Raman: NIGHT OUT!!!
Shagun: yaaar this’s the best solution for this situation.
Raman: ok I’m going home come akhi I’ll drop u.
Shagun: raman, if u don’t mind drop me to in my home yaar.
Raman: ok come, bye ishu.
Ishu: bye everyone all the best.
Raman in tension for the exam…..ishu encouraging him.

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    WoW….It’s so cute…..ISHRA fights…..

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