You r my life part 75

Hi guys… I’m so happy after reading ur comments below. Nd even want some more response.
OK OK let’s start today episode..

The episode starts with Shagun nd Aakash talking. Meanwhile amma came there.
Amma: Aakash… Shagun here ve some coffee.
Aakash: thanks amma.
Amma: u became so caring Aakash… u came to take care of ur wife.. since she’s having headache..?
Aakash looks at Shagun : ha amma.. voh.. she’s crying so I was tensed nd came here.
Amma: ayyo Shagun.. don’t wry I’ll give u a gud medicine ki ur ache will go away.
She heads to go. But Aakash stops her.
Aakash: amma what is that ki I just want to stay today with Shagun… with ur permission..?
She’s so tensed.
Amma: acha OK. U can be with her. Take rest Shagun.( shagun smiles nd she goes. Shagun closes the door)
Aakash: Shagun, actually we planned for a movie nd dinner tonight… with everyone. Will u come to it..?
Shagun: u will b na.
Aakash: of course yaar.
Shagun: OK then I’ll come.
Meanwhile Ayesha came to Raman.
Raman: arey Ayesha..come in.
Ayesha: bhai voh…
Raman: what happened did saurav..
Ayesha: no bhai… actually what I’m saying is I want buy a gift for saurav… so I want a small advice from u.
Raman: from me..?
Ayesha: ha… tell me na bhai what can I gift do u know his choice.
Raman: actually… saurav is very fond of new brands of watches. Get him the best brand of watch.
Ayesha: really.. so can I gift him that ?
Raman: yeah I’m sure that he’ll like it.
Ayesha: OK thank u bhai.
Raman: OK but do the work properly… I need discipline in my work.
Ayesha puts finger on her lips: OK bhai.
He smiles at her antics.
Aakash holds shagun’s hand
She smiles nd hugs him. He took her cheeks into his palms.
Aakash: don’t wry abt ur pregnancy nd all. I think u r too much stressed nd thinking abt all those. Arey how can u get pregnant when we rn’t…
Shagun: we rn’t…?
Aakash: we rn’t became one.
Shagun: oh acha.. then let’s become one akhi…let my doubt become true.
Aakash: what ???!!! r u in ur senses…? Is this u who’s saying?
Shagun: ha… (she came forward as if she kisses him nd bites his cheek)
Aakash: haaaaoouccchh!!!!! Shagun r u mad? (Shagun laughs.) U r laughing…wait I won’t leave u.
He runs behind her nd she runs around the whole room… she jumps into the bed nd he caught her. She laughs more. He holds both of her hands.
Aakash: now I’ll take revenge. He came forward to bite her cheeks….
Shagun: akhi… plz it will pain.
Aakash: acha… when u did for me… it won’t pain right.
He came more forward right towards her lips..
Shagun: plz akhi… I’m sry.
Aakash: even I’m sry.. I’ll take revenge..
He tries to bite her cheek but she kissed him hard which made him close his mouth.
It was almost a 10 mins kiss which made them lost in each others breath. They moved away.
Aakash: its so sweet.
Shagun: u r shameless. Acha leave me.
Aakash: y.. after the taste of ur sweet kiss how can u think that I’ll leave this opportunity.
She struggles to go but both fell on the bed nearby. Shagun is on Aakash. Nd they were busy.
Meanwhile rahul dropped kavya near her workshop.
Rahul: so u just get ready at 5 pm I’ll pick u up.
Kavya: OK bye… ur patients must be waiting for u.
Rahul: bye..!!
He goes to the clinic where ishu alone treats all the patients. Rahul sees her.
Ishu: OK then use this for a week nd u’ll notice the change.
Patient: thank u Dr. (He goes)
Rahul: oh oh oh… god!!!! My pagal is alone working here?
Ishu: yaar idiot.. where the hell ve u been?
Rahul: I’m with kavya.
Ishu: ha ha… finished ur romance ur did u left in the middle..?
Rahul: hey u know kavya got a new job in an international designer company.
Ishu: really…? I’ll congrats her later nd Idiot don’t divert the topic.
Rahul: okk I’m sry… I’ll bear ur punishment.
Ishu: acha… then tit for tat. Tom u gonna do my half day duty. OK?
Rahul: OK fyn.
Ishu: that’s my gud idiot.
She came to him nd pulled his cheeks. He smiled.
There… Aakash nd Shagun r hugging sleeping.
Shagun: akhi…
Aakash: hmmm
Shagun: promise me that u won’t leave me in any situation.
Aakash: agar shadi karliya toh yeh karna pedega na. ( if I married u then I ve to do it na)
Shagun: akhi…!!!
Aakash: don’t wry Shagun… I’m always with u. I luv u yaar.
Shagun smiles: luv u too akhi.
They both hug.
Shagun: ab hum puri tarah se ek hogaye hai akhi. Main apni jhoot ko sach karoongi. (Now We r completely one akhi. I will make my lie true)
They slept a while.
In the office ,
Raman: where is this Aakash dead? I’ll call him. ( he calls him but
Later around 4 pm… Aakash woke up..nd  he kissed her forehead. She too woke up with it.
Aakash: Shagun… I think ishu will be coming… as we ve to out for movie na. So i’ll go now. U too get ready nd come with ishu to the inox mall OK.
Shagun: OK then. Bye.
He smiled, wore his shirt nd went away. Shagun then went to her wardrobe.
Meanwhile ishu came home… amma came to her nd gave her water.
Ishu: thanks amma.
Amma: u came earlier..?
Ishu: ha amma actually we all planned for a movie nd dinner.
Amma: acha then Shagun is also coming ?
Ishu: ha amma.
Amma: its better u take her… she in ur room from mrng.
Ishu: y what happened..?
Amma: she’s having headache so she came home… even Aakash was with till now. Nd just went away.
Ishu: I’ll go to her amma.
Ishu goes to her room…
Shagun: arey ishu u came..?
Ishu: Shagun r u alright?
Shagun: yeah I’m fyn. Y?
Ishu: nothing amma is saying ki u r not feeling gud.
Shagun: ha actually I just want to bunk my office today so..
Ishu laughs: u r such a nautanki na.
Shagun: OK leave abt that nd see what can I wear for tonight.
Ishu: hmm wait let me select too.
The both were busy in selecting their dresses nd were getting ready.

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  1. Nice dear.l want lshra love moment

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    Thank God u’re back, I did not realise this until today. Love this but want to see more of ishra scene.

  3. nice one…ishra scenes were missing…

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  5. nice update shagun and akash scene was nice waiting for ishra scene pls update soon

  6. Rashita

    Nice epi……. Actually these days I was reading your ff from the beginning so I didn’t have time to comment……but really your ff is sooooooo very very very nice…….. I can’t tell its the best loved each and every part of your ff………and today’s epi….. shaakash scenes were nice but missed ishra scenes…….waiting for a nice epi with ishra scenes and that too soon…… plz update soon dear…… I can’t wait

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