You r my life part 74

thanks everyone for ur lovely comments… nd without out any delay lets start our episode.

the episode starts with aakash seeing ashok.
ashok: yeah… i know the reason for shagun’s resign.
aakash: y did she resign…?
ashok: i’ll tell u aakash…. but i’m surprised that she didnt say u nd took this much big step…?
meanwhile shagun who’s sleeping heard a calling bells at the door. amma opened it.
amma: arey aakash come it… came to meet shagun. i’ll call her.
shagun: what akhi came here… how did he know that i’m here?
aakash: no amma… i’ll go to her.
amma: acha then she’s in ishu’s room.

he goes to the room nd finds her sleeping… he thought not to disturb her… she closes the door while she calls him waking.
shagun: akhi…! (aakash turned.) akhi…!!! she got down frn the bed nd hugged him.
aakash: what happened shagun…? i heard that u resigned…?
shagun gets shocked.
shagun: akhi… who said u..?
aakash: ashok.. ur senior. he said me everything… y u resigned.
shagun: what…?!!! (she gets lil tensed)it’s not like that akhi.
aakash: shagun…ma didnt said u like that na…to leave the job. i know thats not the reason… then y did u leave the job..? even u were not alright frm the past few days…nd shagun, i want the answer now.
shagun: vo..
aakash: shagun come directly to the point… i jst want reason for ur behavior nd not any other explanations.

shagun: because…
aakash: what. becoz…say me.
shagun: becoz i ve a doubt ki i’m..
aakash: u re..?
shagun: pregnant…
aakash is shocked.
meanwhile… rahul nd kavya in cafe…
kavya: u know rahul… i ve selected for the international designer company.
rahul: oh really that grt.
kavya: now i think i’m settled. i ve a gud job, gud boyfriend nd a gud family…this is haina perfect life.

rahul: ha ha…u re right. (sipping the coffee)
kavya: i’m jst waiting for my mom to fix a mahurat for our shadi then we’ll be perfectly settled.
rahul: what shadi…? r u serious..? u want to marry me…?
kavya’s smile vanished: come on rahul… u r joking right.
rahul: arey kavya… how can u think that we’ll marry, we r jst in a date right. but u r..
kavya: stop it rahul.. it’s a stupid joke.

rahul: i’m not joking… u r the one who’s joking.
tears rolled frm kavya’s eyes… she started crying… rahul notices this.
rahul: arey…kavya…dont cry…(he came nd sat beside her consoling) i was jst kidding yaar… i’m sry i’m sry i’m sooo sry.
kavya: get lost rahul…
rahul: arey… im soo sry baby…(he hugged her)
kavya: really its a stupid joke… i hate u…(she beats her) u made my cry na… u jst want to see my tears na.
rahul: no bay… i jst want to make u laugh.
kavya stares at him: see then am i laughing ?… u idiot stupid rascal… all r u only. i jst hate u.

rahul smiles: i luv u (he hugs her again)
kavya: dont play this types of jokes near me again. or else nxt time i wont cry… i’ll jst send u to jail…keeping a domestic case on u.
rahul gets shocked at her words: oh god…i’m sry devimayya i wont do this again.
they both look at eachother nd laughs.
rahul: ok ok now ve this coffee or else…i’ll become cold coffee nd we must pay the rate of cold coffee.

kavya laughs.
ishu in thje clinic while works ses the parcel sent by raman.
ishu: oh i jst forgot abt this…i’ll open nd see whats in this. (she opens this nd finds a letter with a box)
” hi baby, this is the most precious moment of my life… u dont know how much happy i was while getting married to u… i hope the same with u. i think u don’t remember those. ok then ve a glance at once through this.”
she took the box nd opened it… she found their wedding album in it. she opened the album nd looked to each nd every moment of their wedding. she smiled seeing it. she called raman.
raman: what did u like the gift..?

ishu: hmm.
raman: what only this much response…?
ishu: actually… i feel like kissing u…but u r not here na.
raman: u jst end the call…i’ll come there.
ishu: not needed…. i’ll give u when i want to. u dont come here again embarrassing me.
raman: acha…ok then.bye… i’m lil busy.
ishu: whats that importanat work more than me…?
raman: actually not but yes…ok bye bye. (he ends the call) now she’ll understand my pain.
ishu: how mean… here i’m speaking nd ended the call…? i’ll see him later.
meanwhile in ishu’s room…
aakash: shagun r u serious…?

shagun: akhi…i’m not yet confirmed. i jst ve a doubt becoz… i can feel those symptoms… i researched in the net. i often feel tired, headache. i feel like depressed nd feel like being with u more. i jst dont want to leave u akhi… plz be with me today plz…!!!
aakash: but shagun this doesnt mean u r pregnant right.
shagun: yeah akhi…even i dont know what’s my prblm. but i want to be with u. dont leave me today… plz…plz…!!! ( she hugs him nd cried nd he consoled her)
aakash: shagun…u dont wry… i’m with u.
she looks at him nd thinks…

shagun: i’m sry akhi… i lied to u… but what to do… i dont ve any strong reason to convince u. nd even i ve to make my lie true as i lied to u. i’m really so sry akhi.

shagun nd aakash were sleeping hugging.
shagun: akhi..
aakash: hm..
shagun: promise me that u wont leave me at any situation.
aakash: agar shadi karliya toh yeh karna padega na ( if i married u i ve to do it na)
shagun: akhi…
aakash: shagun… y will i leave u… i love u yaar… i wont leave u at any cost.
shagun smiles: i love u too akhi.

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  1. Nice dear.l like ishra moment

  2. Zaira
    this is my first ever story plz do read n comment …
    awesome episode loved ishra n ravya …feeling very bad for shagun …i hope the truth comes out n everythibg becomes alright ….
    is ur campus sumedha or chaitnya ?if not chaitnya then that was a misunderstanding so.sorry for that

    1. Lasya Priya K

      It’s sumedha which is one of the new campus of chaitanya, zaira. Anyway its OK. Also I’ll surely read ur ff. Thank for ur info… as im vry bored that I want a new story to read.

  3. nice update shagun lied to akah she is pragnent ishra phone talk was cute pls continue soon

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  5. poor shagun…feeling bad for her…ishra as always awesome…

  6. Kumud

    Awwww so sweet

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