You r my life part 73

Hi guys… I’m so happy after reading ur comments below. Nd even want some more response.
OK OK let’s start today episode..

The episode starts with Shagun packing all her stuff from her desk. Sana came there.
Sana: what happened Shagun… what did the boss say?
Shagun: he asked me to complete the last project. i said him that i’ll work frm hme… nd he accepted.

sana: oh.. that man na. he jst want his work done thats it. how stupid ?
shagun: no yaar not like that, he jst want to make my work complete as it would be incomplete na. nd there’s going to be a farewell party for me… this sunday.
sana: acha… how come our boss became his much gud…?!
shagun: dont know… what happened to him. even that ashok is there in the cabin… while this conversation.

sana: u dont wry shagun…everything will be alright.
shagun: hope so. ok bye…!!! (they hug) call me if anything happened.
sana: nd u call me if want any help frm my side.
shagun smiles: ok ok will miss everything here.
she goes frm there after saying everyone nd informing here boss. even ashok watching frm the distance angrily.
ashok: u can go now shagun… but how can u escape frm me….? i’ll get u soon.
meanwhile…raman call aakash
raman: akhi… i asked ishu… nd she agreed. even rahul kavya nd saurav ayehsa r joining us.
aakash: oh thats grt.

raman: then wat abt shagun…? did she agree?
aakash: arey she’s not attending my call. i thought of going to her when u come.
raman: u jst book tickets for the movie nd a table for dinner in a gud restaurant … for us. nd ask ayu to manage nd go to shagun .
aakash: ok fyn.
they ends the call.
raman: so guys…everything is ready… ng movie for 5:30 pm… nd dinner at 9:00 pm.
ishu: its grt.
rahul: so’ll go now to my drlng. bye.
ishra: bye…!!!

raman: so
ishu: so?
raman: so now we can continue na..(he came forward)
ishu: raman… go away..!!
raman: arey ishu… what yaar.
ishu: not now raman.
raman: do u want any mahurat..?
ishu: exactly.
raman; but cant wait till that. at least a hug ?
ishu: hmmmmm…. ok fyn.
he hugs her they laugh.

ishu: u r really pagal raman.
raman: ha ha tum pagal aur main pagal..(u r mad nd im mad)
ishu: perfect haina iss pagal punjaban ke liye main pagal madrasan. (we’r r perfect na… a mad madrasan for a mad punjabi)
raman: aise toh pagalon ki jodi hothi hai. ( mad couple will be like that)
ishu: kuch bhi…?
thay laugh again.
raman: ok bye yaar.. akhi’ll be waiting.
ishu: ok bye…
raman suddenlu kissed her cheeks. ishu blushed nd he goes smiling.
meanwhile saurav calls ayesha.
ayesha: hey saurav….?
saurav: hi ayu.

ayesha: remembered me…?
saurav: ha thats y called u na.
ayesha: acha… say me whats the matter.
saurav: actually bhabhi called they planned a movie nd dinner tonight… so the asked to join us too. r u freee?
ayesha: whom u r asking…? i’ll of course come yaar.
saurav: then get ready at 5pm evng… i’ll pick u up.
ayesha: ok bye baby. (ends the call. jst then akhi came to her)
aakash: ayu… today..
ayesha: yeah we r going for movie nd dinner, saurav said me.
aakash: ok grt… then could u manage the work for a while… i’ll go to shagun.
ayesha: ok ok. bye ve a nice day.

aakash smiles.
there shagun…goes to ishu’s home (where she lives now for few days till mahurat for suhaagrat) to ishu’s room. amma came there.
amma: arey shagun u came so early…?
shagun: ha amma… i’m having lil headache.
amma: ayyo u take rest… i’ll gat u medicine.
shagun: it’s ok amma… i took medicine.

amma: ok then sleep for sometime.
she goes. shagun thinks how to say everyone abt her resignation nd slept.
meanwhile aakash goes to shagun’s office
aakash call shagun… but its unreachable. so he goes to the receptionist
aakash: excuse me..i’m aakash rawat. can i meet shagun?
receptionist: i’m sry sir but she isn’t there.
aakash: aey she work here na.. it’s working hrs.
receptionist: yes sir but she left the office as she resigned the job.
aakash: what…???!!!! but y..?
receptionist: i dont know sir.

a voice…’ but i know the reason” frm back.
aakash turns nd gets shocked to see ashok.

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  1. Lasya Priya K
    this is the link for all my episodes rashita. i’m so glad that u wanna read my ff frm beging. if u want the first episode u jst go to the eight page in the link address

  2. Nice dear.l like this story so much

  3. Kumud

    Nice but pls end Ashok character soon

  4. Veronica

    Awesome dude

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  6. Rashita

    Thx priya the epi was wonderful I loved it………ishra scene was cute and lovely and thx for the links…….. plz update soon dear…….

  7. hi priya dear long time no talk sorry for late response happy pongal dear lots oflove from me to u & happy newyear I wish u should get everything u want & coming to the episode no need to say u r always awesome & today u rocked I love ur every ff dear Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  8. loved it….ishra part was so cute…plz make episode little bit longer…

  9. mice update why can’t ashok leave shagun alone ishra scene was romantic pls continue soon

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