You r my life part 72

Hi hello nd gud mrng ( I typed this in the mrng… don’t know at which time u r reading) so thank u for ur response even after a long break I mean in the last episode….also I’m so sry for not posting
my episode that day… nd now in my
vacation… I promise to b regular. So
without wasting time… I’ll start the

Recap: all back to Delhi… Ashok tries to
misbehave with Shagun but she slapped him which made him shock.

The episode starts with Shagun crying in the washroom… just then her frnds sana
came there asking y she cried.
Shagun: nothing..( she wipers her tears nd washes her face)
Sana: Shagun… I know u r having prblm
with ashok right?
Shagun shocked: no no… not like that.
Sana: Shagun…. I saw u coming from
ashok’s cabin not only now but I
observed lot times.
Shagun: what…?
Sana: ha Shagun…. Did u say this to

Shagun: no.
Sana: y didn’t u say…. u shelf ve.
Shagun: what will I say him… my senior is troubling me… threatening me to marry
him…? U don’t know akhi nd Raman would kill him. I don’t want that sana.
Sana: then what will u do… if u proceed like this it may effect ur married life.
Shagun: I only ve one solution….
Sana: what ?
In Raman’s cabin…
Raman: yaar akhi y this ishu not
responding to my calls
Aakash: abbey what do I know..?
Raman: yeah what do u know… but she shld know na…. her husband is calling her.
Aakash: leave it… see I ve a plan… let’s
go to a movie. We four ? Nd also dinner after that.
Raman: movie…? Will they come?
Aakash: arey Raman u just convince
ishu… I know she’ll agree. Nd coming to Shagun…. I think she would be waiting for my call…. so I’ll call now. U go to her clinic nd ask her.
Raman: OK then I’ll go… u just manage
the work.
Raman leaves… Aakash tries shagun’s phone but she kept it in silence.
Aakash: y is she isn’t lifting the call? I
think i shld also go to her. But let Raman
come later I’ll go.
There Shpagun is looking at a letter…sana came there.
Sana: r u sure abt what u r doing?
Shagun: I don’t ve any other option. Don’t say this to anyone sana, plz.
Sana nods nd hugs her. Later
Shagun goes to her boss’s cabin.
Shagun: may I come in sir ?

Boss: oh… come in.
Shagun goes in nd gets shocked seeing ashok also sitting there. Ashok smiles seeing her.
Boss: yes… ?
Shagun: sir… actually,
She gives him the letter. He took it.
Boss: what’s this Ms. Shagun? Another wedding card..?(he laughs)
Ashok: Mrs. Shagun sir.
Boss: oh I forgot..
Shagun looks at Ashok…: sir its my resignation letter.. I thought of resigning the job.

Both Ashok nd the boss r shocked.
Boss: what…? But y Shagun… u r such a good employee… nd u work hard… u ve a gud salary here… nd u know Mr. Khanna
suggest me to promote u as a senior employee. Do u ve any prblm here..?
Ashok: Ms. Shagun..say me is there any prblm?
Shagun gives n angry glare at him: sir actually…. my mom doesn’t like me working till late night moreover I too feel like taking up my responsibility towards my family.
Ashok: how mean..? I can’t believe this… still there’s women discrimination going on in our society ?

Shagun: its my personal issue..! So plz
sir I can’t take up this job further.
Ashok: but Shagun… I think u’ll  get a gud career of ur here… in fact u worked here for many years.
Boss: Mr. Khanna is right. Shagun u just
think again nd say ur decision.
Shagun: there’s nothing left to think sir… I ve decided to resign the job. Nd I request
to approve it.
Boss: OK Shagun…. I’ll approve it. But on one condition.
Ashok: sir…???

Boss: u shld complete the work i ve given
u last week when u r in the leave. Nd we the company members would give u a farewell to u in this weekend, so work ur
last week in this company nd u can go
Shagun: but sir… I can’t work here anymore…. I… promised my mom.
Boss: no Shagun… I’ve put u a condition nd u ve to agree for it if u want me to
approve ur resignation.
Shagun thinks a while: OK sir… but a request I’ll work from my home sir plz.
Boss: ok that’s grt… so there’s a farewell party this Sunday…so until then u finish the work I ve given u.
Shagun gives a fake smile nd goes frm there.
Ashok: sir y did u approve her resignation
Boss: how can I force her Mr. Khanna ? Its her decision whether to work here or not. OK anyways leave abt it… we were discussing abt the deal right… u
Ashok: its over sir… I’m going.

He too left to his cabin.. nd was throwing all the things down…
Ashok: how can Shagun go like this… I
won’t let her go…. Ashok think something…u shld make Shagun urs.
Meanwhile in the clinic…. ishu came to
her cabin… ria came there.
Ria: congrats mam…!!!!
Ishu smiles : thank u ria.
Ria: but mam y did u came today itself… u shld ve take rest na… at least for 2
Ishu: its OK…. I shld ve my responsibility towards my profession. What abt patients ? Call them to me.
Ria: ha… they r coming. Actually mam I

came here to give u this parcel nd this
Ishu: oh… keep it there. who sent it.
Ria: don’t know but a courier boy came nd gave this to give u.
Ishu: OK thanks…. u go. (She went) I
think Raman sent them for me.
She took the bouquet of white lilies nd

smelled it smiling. She took the card from
it…. which is written
” Lovely flower to my angle… my life nd my to be wife <3 "
Ishu: to be wife…? Did Raman forget that
we were married?
Suddenly she felt hugged by someone from back….she turned nd found Raman there.
Ishu: Raman…?!( beats him) I was scared
a moment.
Raman: y jaanu… I'm here na..vaise did u like my surprise?
Ishu: not at all… so stupid.. am I ur to be
wife or ur wife?
Raman: I wrote like that to make u realize that we r married one day before.
Ishu: acha… y to make me realize… I already knew it.
Raman: oh then that's y u r not lifting my
Ishu: Raman I was busy yaar.
Raman: don't try to escape..from me.
Ishu: y to escape… when… I
Raman: I ?

Ishu: became u.
Raman: oh… such a romantic dialogue..?
U know I feel like kissing u yaar.
Ishu: then who's stopping u…but not now… when we ve full rights.
Raman: rights…? Arey we r married… what's wrong. Plz plz…!!!
Ishu: no Raman…!!!
Raman: y not ishu..!!
He came foreward nd ishu goes back… nd there she was pinned to wall.
Raman: nd now u can't escape.
Ishu: Raman no…
Raman doesn't listen to her nd came to kiss her..
Rahul: oh god….!!!!
Raman nd ishita moved away.
Rahul: arey yaar… u shld at least close the door.
Raman: arey rahul.. u shld at least knock the door.
Ishu: usually he won't knock while coming to me.
Rahul: OK OK don't wry I didn't see anything… u guys continue… I'll go.
Ishu: idiot… come on no prblm..
Raman: let him go na.

Rahul: its OK ishu I'll leave.
Ishu: Raman… !! he's mad. U come in idiot.
Rahul: OK…
They three sat nd were talking.
Raman: actually ishu.. akhi planned for a movie nd dinner today… so shall we.
Ishu: hmm.. cool.
Raman: rahul… y dont u nd kavya join us.
Rahul: nice OK I'll say her.
Ishu: y can't we join saurav nd Ayesha too.
Raman: OK then… I'll say akhi to book tickets for the movie.
Ishu: hmm.

Aakash: can I meet Shagun.
Receptionist: but sir she isn't there.
Aakash: arey she works her na… nd even the office isn't closed.
Receptionist: but she left the office. She resigned the job.
Aakash: what…???!!!!!

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