You r my life part 71


Hi frnds after a long gap right…im sry but what can i do…nd i promise at least to give 2/3 episodes…so plz forgive me nd also show ur anger or whatever in the comment section please plz plz……I know u will hai Na . OK now let’s proceed.

The episode starts In girl’s room, all were freshen up. ishu came out, after bathing, in her night suit.
Kavya: so now u ve to make a habit of applying sindoor Na.
Ishu: ha… I jst totally forgot abt it.
She goes to the mirror nd took sindoor box.
Ishu: it’s for the first time I’m applying sindoor…
She took a pinch nd applies to her forehead… A lil fell on her nose.
Kavya laughs: u know if sindoor falls on nose it indicates that u r mostly loved by Ur husband.
Ishu: really…?!!
Kavya: ha …!! Maa used to say me every time.
Ishu smiles: vaise where r others…?
Kavya: ayesha went for romancing with saurav… Their love jst bloomed today Na. Nd shagun went out as she got a call.
Ishu: ohh.
Meanwhile shagun in balcony talking to Ashok in phone.
Shagun: Ashok.. I’m warning.. if u again call me.. I will surely say to Aakash. Till now I thought u will leave me after I marry someone but u don’t. It’s a last warning to u… Beware of me.
She cuts the call nd turns to find ishu there nd gets shocked.
Ishu: what happened shagun…?
Shagun: vo.. ishu..
Thinks whether to say or not.
Iahu: whom u r scolding..? Is everything OK?
Shagun: vo.. actually ishu the bank people r irritating…to… Take loan nd new offers…Nd all.
Ishu: oh… There’s no problem Na.
Shagun: no no.. nothing.
Ishu: OK come fast.
They left to their room.
In boy’s room… All were freshen nd settled at their bed.
Raman murmurs: shadi ka pehla raat… Main iss kutthon se man raha hoon.. (I’m celebrating my first night of married life with these dogs..) what will be ishu doing..?
Aakash: Raman what r murmuring..yaar?
Raman: abt my fate.
Rahul: what happened now..?
Raman: yaar leave it… The more I recall it the more I feel like crying.
Aakash: ha..
Raman: vaise where’s saurav ?
Rahul: I think he’s with Ayesha… Having a romantic talk.
Suddenly Rahul’s mobile gives a sound which says he got a msg. Rahul smiles seeing the msg.
Aakash: abbey who’s it Kavya..?
Rahul: how did u know?
Aakash: they way u smiled brightly… I jst guessed.
Rahul: ohh… Nice guess. OK u guys sleep I’ll make a call.
He goes.
Raman: akhi.. what I’m thinking is shall I call ishu..?
Aakash: do what u want… What can I do ? Don’t know how’s shagun.
Raman: exactly what I’m saying I will call ishu nd u can call to shagun… As Kavya is with Rahul nd Ayesha with saurav.
Aakash: yeah yeah.. OK proceed.
Raman calls ishu, who’s listening to songs.
Ishu: hello.. who’s this?
Raman: this Ur husband speaking madam.
Ishu: oh Raman I’m sry actually I didn’t se Ur name on the screen.
Raman: acha… What r u doing?
Ishu: I’m listening to music.. what abt u?
Raman: missing u soo much yaar…
Ishu: oh.. me too.
Raman: liar.. u r listening to songs..?
Ishu: ha but.. to divert my mood. ok I’m sry
Raman: it’s ok baby… On the first night of marriage we shldnt fight. But we r.. hadd hoti yaar… Ur mom Na.. like this how can we get babies… I thought we could ve one small ishu. But how like this…?
Ishu laughs: it’s ok baby… we’ll do it.. don’t wry. Still there is much time for that drastic step.
Raman: hmm… I jst feel like hugging u. Will u come out plz…?
Ishu yawns: I’m sleepy Raman.. I’m sry but… Gud night.
Ends the call.
Raman: ishu I won’t leave u. I will take a hug frm u tomorrow. Gud night. He too lies on the bed remembering their marriage.
Meanwhile aakash nd shagun talking on the phone.
Aakash: baby missing u soo much.
Shagun: even I’m missing u. I want to meet u. Can I come there ?
Aakash: really…? Yeah u can.. Rahul nd saurav aren’t there. Nd Raman he’s sleeping.
Shagun: yeah even ishu is sleeping here.
Ok I’m coming there.
He cuts the call. Jst then shagun came… Aakash took her to the balcony nd closed the door.
Aakash: what happened… U said u wanna meet me?
Shagun: actually…(she hugs him) I missed this hug yaar. I jst want it without it I feel like suffocating so came here…
Aakash took her cheeks to his palms: say me what happened… I don’t know y but I feel u r having a problem… U look so tensed ?
Shagun: nothing.
Aakash: shagun… Won’t u say me, I promised u to make u happy.
Shagun thinks: vo akhi..
Aakash: shagun do u trust…?
Shagun: more than my self..akhi
Aakash: then say me.
Shagun: vo.. ash
Suddenly they heard a sound of someone coming…
Aakash: oh god I think Rahul nd saurav came.
Shagun: what will we do now..?
Aakash: wait..I will check.
He slowly opens the balcony door… He finds only Raman sleeping in the room.
Aakash: thank God… There’s no one.
Shagun: akhi.. I will now it will be prblm if I be here.
Aakash: ok then bye..
Shagun hugs him: gud night.
She went to her room nd slept. Aakash too slept thinking abt shagun. The nxt mrng… All had their breakfast nd heads to leave for Delhi.
Shaila: chotu… Take of Urself… Nd toshi take care of him ok.
Toshi: ha bhabhi ji.
Bhallaji: dhi dhi… U take care.
Shaila: ha ha…. I know.
Jaanvi: chathi hoon ji..(I’ll leave)
Amma: aap bhi kabhi kabhi dehli ayiye ( visit Delhi once or twice)
Shaila: ha ha.
Raman: bua..take care… love u(he hugs her)
Shaila: ha ha.. I will, u too take care also take care of my bahu don’t trouble her.
He smiles. Later shaila hugs saurav nd Kavya nd blessed rahul. All got into the bus nd going back to Delhi. ( Even ayesha is joining them to find a job there.) They reached Delhi by evng. Toshi, bhallaji, simmi, annanya, saurav, Kavya nd ayesha went to Raman’s home. Amma, appa, vandu, shritija, ishu, shagun went to ishu’s home. Aakash, Raman, arjun, jaanvi went to the flat. Sharad to his home nd rahul to his. They got freshen nd took rest aftr a long journey.
The next mrng… all went to their respective work places nd were working. In shagun’s office…
Sana: hey Shagun…!!!!!  congratulations….(hugs) sry yaar couldn’t come to ur marriage.
Shagun: thank u… nd its OK yaar no prblm.
Gaurav: hey Shagun… congrats…!!!
Shagun: thanks gaurav.( smiles)
Gavrav: vaise u look gud in this sari… its for first time seeing in sari.
Just then ashok came hearing gaurav praising Shagun nd gets angry. Ashok is senior to them… nd also the project manager to that project which Shagun is working on.
Ashok: do u guys only waste time talking eachother…? Now get back to ur works.
He orders…. so they went to their seats. Ashok calls Shagun to his cabin… Shagun goes there.
Shagun: may I come in sir..?
Ashok is talking to some employees… he sees Shagun nd send them out.
Ashok: come in Mrs. Shagun…?
Shagun: Rawat… Mrs. Shagun rawat !!
Ashok: yeah whatever… so how ur married life.. I think enjoyed a lot na.
Shagun looks here nd there: what’s ur prblm… y r u still following me when u know that I’m married nd I love someone else…?
Ashok : see Shagun… this is not the ans for my ques. Its OK nd I wanna say u something that u r too hot in this sari… hmm… so s*xy..!!!
Shagun tries to go but he stops her nd pulls towards him. She tries to go away… but he goes more closer to her. 
Shagun cries: plz leave me ashok…!!! Plz…plz… leave me…!!!
she shouts… he leaves her.. she then slaps him hard. He looks at her…
Shagun crying: don’t u dare touch me… Mr. Ashok khanna just stay away from me. ( she goes)
Ashok: Shagun …(he tries to stop but she goes away)
Shagun goes to washroom crying…. she cries. Sana who saw Shagun there asks her y is she crying. Shagun looks at her tensed.

Shagun goes to her boss nd gives him a letter.
Boss: what’s this Ms. Shagun ?
Ashok from back: Mrs. Shagun sir.
Boss: oh… I forgot.
Shagun: sir its my resignation letter. I thought of resigning the job.
Ashok nd the boss r shocked.

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