You r my life part 70

Hi frnds how r u all…hope gud nd sry for the delay. Let’s peep into our next episode.

Recap: Ashok’s entry.. he tells shagun that he will get her into his life… Ishra nd Shaakash get married.

The episode starts with all showering flower petals on the newly wed couples nd they were smiling. The couples took blessings of elders. Ishra went to shaila bua… Nd took her blessings.
Shaila: jeethe raho beta… Hamesha khush rehna tum dono…(always b happy both of u) Jaldi se mujhe ek nanne munne chotu sa bacha chahiye??(I want a cute nd little baby OK…?!!)
All smile.
Raman: bua…!!!! OK then if u insist then how can’t I do? We will do it… Hai Na ishu?
Ishu blushes: Raman…???!!
Jst then toshi came who heard only lil conversation.
Toshi: ha ha.. Raman mujhe bhi ek chahiye.( I too want one)
Raman: what maa what do u want… Is ishu a machine to give babies for everyone..?
All laugh. Ishu felt embarrassed.
Toshi: Chad ho Raman… What r u talking… I thought it’s something else.
Aakash: arey aunty ji… If Raman thinks abt it then it will b easy for him to give many babies…???.
Ishu: ???
Raman: chal bey Aakash… U can even give more than me … I know Ur capacity.
Aakash: arey if shagun is ready then it fyn. What do u say shagun ???
Shagun who’s thinking abt Ashok says “YES “. All were shocked at shagun’s reply.
Ayesha: I thought shagun is sensible but akhi u spoiled her Na..?

Aakash: then she’s my wife… Like husband like wife.
Saurav, Rahul, Kavya, Ayesha, Raman, Ishu: ohooooo….!!!!
Aakash: kk let b… First of all I wanna take rest… I’m so tired. Come baby let’s go to our room.
He says that holding shagun’s hand which made her come to her senses.
Shagun: yeah akhi.. even I’m tired so much let’s go.
Aakash: maa where’s our room…?
Raman: arey akhi beta still there r many rituals… To do we ve to play ring game Na. Don’t get hurries wait for some more time.
Jaanvi: ha akhi… Madavi ji went to prepare for that wait till we call u guys. Saying this she goes with toshi nd shaila.
Aakash: OK at least I will sit near the cooler yaar come shagun.
Aakash nd shagun head to leave…
Ayesha: akhi… How can u go there without Ur shoes…?
Aakash then realizes: oh god I thought abt it but… U r …
Raman: even my shoes r missing…?
Kavya: coz they r with me..
Ayesha: nd I ve Ur akhi.
Raman: Kavya… Who gave u my shoes to u… I gave them to Rahul nd said to hide them.
Kavya: Rahul gave me.
Rahul: Bhai actually… I’m sry but Kavya requested me with love so I ve to..
Raman: acha beta… I too warned u with love Na.
Rahul: but u r not Kavya that I can get melted Na.
Raman stares Rahul angrily.
Aakash: so saurav gave u these ayu…?
Ayesha: no no… I took from him.

Saurav: yes akhi… I didn’t give her but she took them from me.
Kavya: OK OK now enough of discussions… Pay us nd get Ur shoes.
Ayesha: ha… Pay nd go.
Raman: but I don’t ve my purse now… I’ll give u later.
Aakash: me too.
Ayesha: what me too…? If Kavya dhi left Raman Bhai then also I won’t leave u… Ve to pay.
Kavya: I will follow Ayesha.
Raman nd akhi ask for their shoes… Ishu nd shagun laugh.
Saurav: arey bhaiyon… Y to begthem like this… U r get business men y can’t u pay them… It’s jst Rs. 10,000/- for u both.
Raman: what Rs. 10,000/- ???!!!!.. We won’t pay.
Aakash: with that money we can ve beer party. (All look at Aakash) I… Mean we won’t pay.
Kavya: OK then u ve to bear a punishment.
Raman: what punishment?
Ayesha: think it’s ayesha here… We will give u any task.
Aakash: I will do anything but don’t pay.
Raman: yeah.
Kavya: OK then Raman u ve to… Propose ishu in front of all as how u proposed her for the first time.
Ayesha: nd akhi u ve to dance with shagun on a romantic song.
Aakash: OK I will.. shagun?
Shagun holds his hand: i would love to akhi.(smiles)
Raman: it’s OK it’s n advantage for me. What do u say ishu..?
Ishu whispers: Raman… No as the same way means will u kiss me…? Infrnt of all…?!!!
Raman: if it shld be done what can I do.
Ishu: no Raman.. plz.
Raman: arey no problem.
Kavya: what r u both discussing..? Come on Raman do it fast.

Raman grabs ishu to the centre. He sits on knees taking the ring on ishu’s hand..
Raman: ishu.. I don’t know when it happened but it happened… I fell in love with you…. I don’t know how much I love u.. but it’s incomparable with anything… I LOVE U ishu… Will u marry me?
Ishu smiles: but I don’t love u… I’m sry, I love someone else..(all were confused) I love my RAAVAN KUMAR the most… He’s my life.
Raman smiles: yeah I know…(he gets up) that I’m Ur RAAVAN.
Ishu then hugs him: I LOVE U TOO Raman.
All clap for them. They broke their hug. Kavya comes to Raman nd gives him his shoes… : So romantic ha…?
Ishra smile.
Ayesha: no it’s Ur turn akhi.. come on.
Aakash: OK OK…!!
Aakash nd shagun were in the centre facing each other… Looking in their eyes. Ayesha plays a romantic song… Say SAB TERA frm Baaghi.
A: Naa jiya zindagi ek pal bhi…tujhse hoke juda.. Sun Zara..
S: bin tere mujhe nau raaz tha dil… Tu Mila hai tho hai gehraha…
A: main toh tere rang mein rang chuka hoon… Bas tera ban chuka hoon mera mujh mein kuch nahi… SAB TERA..!!!
S: main toh tere dang mein dang chuki hoon…. Bas Teri ban chuki hoon mera mujh mein kuch nahi SAB TERA…,SAB TERA…, SAB TERA…, SAB TERA…!!!
At the end they finished their performance with a hug.
All clap for them too.
Shagun had tears… Where Aakash wipes them.
Shagun: LOVE U Akhi.
Aakash smiles: y r u crying?
Shagun: nothing.
Aakash: arey it’s our day…. Ve to njoy.
Shagun smiles.
Ayesha came to them : hmm akhi…. Superb man.. loved Ur expressions…(hugs him)
Shagun thinks: arey yaar yeh ladki kabhi nahi sudregi… Shadi hogayi, usko bhi ek Banda Mila phir bhi akhi ko ghale laga rahi hai…. Isko kya karun kaise samjaun…????( This girl won’t change, we were married, nd she loves someone then also she’s hugging my husband… What shld I do her… How can I make her understand..??)
Aakash: thank u ayu..!!

Ayesha: even shagun was gud.
Shagun gives a fake smile.
Aakash: OK then now give me my shoes…!
Ayesha: ha ha.( She gives his shoes to him.)
Raman: OK now shall we play the ring game.. bua called us to get inside.
They all went in where 2 big bowls filled with rose milk water.
Shaila: arey come on… Sit here.
She places Raman nd ishu at one table nd Aakash nd shagun at the other.
Shaila: see now I’m placing a silver nd gold rings in these bowls… So who will find gold one they will rule… Nd the one who finds silver will also b the ruler. (All laugh) OK now start.
Ishra nd Shaakash put their hands in the bowls. Raman looks at ishu who’s playing the game sincerely… Raman then pats her hand in the water… She looks at him…he then gives her a flying kiss…which shocks her… He slowly took one of the ring frm her hand nd shows to everyone… Which suppose to b the silver.
Aakash: he he… Raman means u’ll b a joru ka gulam…??????
Raman: shut up saale…!!!
Ishu smiles nd then shows everyone the gold ring.
Toshi: hmm… My bahu won the game…. U r fit for nothing Raman.
Raman makes a puppy face.
Aakash laughs at Raman… while shagun takes gold ring frm his hand nd shows to everyone nd amuses Aakash.
Jaanvi: hmmm… Even my bahu won the gold ring… Nd akhi silver…?!! Chi chi..!!!
Aakash: ???
Raman laughs seeing Aakash: ???
Saurav: so both the grooms got silver rings…??!!
Rahul: so both of them will be joru ka gulams !!!
Aakash looks at shagun where she smiles???.
Raman: I’ll b anything for ishu…(says looking at her lovingly)
Ishu: acha… Really??!
Raman: ha my princess… Anything for u.

Rahul: bas bas bahuth hogayi romance… Go nd do it in Ur room later.
Amma: acha toshi ji… I asked pandit abt suhaagraat… He said that there’s no muhurat till a week. So what I’m saying is we can keep suhaagraat nxt week when we reach Delhi. Until then ishu nd shagun will b in our home.
This statement made Raman nd Aakash shock. They were in hell shock????
Toshi: ha ha.. as u say madaviji.
Shaila seeing Raman in shock: but is it important to keep suhaagraat in mahurat…?
Amma: yes bhabhi ji… It means a lot… Mahurat is for life long happiness.
Jaanvi: OK then we’ll do it.
Aakash: maa…?!
Jaanvi: ha akhi.. I’ll be with u in Ur flat with Ur Papa…what do u say ?
Aakash nods.
Bhallaji: so everyone go to Ur rooms… Where u guys everyday used to sleep.
Everyone left… Except the gang of 8.
Raman: kya saasu maa.. suhaagraat cancel kardiya..?! ( What’s this mom in law… Y did u cancelled suhaagraat?!) How will i get u baby now?!
Ishu: Raman.. they didn’t cancelled it.. but postponed. Y r so worried.
Aakash: arey u don’t know ishu… They me nd Raman who know it.
Shagun: yaar ishu let’s go I’m so tired.
Ishu: yeah yeah come.
Raman: arey wait… What will I do with this knot…. Take it with u.
He took his sherwani cloth which is tied with ishu’s sari pallu nd gave it to her.
Aakash: arey shagun.. u too take.
He gave her. They left with Kavya nd Ayesha.
Saurav: now what will we do?
Raman: wht to do… Let’s go nd sleep I’m so tired.
They too left for their room having light dinner.

Precap: All Back to Delhi.

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