You R My Life PART 7


Episode 7
The episode starts with ishu realizing what she had said.
Vandu: what did u say? Raman?
Ishu: what happened?
Vandu: r u in love with him?
Ishu: y did u ake me like that? No no….never.
Vandu: arey…u said that raman is so sweet that he can’t see u struggling…
Ishu: really? I said that? No akka.
Vandu: don’t lie to me ishu. Say yaar I won’t say this to anyone.
Ishu: really akka it’s nothing between us. Even u know na I don’t believe in this love nd all. – accha ok, when did u come?
Vandu: jst now.
Ishu: so madam u finally came to the engmt.
Vandu: how’ll this engmt happen without me?
Ishu: hmm……….. That’s right.
They both laugh nd hug each other.
Ishu: akka did amma see u?
Akka: no ishu u have to manage her at any cost.
Ishu: ok I’ll do it…. U don’t worry.
Meanwhile someone knows the door. Ishu goes nd opens the door. They get shocked seeing amma there….nd amma to get shock seeing vandu there.

Amma: ishu, what’s she doing her?
Ishu: amma… akka realized her mistake plz forgive her.
Amman: ishu… u I broke her relations with me then y did u do this? Plz send her away frm here….. she wanted to study let her do that who am I to stop her.
Amma abt to turn nd go vandu holds her hand nd stops her.
Vandu: amma plz forgive me…. I’m really sry for what I did. Even I don’t want to do that but my situation forced me to do so. Plz amma, won’t u forgive ur daughter? If u want give me any punishment… I’ll accept but plz talk to me nd forgive me amma. Plz plz plz amma. (She cries nd fall at her feet)
Amma with teared eyes make vandu get up.
Amma: no no kanna, I’m sry for not allowing u to ur wish. Will u forgive me? For what I did.
Vandu smiles nd they both hug. Ishu comes nd hug them.
Amma: ok vandu… frsh up today is ishu’s engmt right, waer gud clothes.
Vandu: ok amma. Amma goes. ishu nd vandu laugh.
Ishu: akka…. How to make our plan success?
Vandu: I’ve n idea!!!
Vandu wispers something to ishu… nd ishu smiles.
Ishu: superb akka…. U came with full planning ha…?
Vandu: then…. Don’t underestimate ur akka.
They laugh. They freshens up nd goes downstairs.jst then Raman, shagun, nd aakash came.
Raman: hey vandu! How r u? When did u came?
Vandu: I’m fine raman…. I came today morning.
Shagun nd aakash: hi vandu.
Vandu: hi guys…. Come nd have breakfast.

They ate breakfast, nd were busy in their works for the preparations for the engmt.
In the evening, the engagement night……..
All the arrangements were done nd all the relatives came chatting with each other nd were shining in their beautiful clothes.
Shagun: finally it’s ishu’s engmt.
Aakash: ya it is.
Raman was sitting upset. Meanwhile abhimanyu comes there.
Abhi: hey guys!!!!
Shagun: hi jiju… looking so handsome in this outfit. I’m sure ishu gonna flat.
Abhi: oh… let’s see. (raman fumed nd jealous…. Aakash consoling him)
Amma announces that dhulhan nd dhule should arrive onto the stage to exchange their rings. Abhi goes there, whereas ishu nd vandu comes there together. Raman, aakash nd shagun watching them. Pandit asked the bride nd groom to exchange their rings. Raman saya that he can’t see this happening nd turns to go but aakash holds him nd says
Aakash: raman see this….. What’s happening.
Raman turns nd sees. He gets shocked seeing abhi nd vandu exchange their rings. Not even raman but the whole venue in hell shock.

Ishu says the reason for abhi nd vandu’s engmt….. All to accept it.

Credit to: priya

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