You r my life part 69

Hi frnds… Sooooooooooooooooooo looooonnnnngggg gap btwn us Na I think I guys must be kept weapons ready to attack me for this delay right…. I’m srt for that delay but what can I do… It’s my fate…??? It’s so dramatic Na???. OK then for now let’s stop this buck buck and proceed to our episode.

Recap: the brides and grooms were made ready. Saurav proposes ayesha… Nd she accepted.

The episode starts with brides getting ready in a room.
Kavya: bhabhi…
Ishu: ha..
Kavya: can I ask u one thing ?
Ishu: yeah…
Kavya: u ve to say me true.
Ishu: arey ask yr
Kavya: at Ur schl days.. Raman Bhai fell in love with u… But what abt u. Do u ve any crushes.. on Raman or anyone else ?
Ishu: actually…
Shagun: what…? Ishu nd crush…? Arey u don’t know she is a book insect??????… She can’t fall in love with anyone except with her books…. Don’t know what magic did Raman do she fell in love with him.

Ishu: baby… What’s this.. y do u always taunt my Raman…?
Shagun: oho.. I’m not taunting Ur Raman… Instead I’m praising him to make a book insect fall for him.
Ishu makes a puppy. All laugh.
Kavya: so that’s y my bhabhi became a big Dr.
Ishu: not that much big.
Ayesha: but u r big dream for Raman Bhai Na…????!!!!
All laugh…
Ishu: arey y all of u r making fun of us ?
Shagun: ohhhooooo…!!!! U look so pink when u blush yaar.
Ishu: shut up.. yaar or else..
Shagun: what will u do?
Ishu: i will say to Raman.
Kavya, ayesha, shagun:oooohhhhooo…!!!
All laugh at ishu’s reaction.
Meanwhile annanya came.
Annanya: chachi…!!!

Shagun: arey annanya… Wow u r looking so pretty.
Annanya: thank u chachi… U too r looking beautiful. Even mami, Kavya chachi, ayesha dhi r looking beautiful.
Kavya: acha ji… Hum sare log chachi aur maami hai.. par yeh ayesha tere ko dhi hai..? (All of us r aunties but ayesha is Ur sister..?)
Ayesha: it’s OK Na dhi.. leave it. Annanya is so innocent… Don’t point out her. Acha annanya u call me dhi chachi or whatever u like OK.
Annanya: OK, But I ve many chachis.
Kavya: coz Ur maami ve many sisters.
Shagun: ha..!!!
Annanya: actually I came here to say that someone came to meet shagun chachi.
Shagun: ohh but who’s that?
Annanya: I don’t but he’s saying that he wants to talk to you.
Saying this she ran away to play.
Shagun: who can it be ?

Ishu: I think it’s Ur akhi’s plan.. he may be planned a romantic surprise for u.
Shagun: if I think like that then it’s my dream. Also if he called annanya will say that chachu called u but…
Kavya: arey go nd meet the person then u will get relieved.
Shagun: OK I’m going.
She went saying this. But she found no one out… Suddenly her mobile gave a sound which indithat she got a msg… She checked nd found that she was asked to come to the terrace immediately by n unknown number.
Shagun: who’s this… Who ve msged me… Let’s go nd find it.
She went to the terrace… Nd found a tall man looking opposite side of shagun.
Shagun: hello.. who’s this?! Y ve u called me here?
He turned nd made shagun shock.
Shagun: u…???? What r u doing here ?
Ashok: arey shagun… U r marrying… Won’t I b there with u?
Shagun: shut up.. how dare u come here… Don’t u understand if I say once… Yr u troubling me first u get lost.. if anyone saw u with me then it will be a big issue.
Ashok: arey shagun calm down… Don’t get hyper… Vaise u look hot in this bridal look.
Shagun: ashok mind it… I love aakash nd will only marry him nd I ve said this to million of time… If u don’t understand then it’s not my problem.
Ashok: even I said many times that I love u nd will only marry u. Either if u marry anyone or not I don’t care but I will marry only u.
Shagun: r u mad… Within a few mins I’m going to marry u r saying that u will marry me.
Ashok: see shagun u can marry aakash now but cannot lead a married life with him… I will get u in my life even u marry him.
Shagun: u became mad… Get lost.
Saying this she turns to leave but he hold her hand.
Shagun: leave me ashok..
Ashok: I love u shagun…
Shagun: but I hate u.. nd I only love aakash to the core.
Ashok: I don’t care abt whom u love but I love u nd will get u.
Shagun: leave me ashok…

She tries hard to lose his grip but fails… Meanwhile aakash searches for shagun… Nd asks ishu.
Ishu: I don’t know akhi someone came to meet her so went.
Ayesha: but I saw shagun going to the terrace.
Aakash: OK then I will go there.
Ishu: akhi… Njoy with shagun ha.
Aakash: shut up yaar.
He goes to the terrace.. nd sees shagun there.
Aakash: shagun…!!!
Shagun turns in shock.
Shagun whispers to ashok: ashok plz leave my hand… Aakash is coming… Plz.
Ashok: so this is Mr. Aakash rawat. Let me introduce myself to Ur would be.
Ashok leaves her hand. Aakash comes to them.
Aakash: yaar shagun u r here I’m searching for u the whole house. (He looks at ashok) who’s he?
Shagun: vo…vo… He’s ..
Ashok: hi Mr. Aakash… I’m Ashok khanna. Shagun is my colleague.
Aakash: oh hi.. I’m shagun’s..(they both shake their hands)
Ashok: ya I know she told me.
Aakash: oh..actually I came to say that maa is calling u far the rituals shadi is going to start so..
Shagun: yeah I’m coming akhi.. u jst go I’ll b there.
Aakash: OK.. ha.. Mr. Ashok plz join us in our shadi… I’ve to b here.
Ashok: no no… actually I ve some urgent work so I personally cam here to congratulate u both. I ve to go now.
Aakash: but..
Ashok: I’m sry but ve to go. Anyways Happy married life to u both.
Aakash: thank u bro.
Ashok: OK then I’ll leave… Bye shagun.
He then hugs here which made shagun shock..Nd whispers to her.
Ashok: remember me shagun… I will get in your life. Gudbye only for now.
Ashok leaves. Shagun goes on thinking…
Aakash: what happened yaar?
Shagun: nothing… Come let’s go.

Then all were gathered near mandap….all were doing some rituals for shadi.
Appa: what I’m saying is..first we’ll make one pair wear var maala nd the the other coz masti is important Na.
Arjun: ya sure.
Toshi: then firstly my Raman nd ishita will do it. As they r senior lovers.
All laugh. Ishra blush.
Jaanvi: OK then ishu nd Raman come onto the mandap.
They went to the mandap nd were standing facing each other holding var maala. Raman was smiling like anything nd ishu was blushing.
Saurav: arey will u both keep on wasting by looking itself or do the ritual.
This made to break their eyelock.
Raman looks at ishu nd heads to wear maala… But suddenly ishu grew high.. as saurav, rahul nd aakash were lifting her.
Raman tried a lot but failed to wear maala. He got angry nd went away out of mandap.. which made ishu nd everyone shock.
Ishu: Raman…where r u going ??
After a while he came with a stool??… Which made laugh. He placed the stool infrnt of ishu, who’s shocked at his antics, nd stood upon it. He wore maala to her. All clap for then laughing.
Aakash: abbey Raman.. really u r too funny.
Raman: he he he..hogai maza..? (Ve fun?)
Aakash nods.
Raman: what r u looking yaar… Wear var maala to me.
Ishu smiles nd wore maala for him.
Like wise shagun nd Aakash too exchange their maalas. The four sat on the mandap for their d-day. The did some puja nd the pandit asks the grooms to fill sindoor on the forehead of their brides. Ishra smiles swing each other. Raman puts sindoor on her forehead… Ishu closes her eyes smiling.
Raman: love u ishu.
Ishu: love u too Raman.
Aakash too puts sindoor shagun also smiles but gets tensed thinking abt Ashok. Later the grooms wear mangal sutr to their brides…simmi tires ishu’s sari pallu with Raman’s sherwani cloth… Like wise vandu ties for Aakash nd shagun.. then both the couples took phera rounds nd then the pandit declares that they were married…. Happily.??????????.

After shadi rituals… Nd shagun thinks to say Aakash abt Ashok.

Nd I want much response frm my ff readers… Plz do comment.

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