You R My Life part 68


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nd coming to the episode starts with early in the mrng around 6 o clock it seems, the gang was sleeping peacefully near the bonfire itself, which is slightly burning, for the whole night covering themselves with a thick blanket, shivering for the cold climate. jst then suddenly all got up nd were running under the roof… its the rain who woke them up.
saurav: arey yaar… this rain, shld it come now?
rahul: actually its our mistake… that we slept out.
shagun: thank god im fine orelse if i got wet in that rain, i would ve got cold… nd all my shadi will get spoil.

ishu: yes yaar.
kavya: come on guys lets go to our rooms nd sleep.
as soon a they went in they saw the beautiful mandap getting ready. all were looking at that with amazement.. ayesha, raman nd aakash were smiling seeing each other.
ishu: wow….!!!!! such a beautiful mandap.
shagun: its jst amazing. but it isnt ready yesterday night na… but how did it get ready…?
raman: its jst a magic.
kavya: what do u mean..?
ayesha: bhai meant ki… its jst a magic.
kavya: i didnt said to repeat the thing.
aakash: nothing yaar… we did this for the whole night.
raman: yeah.. me akhi nd ayesha… did this.
ishu: wow raman, baby its… its… i cant say. such n amazing wonderful decoration yaar. luv u.
she hugs him. even shagun hugs akhi nd raman…they all smile… they all had a group hug.
shaila bua (came): arey u guys got up so early… okk go nd get ready there r many rituals for us to do… nd evng shadi… mandap shld get ready nd all.
saurav: arey maa… once look at there.. see how mandap is looking pretty as a beautiful bride.
shaila: haaye main mar jaava…!!!! kitni soni kitni changa dikh rahi hai, yeh mandap. kisne kiya yeh…? ( omg….it is looking so nice yaar…who did this… its really so nice…!!!)
kavya: maa… raman, aakash nd ayesha did this jod while evryone r sleeping.
shaila: really?

saurav: ha ha.
shaila: raman, aakash nd ayehsa such a gud job…. thank u so much u made my work so easy.
raman: arey bua…y to thank us ? mera shadi hai… toh mein apni biwi ko nahi tayar kar sakta hoon na, so mandap ko tayar kiya. (its my wedding…. i cant make my wife get ready so i made this get ready thinking that im making ishu ready)
all: oooohhhhhwwww…!!!!!!

ishu blushes.
shaila laughs: ok fine now everyone go nd get ready.
all went to their room. meanwhile the other decorations were done… pandit came amma-appa (frm shagun nd ishu’s side), bhallaji-toshi, arjun-jaanvi sat for the pooja rituals.
in the girl’s room all were getting ready.
ishu nd ishu in normal chudi (without bath) as all the ladies will make them bath with rose water, milk, turmeric nd sandal powder. kavya nd ayesha were in simple sarees.
they went down…ishu nd shagun were seated beside… nd all the ladies were around them covering. they were applying turmeric paste to them. also sandal paste… then they poured milk nd rose water over them. later at last they went to room to bath with hot water.
the same is done with raman nd akkash too.
raman: maa… i wont do bath infront of all. what abt my respect… what abt my reputation?
toshi: arey… im not saying u to remove ur clothes…jst remove ur shirt.. no need to remove ur bottom nor this vest.

raman: but maa…
toshi: shut up raman… u becae so adamant nowadays.. always saying no. do u think u r a kid…? see aakash is silent y r u making noise?
aakash: raman yaar… come on.
raman stares at him: ok fine come.
they went down nd sat… all the ladies surrounded them as usual they started applying all of them.
ishu, shagun, ayesha nd kavya were hiding nd laughing at both of them.raman noticed them…
raman: maa… bua they r laughing at us.
shaila saw them ns ays: arey.. here my laalu is bathing dont u guys ve shame to she like this… now go get in… go.
they went.
ishu: laalu… who’s he? raman ?
kavya: ha… maa calls him laalu… which raman doesnt like it at all.
ishu smiles: laalu…so cute..!!!
later all were busy…doing pooja down… where the girls r getting reedy for the shadi.
ishu in her royal red bridal dress…so as shagun. they were looking beautiful with their bridal jewllery, hair as long plait…with bridal make over..etc etc.
kavya: dhi u both r really looking beautiful…i think ur grooms will faint seeing ur beauty.
shagun: i think so.
ayesha: bhabhi… i stopped saying u the episode na.
ishu: ha ha plz continue ayesha.

ayesha: ofcourse bhabhi, in my 7th summer vacation, one day bhai was sitting alone in his room nd writing something… i didnt know what he was writing. so i slowly went nd saw ur name on the paper with a big heart. i asked raman bhai who is ISHITA. he replied me nothing… i said “tume ishita ki kasam” then he said me that he loves u. even i promised i will not say this to anyone… but as the matter came till shadi.. i was revealing u.
ishu: oh.

shagun: omg… ishu raman… u both r so fast.
ishu: hello..i dont ve such feeling at that time yaar. only he had crush on me. i never had it.who know that crush became longer nd longer nd longer ki he cant live without me.
kavya: oho…???!!!!!
saurav knocks the door: may i come in?
ayesha: hey saurav… come in.
saurav: ha…dhi, rahul jiju sent u this box… he’s saying ki u ve to open this alone…not with this monkey gang.
all the other 3 girls shout at him.
saurav: hey hey… i didnt say this…it’s rahul jiju who said.
kavya: ok fine u go.

saurav: ok.
he goes.
ayehsa: dhi… i’ll jst come.
kavya: where?
ayesha: i’ll come na. (she goes out to saurav) saurav…saurav!!!
he stops nd turn.
ayesha: saurav wait a sec… i need to talk to u.
saurav: what happened ayesha? is everything ok?
ayesha: actually i wanna ask u
saurav excitingli; what?!!!
ayesha: what is my pic doing in ur purse… do u love me?
saurav: voh ayesha…
ayesha: say me… or else i wont talk to u.
saurav: what do u think… i will answer.
ayesha: what do i know…that’s y im asking u.
saurav: hmm… what if i ask u the same question… do u love me?
ayesha: no…(saurav shocked) first u anwer to my question then i will answer to urs.
saurav smiles: yes… i love u ayesha…i love u so much.

ayesha smiles she hugs him saying: i love u too…i think u got my answer.
saurav: yeah.
kavya: even i caught u too.
saurav: dhi…???!!!
kavya: arey saura… congrats yaar.
ayesha: really thank u dhi..

they thress hug.
meanwhile raman nd aakash were getting ready in their wedding dress.
raman: wah raman wah… aaj na ek na ek ladki tujhe dekhke bewosh hojayegi…!!! (today any of the girl will see nd will faint at ur charming face)
aakash: theres nothing like that… arey today is ur shadi raman… at least stop praising urself for today
.raman: arey im saying abt ishu yaar…ladki means not like u.
aakash: what like me?
raman: always thinking abt girls.
aakash: used to raman..but not now theres only one that’s shagun.
raman: oho… kk fine i believed u.
rahul: arey u guys r ready?
saurav: dashing heroes…there ur heroines r looking like royal queens… u know?
aakash: how do u went thee yaar?
saurav: i went to give somthing to my dhi… so i saw them.
rahul: i even saw something intresting abt u saurav.
saurav: jiju…??!!

rahul: a love story.
raman: what saurav’s love story.. yaar who’s she?
saurav: jiju no…
rahul: its none other than…
ayesha: its me bhai.
raman saw ayesha coming in..
raman: baby it’s u..?
ayesha: ha bhai.

raman: congrats…
ayehsa: ok ok… we’ll talk abt this later panditji is calling grooms…. shadi is going to begin.
aakash: ha ha coming..
raman: im so excited to se ishu yaar. wating for this moment.
aakash: then come na yaar… lets go i cant wait.

saurav, rahul nd aakash were lifting ishu… nd raman is struggling hard to wear mala for ishu… then he suddenly throws the mala nd gets out of mandap… which shocks everyone.

hope u njoyed this one too. butplz jst give a small comment

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